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Hello my Dear Friends! Welcome to my fiber Friday!

 I have beautiful new colours in my knitting basket! Half wool – half acrylic and really soft yarn! Enjoy to knit for my friends!

This lovely, curly sheep fleece is from my cousin, who has sheeps, horses, ponies, chickens, dogs, cats…  I got this fleece once when I was lucky to visit her amazing farm in Finland. I have to show you who else found it soft and warm …

No way I could have even the smallest chair just for myself! I had put this stool under the table to take it next to my armchair when I knit.

As you know I love colours and often I enjoy arranging things by colour. I made these ‘still life’ just for you …

Local pomegranates in delicious autumn colours. Pomegranate is also very famous theme for many kind of creations to bring good luck for the New Year! You can find them made for example with silver, ceramic and glass.

And local bananas from my hb:s cousin! They are really delicious and have so strong aroma!

Now I’m knitting socks to my friend’s daughter and I think they will be fantastic with this bright orange! The colour is her choice and I don’t complain to knit whit this energy colour!

One of my favourite colours for a long time has been olive green, ‘oil’ like they say in Greek. And even better if it’s like watercoloured as this yarn is …

This yarn is the same I used for the ‘Rainbow’ cowl and it has really beautiful colours! I’m knitting ‘fingerless’ for my self. I have so often cold hands and in winter especially when writing on the computer or knitting I need these. In fact this is my first try to make these even during the years I have knitted countless pairs of gloves and mittens.

I have made these last days many times applepie because my dear friend brought to me lots of sweet apples from her farm! Thank you!

When I passed the beach few days ago, I thought that perhaps you would like to see how it looks this time of the year. For a while beaches have been already empty – only perhaps someone ‘winter swimmer’ may be there running on the beach and having a swim. But for me it’s absolutely too cold this time.

This is the beach of Kalathas, about 5 minutes drive from our home. It is on my way to ‘Maherida’ our Holiday Homes. I never get tired to see the sea, which is every day different and usually has amazing turquoise and blue colours!

I want to thank you for your company today and for all your sweet messages! It was so great to hear that you liked my Suprise Christmas quilt! I wish you wonderful weekend, good weather and hope to see you soon! I’m waiting exited to see what you have been knitting and sewing, knowing that you are busy with your Christmas crafts! Still I hope you have time to share them with us!

I leave you with my favourite sheep!



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Hello! I am Nero and I like to welcome you to my ‘Post and Patch’! I am really exited because it’s again time for the fantastic ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’ hosted by amazing Amy! Thank you Amy for arranging this unique festival and meeting for all of us who love quilts and quilting!


Last spring I joined for the first time this festival with my ‘Nero’s Garden’ quilt, made with lots of small scraps! It was so great to be there with all those amazing and talented quilters! I have found many friends from there! Benta is the first friend I met at the last autumn’s festival when I hadn’t even entered any quilt!

So you can imagine how sad I felt when thinking that perhaps I don’t have any quilt to show and enter to the festival. I asked from my sewing assistant, Teje, if she could by any chance make a new quilt for me. And guess what – I was really lucky because it was last Thursday, the day she received the special present from Vickie! She had won some lovely fabrics from Vickie’s giveaway! So Friday she told me that she tryes to make quickly a new quilt for me!

'Orange Stones' hexagon quilt

And here it is! I’m just so so happy she made it and I love all those happy, sunny, orange colours! She said to me that when she decided to make a quilt with these fabrics (first she had planned to make pillows), she knew that there will be big hexagons! When she made the cover for the sewing machine , she was making wonky hexagons and didn’t have an idea how those hexagons could be made very easily. Then fortunately she found a great tutorial from Julie! And you see, now it was so easy, quickly and so much fun to make hexagons!

After many grey, cloudy days sun is shining and I’m so happy to see the blue sky with my ‘Orange Stones’ quilt! Now you can guess how I found the name … we love stones here and have them all around! Our house is made by stones, we collect them and even crochet them!

Teje had these orange crochet stones next to her when stitching the blanket and she realized that those hexagons can symbolize stones. Orange is one of my favourite colours!

I was worried if Teje can find anything suitable for the binding from our local fabric shop. This orange solid was the one and only possibility. She took some light turquoise solid too and tried if one thin stripe next to the orange would look nice, but it wasn’t good. I think this simple orange binding is great with the white and with those colourful busy hexagons!

This project was a time challenge to Teje. Also she tried to be spontaneous and combine the fabrics randomly and not to plan hours how to place them. I’m happy that she followed her instinct because I think those fabrics with big hexagons are just perfect!

Details for ‘Orange Stones’ quilt:

Fabric: Heirloom by Joel Dewberry, Citrine palette

Size: 130 x 170 cm – about 51 x 67 “

Piecing and binding by machine

Quilting by hand

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed your visit! Come with me to the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’ to enjoy those amazing quilts – can you believe there are more than 530 quilts already!

I send you warm hugs and hope to see you again! I have always goodies waiting for my friends!


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Hello my Dear Friends! Thank you so so much for all the sweet and wonderful messages you have wrote about  ‘Nero’s Garden’ quilt! I’m really happy that you have enjoyed seeing it and reading the stories about the animals!

Last few days I have been in an other creative space.

Woods are ready for me to paint. I’m jumping from one work to an other while waiting the paint to dry.

And then back to the workshop again …

That’s about painting. Tomorrow is a garden day and perhaps more painting.

Would you like to see what there is on my window this time? I guess you say yes …

Those tiny tiny white flowers … I don’t no their name but they smell amazing! All the house has lovely smell! I love green glass and this big old bottle is one of my treasures!

So I have been painting … I miss my sewing room … but when I’m painting the woods I can have dreams about my dream quilt …

I have crochet the grannies for the old jacket but didn’t have time or strenght to finish it. Perhaps I could continue that now for a while – or maybe some other time – aaaahhh, sorry that was a yawn. I think I’ll have a moment with a book and then to dreamland.

Before I leave you, I want to show you one sweet sight! It’s on my way and makes me always happy!

Thank you for your company today! I hope you have wonderful, warm and sunny weather! And lots of time to spend in your creative space!


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