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Hello my Dear Friends! I hope you have warm hands – here it’s raining again and mine are cold! But I have very warming news – Cindy’s newsletter from ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’ has came out and there it is – my tutorial for  a tea cosy!

beautiful tea cosy

Cindy sent to me beautiful fabrics to make a tea cosy and tutorial for that. I couldn’t make up my mind, what fabrics to use, so I made two tea cosies!

quilted tea cosy

First I made this colourful with more blue and green fabrics and the bird which I wanted absolutely! I thought this will be mine – I love this! When my friend saw it, she said the same and I had to say by by to my bird …

patchwork tea cosy

As soon as I have time, I shall make new ‘Bird tea cosy’ for me! When I was cutting these fabrics I thought that perhaps many people like something more modern style and I made the second with only polka dots and beige fabrics.

polka dot tea cosy

The newsletter from ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’ has this month again two tutorials! One is from my friend, Katherine from ‘Sew Me Something Good’ and one from me! Did you receive your newsletter? If not, you can subscribe on the homepage of ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’!

polka dot tea cosy

Choose your style, colours, prints and fabrics and create your own tea cosy!

I hope you enjoy my tutorial and find it easy and helpful! If you make your tea cosy, I would love to hear about it and even see it!

tea cosy

Now I wish you wonderful time and hopefully you have lovely weather – somehow the weather seems to be quite interesting issue – when it’s hot we miss cold, when it’s dry we miss rain and now when we have only rain, we do miss sun and dry! Is it so that ‘you get what you wish’?

Thank you for joining me today and thank you for your wonderful comments! Welcome and thank you also all my new followers!!! I hope you enjoy my sewing and other stories!



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Hello my Dear Friends! Beautiful sunny Sunday – what could be better time for a lovely tea time!

tea cosy

I love tea cosies and tea pots! Long time they were ‘troubling’ my mind and many ideas were running around and not only for tea pots … other cosies may be on their way, too. But first thigs first and here you are brand new, happy and unique tea cosy or cozy …

tea cozy

What a fun project this was! I enjoyed making this patchwork and the little tea bag. I’m in fact a coffee person (really) but now I know what you or at least I, need to make a wonderful cup of tea! Yesterday I took all this …

what you need for a lovely tea

Friend of mine brought me while ago this tea from Finland. I boild hot hot water, warmed my tea pot hot, add the tea and waited … then add Cretan honey (the most delicious and healthy) to my beautiful tea cup (treasure from my trip to England long time ago) and then poured  this adorable tea to my cup … what an enjoyable tea time that was!

tea pot and cosy

Because I have many dear friends from England and you are absolutely specialist for making tea, I would like to hear your tips! Do you have any practical tip how to empty those tea leaves from your tea pot? Jane at ‘Jane’s Journal’  from England was the only one who guessed in my last post what I was working on.  10 points and the parrot mark goes to Jane!

fabric tea bag

This wonderful tea I got, is from ‘Pentik’. I should have told you about Anu Pentik in spring when I returned from Finland but … any way … Anu Pentik is a Finnish artist and she has a gallery-shop in my town. It used to be in the next town but now all the next towns are together so it’s in my town. Anu Pentik started with ceramic but during the years she has made all kind of art and now the company is big with all kind of products! Have a look on her beautiful and colourful page HERE! (it is in English too).

Anu Pentik

In this beautiful shop there were two most sweet girls! So polite and helpful, happy and smiling! I asked if I could take photos for my blog and they were happy to hear that I live in Greece and write a blog. I’m so sorry girls, that I haven’t shown these photos before – I do hope you still sometimes visit my blog!

Anu Pentik

In Pentik collections you can find all kind of things:  fabrics, decorations, bags, kitchen things, dishes …

This was a ‘dangerous’ place but because of the weight limit at the airplane, I was in ‘safe’.

Anu Pentik

When I was finding these photos, I saw that there are still many to share with you from my Finnish trip. So now and then I shall continue my Finnish posts. And here it is the Pentik gallery-shop from outside in very early spring.

Last weeks project was a tea cosy. Oh there is never enough time… I have so many things in my mind that I want and need to do. For example in no time there is the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! When I saw Amy’s first post about that, I didn’t realize what she ment because I couldn’t understand that’s it’s already time for that! And it’s 26.10. – 9.11.2012! Last year I made suddenly a quilt in one week to join the fun. It was ‘Orange Stones’ quilt. Now I have the quilt quite ready, only the quilting is missing and the binding of course. So this afternoon I shall sit outside with Nero and Hanna and at least start to stitch all those butterflies!

tea cozy

I would love to keep this tea cosy for myself, but it is now in my TEJESARITA etsy shop because I want to make many more cosies! Bags has been asked and this week I planned new one. It’s almost ready and this bag has almost everything! Only few moments in the evening and it’s ready. Here you have a little sneaky peaky …

new project

If you somehow happen to be out of inspiration or ideas, have a look  ‘Quilt Inspiration’s’ site and their Pinterest! There you have all the inspiration you need!

