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Hello my Dear Friends! I hope you have had wonderful Christmas! We had quiet and relaxing Christmas this year plus the best weather! Sunshine and warm, perfect to spend time outside! Presents have been opened  and there was something special …

dog painting

… painting of our sweet, little Foxy! My dear friend has painted this and it’s so precious to me! I was so surprised and touched when saw this! My artist friend lives in Finland but she met Foxy many times. I haven’t framed this painting yet, but I hope to get it done with frame like this …

dog painting

Pink for a sweet girl! and more pink … I got the most soft and warm blouse in pink! and pink original Marshmallows!


I won’t take this furry blouse off before it’s warm spring! Today it was almost too warm outside and Nelli enjoyed there, too! She made me company when I took photos …

Nelli the cat

Cats have so funny way to keep all they feet gatherd together! This time of the year Nelli has so shiny and beautiful fur!


I have made more stars. I felt that this is a little boring project because those diamonds are big and also this is not so colourful as I usually make. But now when I started to make the y-seams, I’m happy that the pieces are big and there is not so much to sew. Lucky me I didn’t want to make this pattern in the beginning of my quilting career! It would have been very short career. Y -seams are not too difficult but you have to know how to do it and they need more time,  concentration and patient.

patchwordk stars

I’m not totally sure yet if I should leave those orange/brown stars out or if I shall include them. I have to see when I can see all the stars layed together. Only problem is where to to do that? I wish so much that I could have a design wall!




Now it’s difficult to believe that some years ago Nelli was so affraid of Nero that she didn’t go anywhere near to him. She was always somewhere more up so that Nero couldn’t reach her. Now Nelli is all around and even in the same bed with Nero. She does her best to fit in the gang. She eats Nero’s dry food, she wants every morning piece of cheese like Hanna and Nero use to have. In the afternoon she eats the same food with the dogs, for example rice with some meat. She even wanted a Christmas coocie!


All our puppies has been really good and they got so much presents … some of them have been eaten already …


Thank you so much for all the wonderful presents, wishes and messages!!! I wish you Happy New Year but I hope to see you still this year! Nero just came to me and he wants company, hugging, massage and surely some goodies! I wish you wonderful and relaxing end of this year! I think I go to eat my marshmellows …


patchwork stars


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Hello my Dear Friends! With these Roses I want to wish you HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

Here is a beautiful sunny day – perfect for celebrating our Dear Mothers!

Patchwork blanket - made by Riitta Karjalainen

 I thank my mom for that she tought me to sew, knit, crochet and so many other things and mainly to enjoy to create and do things by my self!!!

Made by Riitta Karjalainen

This is one of the pathchworks she made and I’m so happy that I have this with me here in Crete! I remember how I was packing my things when moving here and the last evening still trying to add something to my bags … I couldn’t make this to fit there but she said: It fits! and she made the blanket small tight roll and there it was in my bag!

Made by Riitta Karjalainen

 My mother was an artist! She loved colours and wanted to try new things and materials! Her father was a painter and later my mother started to paint, too! She didn’t knew that one day I shall paint, too – or perhaps she knows …

Made by Riitta Karjalainen

 I’m so happy that she had time to visit me even once here in Crete. She was walking around with her camera and after that she made many colourful paintings!

Made by Riitta Karjalainen

She loved dogs and all the animals and enjoyed spending time in the forest picking berries and mushrooms!

Made by Riitta Karjalainen

 Now I let Nero to tell you his special news!

Vof vof vof – I’m so exited to tell you something really Happy and I need to say that Today when we are celebrating Moms! My dear friend ‘Ronja’ has became a Mom!

Ronja lives in Finland and now she is a mom – not for one – not for two – not for six – but 12 babies!!! She has 9 boys and 3 girls – vow thats a big family!

It’s good that she got the babies now when it’s almost summer and not in winter when all the land is full of some strange white thing! Ronja’s blog is here, if you like to see her and her most sweet babies! Happy Mother’s Day to you Ronja and your family! 




