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Vof Vof Vof!!! Tomorrow it starts, the Christmas celebration! I have been out and tried to see if Santa is coming …

Nero with Santa hat

I wear my Santa hat so he can see me from far away! I asked Hanna to help me and look to the other road – we don’t want to miss Santa.


Nero, do I really need to wear this hat? It’s too big and I have just fixed my hair! Okey, I’ll do my best because I want to meet Santa, too …


Hey, Nero, come here … please help me! Something has stucked to my fur … huge snowflakes … I don’t know if I like this  …


Relax Hanna, I’m here! Everything is fine and we are ready for Christmas party … you see what Santa has already sent to us …

Finnish sweets

… and we have doggie goodies, too (I ate half of them, but don’t tell Hanna)! Teje has started her traditional Christmas puzzle …


… one sleeve = one star … someone is loosing his shirts, I hope Santa brings him new shirts …


This will be puppie-friendly quilt. Teje said that she uses only strong fabrics because anyway I’m the one who makes the bed every morning. This beautiful design is from Kaffe Fassett. She tries to follow the pattern this time …


Our dear artist friend has made this quilt and she was so kind that she sent her templates to us. Here is her wonderful quilt with her beautiful, sweet puppy …


We have put Christmas lights and cristalls to the windows …


Now we shall go for the last food shopping and then we can just relax and enjoy this magical time! Look,  there he is! I’m sure I saw Santa …

Nero the Shephard

… oh and my hat had felt down! If he didn’t see me? Hey Santa, I’m here and I have been really good boy all the year!


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and beautiful Christmas cards! We sent our cards three weeks ago but it seems to be that everything we sent that day, has disappeared in the post. We are so sorry if you haven’t received our Christmas cards.

We wish you the most wonderful Christmas time and all the best, health and happiness for the New Year 2013!!! We hope to see you before the new year! Hugs and Kisses!




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Hi everyone! Hopefully you don’t have stress with your Christmas schedule and preparations! I haven’t done any so I thought I could share my earlier Christmas makings because there is still one week to bake coocies, make decorations, sew something …

Christmas decoration

Last two Christmases I have made many needle felted decorations with dog hairs. When I brush Nero and Hanna, I collect the ‘wool’ from the brush. You can make also yarn from that and my mom used to do that. I makes the most warm yarn! But to these balls now …

needle felted balls

You know my sweet Golden Retriewer friend London. When I have been taken care of her, I kept some wool to make Christmas decoration to her mom. I made something very simple and natural. Few branches from cypress, ribbon cutted from fleece, paper ‘ribbon’  and paper cord … two woollen balls … almost like snow balls …


I add also very thin metal wire for hanging and if you like you can add beads etc. for extra festive look. Next photos show one that I have made with Nero’s wool and the materials you need (needle for needle felting and those very light balls). You can make also hearts, wreaths etc.

needle felted Christmas decoration

needle felting with dog's wool

Crochet snowflakes are different project – great one – for those you can find good tutorial from Lucy at ‘attic 24’.

Last year I made little, white Christmas tree which became very famous and loved. It is really cute and easy to make. You can read all the post where I show how I made it HERE.

small white Christmas tree

This year I have been sewing a lot, but not Christmassy things. Last year I made lots of mini-mini quilts, mug rugs, Christmas mats and tutorial how to make them.

Christmas mug rugs

One small decoration I made suddenly and with a moment’s inspiration, was this felted cover for candle glass. HERE you can see how easy it is to make.

felt cover for candle glass

And then lets start to bake … oh I can smell Christmas … my ‘must’ bakings are Ginger Coocies and Christmas Stars. I do hope I shall make them also this Christmas!

ginger coocies

Here you can see the recipe for Christmas coocies and here how to make Christmas Stars.

Christmas baking

Oh how I wish I had now those stars with my afternoon coffee! I have bought all the things I need to make them, so perhaps I shall have tomorrow baking day instead of cleaning!

Every Friday I’m happy to join linky parties at ‘Natural Suburbia’ with Linda , ‘Felicity Quilts’ with Felicity and at ‘Wisdom begins with wonder’ with Andrea! Thank you ladies for hosting lovely parties!

my sweet puppy

When I was looking for these Christmas photos I ran to one with Hanna. I just have show you her sweet face and with this Hanna’s relaxing moment, I wish you wonderful week and do try to relax even I know you are very busy! Thank you so much for visiting my little blog and for leaving always so appreciated and enjoyable comments! See you soon!



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Dear Santa Claus, I hope you and Rudolf are fine there far away in North! I hope one day I could come to meet you in your Santa Claus village! www.santaclausvillage.info

I have put Christmas decorations around and wear my ‘tonttu myssy’  – so ready for Christmas celebration! I have been a good boy – at least I have done my best … playing with the girls …

… helping in the kitchen – here we make chicken soup!

I have tried to make my blog better and more enjoyable, showing our quilts …

… taking care or Foxy … keeping company to Nelli …

… guarding and watching around …

I would like to wish something for the Christmas. Could you please give some lovely presents to my friends and readers because they are all so special and wonderful! I wish you bring also presents to my sweet girls! I would like to have a new ball, blue if possible, some doggie bones and goodies!

We have a fire place – I have heard you come from there to leave presents! Hanna doesn’t like the hat, but she is doing her best to be a good girl!

I have been watching You and Rudolf in www.santatelevision.com ! I know you are very busy now making all the presents and then travelling around sharing them. Wearing my magical birch-shoes, I’m ready to help to help you!