You find buttons for the Blogger’s Quilt Festivat and Quilt Inspiration from my sidelist!

Have a wonderful time and enjoy your tea times!


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Hello my Dear Friends! I have a great day at home! Even lots of works are waiting still it’s so nice  not to go anywhere! Long time I was waiting to show you my latest quilt, but it was a secret so it had to wait till the little baby was born.

'Baby Stars' quilt

My dear friend is now grandmother for a sweet baby boy and when I returned from Finland with beautiful fabrics, I began this quilt. Still I had to wait if it’s a girl or a boy. For the girl I would have made orange binding and for the boy this green.

Because we didn’t know if it’s going to be a girl or a boy, I chose colours to be nice for both. I new that mom likes orange and green and they had used yellow for the baby-room. I saw that I do need more yellow fabrics for my stash!

baby quilt

I have seen so many beautiful quilts with different kind of star patterns and I really love these wonky stars! I had made few just to try these happy fabrics and then I realized they would be nice for this quilt. I have had in my  ‘to do list’ a quilt with this kind of squares so here they are now.

patchwork stars

When I made these stars, I cut first stripes and then squares from them. There was some stripes left, so first time I used a little  colour also for the backing …

Now I understand better how you enjoy making the backing also like an other quilt. I only wish my fabric stash could be big enough for that! By the way, did you know that you can click photos to see them bigger.

Quilting by hand is one of the best parts! And again I was able to use different colours – even more fun! I have always loved stitching – every where – in bags, shoes, cloths any where!

Now the new born baby boy, my dear friends first grand child, has this quilt and all the family were happy and liked ‘Baby Stars’! And … I have a custom order for an other baby quilt … for a girl! I think I shall make it similar with this but perhaps not stars …

I think I could use few butterflies for the girly quilt! I have been also very lucky to sell the blue baby quilt ‘Ripples’ and two pillows from my etsy shop, ‘Jumping Dog’ and the ‘Pic Nic’ pillow! Thank you so much for the wonderful buyers!

'Baby Stars' quilt

Lucky Lucky Lucky me … again I have win! I won a jewellery from Emma’s give away! Emma is very talented artist and writes a beautiful blog ‘silverpebble’! She has etsy shop full of the most cute and beautiful creations! Thank you so much Emma! Emma was also featured in the latest ‘Country Living’ – the magazine we all enjoy so much!

Also I like to say big thank you for Maureen, who is one my favourite bloggers! She makes so unique,happy and colourful crafts! Her blog is ‘Maureen Cracknell Handmade’ and I won fabrics from her give away! Thank you Maureen! Only thing is that I won them just when I was shopping fabrics in Finland and still they haven’t arrived here … I’m so affraid that they have got lost! But I hope the best and perhaps they still come because Nero got also once his Christmas present from Ronja (from Finland) after 2 months!

Summer is the most busy time here in Crete! It’s the hot holiday season and fortunately we have lots of lots of tourists even the economical situation is difficult for us who live here. Some people say that they are affraid to come here, but everything is like it used to be. There are no difficulties for tourists, everything is working like always and Crete and Greece is one of the best holiday places! Beautiful beaches, friendly people, the most delicious food, lovely nature, warm (hot) weather and so much sunshine!

So you can guess that I am also very busy and unfortunately can’t see you so often. I don’t want to say that I shall take a brake from blogging, because I miss you a lot. So I do my best and now and then I hop here … or I think it’s better I’ll ask Nero to do that! He has again ‘adventure’ – now he has an infection between two toes. I think something has scratch there and then it got worse. No we have ‘therapy’ moment every morning and evening. Washing, betadine, bactroban, clean white cloth, clean sock, some tape to hold them, lots of ‘nami nami’ (Nero’s sweets) and antibiot. He is such a good boy when I have to take care of him, but in the vet he tries to eat his vet!

surprised cat

I leave you with Nelli’s surprised face, because this really describes my latest weeks!So many things has happened … oh I miss my slow boring (why I said boring, it’s never boring here with 3 dogs and a cat and so much sewing) winter life!

Could you guess from this link, who was eating from Nero’s plate last Sunday afternoon?! Yach!!!