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Hello my Dear Friends and welcome to visit Nero and me! I know that today my post looks mixed…but please don’t mind…everything leads somewhere…

I needed new photo of lemons so I was around the garden with Nero, Hanna and Foxy… we watered some flowers under the roof where the rain doesn’t reach, changed their places…and I saw this ‘leave’ which I haven’t shown you well yet…

I made this ‘plate’ with my friends in autumn. It’s made with concrete and natural leave! It was really interesting work and I’m waiting to make more in spring. My friend has made many bigger like this,  for her garden. When we build our house, one stoneman made that bird while having a lunch brake!

That plate just happened to have the same colour with the next photo I took yesterday…

Beautiful photo! But did you ever think I would need these in Crete!

Most of the days in Hania, the sun is shining…yesterday wasn’t one of those…

 I was wearing all my pullovers and woollen socks! Don’t you think this is the perfect weather to curl up in our armchair, under a quilt and start a new knitting project!

This is the view from my sewing room. I was doing there something to be able to show you how I imaginate my new knit wear. I need desperately new jacket. I went to my ‘yarn store’ to find out what to choose and ended up with these…

I made the small testing piece to see the texture and count the size.

This is my Treasure and Inspiration!

It is my grandfather’s paint box! My Mother had got it from him and later gave to me! I have it front of my cutting table where it reminds me how we should try to be creative and enjoy making something colourful and beautiful by hand!

The thing is that last few days I have been thinking paints… I shouldn’t because I want to concentrate for sewing and if I start to paint, I’ll have that too much in my mind. Anyway… I thought to make just small colour thing for my knitting.

I made again my usual mistake…I couldn’t stop playing with those delicious colours and then I loose the beauty of them…I have to work more! But even I’m not so happy with this I put it here to show you how I plan to share two colours.

This I have made last winter with water colours. “Iceberg”. Here I tried my best and I think for my experience it’s quite nice. I haven’t worked much with water colours.I like them very much but they are really difficult!

Now the first front piece for the jacket looks like this.

A while ago dear Jane gave me award ‘The Liebster Blog’. You can read about the award also here. I would like to give this award to Julia from The Knitting and Sewing corner, to Fiona from Handmade by Fiona and to Benta from Slik Stitches! Julia, Fiona and Benta have wonderful blogs and they make beautiful crafts! Also they have a shop in internet! Please visit my friends and they lovely blogs!

I could continue to write till the evening…but more again next time! Still I haven’t put a name for this post and I know the name for my next post! Would you like to hear it now? …

Nero’s Adventure with fabric ‘puzzle’!!!

Till then – thank you for your lovely company and have a wonderful time! I hope sun is shining to you!


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Hello and good Wednesday!!!

I like to send you today Orange Energy!!! This time we need lots of energy and vitamins and Orange is full of them!!!

 Eat Orange!!!

Create Orange!

Work Orange!!!

Look Orange!!!

I hope you have lovely day full of energy and creativity!!!


Ps. Think Orange!!! …or Pink if you like!!!

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Hello my Dear Friends!

I have been waiting all the morning to meet you…

This amazing summer continues here – I think + 30 degrees and warm wind from south. We have been today outside with the olive trees and it was so hot (I was red like tomato on my face). Now we have cut the woods for the fireplace, I have collect suitable pieces for my works and still we have cleaned almost all the rest leaves and gave them to the next door sheeps! They were so happy to get new leaves! I said I would tell you how much oil we made from the olives. We gave to the factory about 400 kg olives (with lots of leaves) and got about 70 kg oil.

During this autumn I have enjoyed so much sewing even my machine is not very good friend of mine… of course I enjoy also too much knitting, crochet, felting… sometimes I envy those people who has passion for one craft and don’t have to share their time with too many subjects and at the end can’t concentrate on any of them!

This is a place mat with the same theme with houses like I have had this year! The striped fabric is from Finnish ‘Marimekko’ which I have saved long time and now here it found the right place!

In this patchwork I like very much all the warm autumn colours and as usually a little bit white to give light and clearness for the darker colours! I didn’t use wadding, to be steady for a glass or a coffee cup. There is thick white fabric back and I have made some stitches like waves to have an idea of plants in the garden with the fabric where is plants and birds!

So…that was about the patches. You know…so often…almost every night I wake few times and have in my mind the crafts I’m working…and you my special friends! I am thinking all those things l’d like to show to you and tell about! And then I should choose what to have in my next post… Today I feel that I just have to show you sweet, qute pigs!