Thank you so much for being the most wonderful friends and readers! I wish you the best ever summer and happy holidays! I shall visit you often … perhaps too tired to comment every time … but I’m there some where …


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Hello my Dear Friends! We had a wonderful, long Easter weekend – celebrating with family and friends and having a lovely spring drive in the near villages. I like to show you few photos from these last days but mostly I want to show you finally ‘My Dream Quilt’!

'My Dream Quilt'

I had my quilt with me yesterday because I thought that it would be great to have some unique photos some where outside … perhaps with the sea and not always in my garden.  But then I almost forgot the quilt because there was just so much beauty to look every where! Spring is the most beautiful season! Thank you G and R for presenting ‘My Dream Quilt’!

This was on the right side from the place where we finally took one photo of the quilt.

But lets go to the beginning of this story … last spring I took photos of these lovely fabrics here in my garden and started to dream how to make a quilt with them. Nero was my photo assistant and he thought his turguoise ball looks great with blue fishes!

I left these fabrics to wait all the summer. I knew that I shall be busy and not to be able to enjoy them enough. Slowly slowly I was trying to find the perfect design for the quilt. Then one day I saw something and knew immidiately that this is it!

I made lots of fishes during the autumn and just before Christmas it was time to collect all of them and decide how to arrange them. After many different ways, I ended up using two lines – fishes swimming to the right and then to the left. I decided an order for the colours and then used the same order but only moved it two blocks for every next row.

Here meets the sea and the river from the mountains! Sea goes inside and and the water from the melting snow, runs from the mountains.

Then it was time to quilt – but how?! I wanted to quilt by hand but I was worried that it’s going to be too much work. I asked your help and because so many said that those fishes want to be quilted around, I did it. I quilted every single fish aroung with beautiful sea-turquoise cotton perle!

I didn’t mind spending so much time for quilting and making this quilt because it was my dream! I love everything in this quilt and it will stay with me for ever!



My design and the ‘fish’ block is from Lee at ‘Freshly Pieced’. Thank you Lee for inspiration!

Measurements: 49″ x 62″ (about 125 x 160 cm)

Fabrics: ‘Sugar & Spice’ by Quilted Fish !!! (that was a perfect coincidence)

I won these fabrics from ‘Quilt Story’! Thank you again Megan and Heather!

I am so happy that just now Megan from the ‘Canoe Ridge Creations’, is hosting a ‘Festival of Half Square Triangles! I shall enter the festival with ‘My Dream Quilt’!

I shall join Megan and Heather at ‘Fabric Tuesday’ and Lee at ‘W.i.P Wednesday’ even at last this not anymore wip.

On the opposite side you can see ‘Akrotiri’, the area where we live. And front of us, down is the old prison. Now it has been closed for a long time. To the left is Souda Bay which is the biggest natural bay as a harbour in Europe.

I hope that one day you can experience the Greek Easter! It is an unforgetable celebration!!!!!!

Thank you all for joining my Easter and spring drive! I hope you enjoyed this little journey and my dream!

I wish you sunny and wonderful spring!!!


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Hello and welcome to ‘Nero’s Post and Patch’! This is my entry for ‘MODERN MINI CHALLENGE’ hosted and organized by Jennifer at ‘Ellison Lane Quilts’!

'Parasols' mini quilt

First I want to thank you Jennifer!!! You really challenged us to try our best and also gave to us so much inspiration! Jennifer’s colour circle, as several others, was my inspiration to make these circles! I finished my quilt today … mostly I was ‘running’ with the sunshine because clouds were coming closer and closer.

'Parasols' mini quilt

And I needed to get sunny photos, because I decided to call this ‘Parasols’! Other wise I should have changed it umbrellas and that wouldn’t have been fun at all. Thank you Jane for the name!

I took my mini quilt for a lovely walk to the beach! Found some sepias and shells. Wind was lifting the quilt just to show it to you better and then it blow it up side down.

This was a good challenge! I had to find lots of colours from my scraps to make these circles. I didn’t challenge myself for paper piecing (even I should have), so I had to manage with small and thin pieces. Because I can’t quilt bigger quilts by my sewing machine, I thought that this is a good opportunity to do that. I think me and my machine made it well enough.

Even usually I like to quilt with colours, in this one I wanted to use white thread and keep the white area without colours. I was thinking a lot how to make the borders. I didn’t want to pick only one colour and after many changes, I found a way to mix the colours from the circles. With the binding I had the same question – what colour? I was thinking even white, but finally this blue looked best for me. It’s like the bright blue sky and sea around the parasols.

This quilt measures 27 ” x 26 ” (68 x 66 cm) and it’s made mostly with scraps and fabrics from my stash.  

'Parasols' mini quilt

I want to thank every one who has entered this ‘MODERN MINI CHALLENGE’, because you have made so beautiful and talented work with your mini quilts! There are so many quilts that gives us inspiration, ideas and joy to see them! Good Luck to all of us!

Also big thanks to the sponsors for fantastic prizes!

There will be also voting, starting onTuesday – so try to choose your favourite mini quilt – I know it will be difficult!

Thank you for joining me today! I wish you lots of sunshine and spring mood!

I’m linking at {Sew} Modern Monday, Little Quilt Monday and Fabric Tuesday!


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Hello! Thank you so much for all your lovely wishes – I am much better!

Time to show you how I made this mini quilt. This time I have made short and simple tutorial with ‘photo blocks’!

'Candy' mini quilt

I have 6 different prints and dark blue fabric for the base. First we cut pieces like this:

– 1 square 3″ x 3 ” from each print = 6 squares

– 2 triangles 3,5″ x 3,5″ from each print = 12 print triangles

– 12 triangles from the base fabric

All these pieces you can see in the first picture of this mosaic:

 Then we sew the print triangles with the blue triangles. Press the seams open and iron. Check that your squares are 3″ x 3″ and trim them if needed.

Next we sew the lines together like you see in third photo. Again remember to press the seams open and iron.

Then we sew these lines together. Now it’s good to use pins so that the corners stay exactly together when sewing. Add also the last two triangles for the two corners. Again open the seams and iron them.

Now your quilt top is finished. Trim it around. Cut 2″ stripes from the base fabric for the borders. Sew them, press open and iron the seams.

I have used white fabric for the backing and for the badding I have used piece of fleece. Cut them a little bit bigger than your quilt top. Put safety pins to keep these layers together while stitching. And now it’s time for fun – quilting! Make any figures, lines or what ever your imagination brings to you! You can stitch by hand or by machine.

After you have finished the quilting it’s time to make the binding. Cut from the fabric you have chosen for the binding 3″ stripe – if you need several, just sew them together like in the fourth photo. Fould your stripe double and iron. Pin the binding so that the foulded side is towards the centre and the raw edge with the edge of the quilt. Put first pins in the beginning and at the end of the side – this helps not to stretch the fabric.

This is the traditional way to add binding and I think it’s the best way. It’s easy to make and the result is beautiful. Look from the photos how to turn the binding in the corners. It may look first complicated but it’s really easy. If you like to see more photos how to put the binding and how to sew it, look from my Baby Quilt tutorial.

When you have sewn the binding on the rigth side of your quilt top, you can iron it so that it turns nicely to the back side. Pin around or use your hair clips! If you like to hang your mini quilt you can add small triangles in the corners. Cut two squares and fold them and then just add them under the binding. This time I sew the binding by hand because I didn’t want to see the stitching on the front side. You can sew it also by machine, like I did with my small mini quilts

Now your mini quilt is ready! If you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer! If you haven’t made patchwork yet, I really recommend you try! It is so much fun! Enjoy and create!

Thank you for your visit! Happy sewing!


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'Candy' mini quilt

Miaaauuu!!! Finally I can have a word or two here! Welcome everyone – especially cats!
As you know I’m the official quilting assistant and sometimes I just don’t get it … you see … she says that she is going to make a quilt with candies?!

quilting cat

… something I know about quilting and certainly you can’t make a quilt with candies! What a relief, she has some fabrics here, so I guess she is not totally hopeless …

quilting cat

… if she thinks that those are some kind of candies – may I laugh! But hey, what’s there? Ok, if you use your imagination, there might be something that reminds candies! I see better fishes!

mini quilt with candies

She says that this is going to be ‘Candy Cat’ quilt and it’s a doll quilt. A doll quilt?! What is this now – we don’t have any dolls here! If you don’t count me … I guess I could use that on my bed. I have to check it first when it’s finished.

I think these reminds me a little bit more candies …

But now I’m ashamed … how I didn’t see this before. Look now – she has been so busy running around with other cats and dogs that she didn’t trim well the blocks and now the corners don’t match well! She has still so much to learn about quilting.

Hmmm, she is quite beautiful – but she is not ‘Nelli’, right?! Oooops – I can do that … I just don’t want to …

I guess I said enough for today. Hope to see you soon again! Licks and hugs from me!


* Something beautiful and touching we have seen and want to share with you:

‘Bluebird Sews’, ‘Cut to pieces’ and we are linking at Lee’s ‘w.i.p. Wednesday’, ‘Sew & Tell’, ‘Wisdom begins in wonder’ and ‘Creative Friday’!

We are also so happy to link at ‘Love Affair with my Brother’ where Hanna and ‘The Pink Birds’ quilt were featured! Thank you so much Sunni!

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