In fact Nero could tell you about the pigs, but he is now out and busy barking with the neighbour’s boxer!

These two pigs are so sweet…and so busy! They dig almost all the day and they have really fixed all the land next to us where are also the sheeps. After the hot and dry summer the land is very hard but these little helpers have made it so soft and full of big holes that it would be perfect for planting!

…perhaps a little bit more deep…

…hello there! Now it seems to be  perfect for a nice, lovely, relaxing…


…siesta! For me these two small pigs look so sweet and qute…with the lovely light, pink colour, all the legs crossed and mixed!

In our family we all like animals and also pigs…even my grandfather! I have from him this great painting which is one of my favorites!

Here you can see that it’s painted 1972 and I got it from my mother perhaps about  1985. Since then it has been always on my wall – sometimes changing the room – but I love it and like to have this painting always some where to be able to see it!

Pigs are nice…Nero likes them, too…. especially their ears!

I have add to my sidelist ‘Quilting Blogger’s button! I’m proud to tell you that they have  also my blog on their site! Please visit and meet so many lovely quilters and their blogs! Also you find in the sitelist now button for Ravelry  and Grannies and Ripples to be more easy for you (no need to search from the blog list). Also there is a button for a giveaway at Scented Sweetpeas – pay a visit and you can win something beautiful!

Now I leave you to meet your other blog friends! I’m really happy you were here today to meet our sweet pig-neighbours! I hope you have time to visit me and Nero soon again!

Have a wonderful time and I send you SUN, SUN and SUN!!!


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Welcome to my Wednesday post and creative space! I write to you today because tomorrow my creative space is outside…it’s time to collect olives! 

Wool is often in my mind among with many other things….

For the moment my creative space has doghairs and cotton yarn. I don’t know yet if I can tell you more about the doghair-project…sorry that’s the Christmas time…

But I can tell you about the crochet with cotton. These two materials won’t be together…or should I give them a little bit more thought…perhaps they could make something together…

This is one of my places to have my lovely things. It’s in the middle of the living- and dining area. You can guess the collection here is changing  quite often!

What you think about my frying pan?…I’m deffenetely not for the kitchen! I like this because of the rust! It’s from our old restaurant ‘Glaros’ (it means Seagul) where Foxy found us. We couldn’t use the huge pan at home so I left it out and it became like this. I like very much the rusty colour!  Now I have cut the handle and have it first time inside…but something is missing….

…perhaps some small crochet snowflakes and snowstars….

I can see in my mind a white garland with small crochet items going around that dark frying pan. It ‘looks’ nice in my mind, but I can’t be sure before it’s really on it’s place…so we shall see if this is what is missing – or I have to find an other idea.

This tray which I painted last year, is for my Christmas decorations. I had been thinking long time to paint knitting pattern and here was a ‘good place’ to try that.

Before leaving you I want  to tell you about one site I found from The Blue Brick. It’s called Craftgawker and you can add there your link and find lots of nice things! I have it also in my bloglist to be easy to find.

And…You remember that I gave The Versatile Award to Penny – did you visit her to learn her seacrets? You should go…

I wish you most wonderful days prepering your Christmas and Crafts!


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Hello my dear friends!

October and First! Have a lovely autum month! This time of the year my view looks like this…

I have sea view even a little bit far away…the sea is so nice to watch…every day it looks different…

Today I have boats in my mind…

A beginning of a boat for a cushion cover. Hanna is keeping me company always!

…and the cushion is ready… I think it’s nice with many different tones of blue!

With the same boat-theme I made also this…

… I thought it would be nice present for my dear friend Ulla who was helping me to start patchworks. She is an artist (photographs, paintings, patchworks etc)! From her  I have got so much important and helpful advice when beginning painting and patchwork!

… it needed still something… so I made some clouds…

Often when I think something for example now boats – I realize that I have many of them…

This lovely boat is my first view every morning…it is a painting that I have opposit of my bed.

My grandfather has painted it! It’s one of my favorites!

Something from the garden…

… olives start to get more dark colour…

…my computer just doesn’t want to work…sorry…I wanted to tell you much more…

I hope I can write more next time!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I wish you lovely weekend!


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