I know that in winter you need felted boots with fur but I guess in summer time you wear these magic shoes…

I was again so happy modelling with my brownie cap that I just couldn’t help myself bursting into laughter …

Thank you Santa Claus! I wish you wonderful journey and Merry Christmas!


PS. My Small white Christmas tree was featured by Apartment Therapy!

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Merry Christmas!!! It’s Christmas Eve!!!

I wish you all The Best Ever Christmas!!! This is my first Christmas here in Blogland and it has been so exiting to make our bakings and crafts together and share our ideas and inspirations!!!

Some of us are ready for the Christmas Eve dinner….I have still some last things to do and then it’s time to relax and enjoy this most magical time of the year!!!

With these scenes from our Christmas I want to wish you and your families Merry Christmas!!! Have a wonderful and peaceful time with your dears and friends!!! Enjoy this magical time with good food and lovely sweets, Christmas songs and movies…good books…!!!

Lots of love, hugs and kisses from


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Happy Saturday evening!!!

How nice to see you! Today I have been sewing place mats for my dear friend and I have been baking! It’s time for ‘Christmas Stars’ – one of the most traditional baking for Finnish Christmas!

Christmas corner in the kitchen! This crochet table runner I have made (too) many years ago, dare I say, …. years ago! Small figures have gathered during the years…

For the Stars you need the dough like for croissants and marmelade. Now adays you can find very good dough from the market so these Stars are the most easy and quick to make. Traditionally we use plums for filling but you can try any other fruit you like.

I made these stars few days ago and again today, so I have photos from both of them. First time I used cherry marmelade and today I had dry plums (without stones). I boiled the plums with some water (not too much) till they became quite soft. You can mass them a little bit with the spoon. The plum ‘marmelade’ should be thick.

Here you can see how to cut the scuares and how much to put filling.

Turn every second corner like this and the star is born!

You can make also triangles!

The filling with plums looks like this – quite thick!

Before you put the stars to the oven, spread them with egg.

These  Stars are just perfect for the Christmas time! They are not too sweet and the plum is good after eating too much and heavy food!

Enjoy The Christmas Stars with icing sugar and coffee or your favorite tea!!!

I like to thank you all for the most sweet words about Nero’s Blanket!!! It was so much fun to make it and plan how to do it! I have got some question about it and I shall add more details to the last post ‘Nero’s Blanket’. Nero is also so happy for all your recovering wishes and his feet is now fine and he enjoyes running around and brings us all the toys to play!

I just can’t believe that there is only few days till the Christmas! Still few days to make Christmas things, to open the advent calender and to look lovely blogs with their advent calender! 

Hope to see you soon again!!!


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Hello our Dear Friends!!! We are here today with Nero to tell you our ‘This and That’!

Sun is back – at least for today… and Nelli enjoyed that. She was quite confused these last days because usually she likes to be so much outside and now it was just too bad weather! She was going out from one door and coming in from other one…and again, and again…

‘White Mountains’ has their snow coat and  that brings also cold air down to us. The ship to Athens is waiting to leave in the evening.

Few days ago I was sewing something using different material! I had this ‘thing’ in my store long time waiting… burlap…burlap…nice word – every day we learn something new – I didn’t know till now what it means. If you don’t know, it’s this…

I have been reading Maya’s blog and there is so much lovely crafts and ideas to give us inspiration! You can meet Maya here! She has made wonderful things from coffee sacks, for example Christmas socks!

I remembered my burlap and went to find it! This is not very thick so it was a little bit difficult to handle. Still I enjoyed very much making something different! Here you are….

I think it’s very nice because it’s not too thick and you can see the inside fabric through the burlap. I had two buttons made of our olive tree, and they found now perfect place to decorate this ‘basket’.

I think this ‘Burlap Basket’ is very nice to keep many things! Now it’s waiting Santa Claus and later it’s perfect for my knitting! I shall make more of these – different sizes and other details! Shall we go for hunting ‘old coffee sacks’!

VOF VOF – I’m here – Nero – I want to say something…I haven’t seen you for while, because there is now so much Christmas things going on! I have missed you! Everyone knows that I love balls – please come to play with me…

…oh… I forgot that I can’t run well because I have hit my toe. Piece of skin is missing and it’s painful to walk. I try to remember not to run…but it’s difficult…I forget everything if there is something interesting on the road!!! Here we go again…

I’m already waiting Santa…I hope he brings me lots of ‘desserts’ (my favorite sticks)! Also I really hope that my toe is soon well and I can play with all those new balls that Santa is bringing to me…don’t you think I have been good boy enough to get lots of presents!? I know what there is in Hanna’s packet…but I can’t say it yet!

Do you have a bicycle? I don’t have but I see them sometimes on the road! I don’t think it’s for me but I saw one which is really ‘cool’ !!! You don’t know what to expect…so visit quickly Dorien!

Before we leave you we want to show you still something lovely…I want to say that the next photo is NOT MINE…but it’s so wonderful especially for this Christmas time, that I want  all of you to see her…

If you love Fairytails, these you just adore!!! Go to enjoy this ‘Fairy’ and lots of other fantastic creations, even pictures in ‘Fairytails’!!!

That’s for today…it’s already evening…I was supposed to write this much earlier but the internet was out of order…perhaps there is new storm coming!

I’m so happy you liked my felted sun and want to thank you for your sweet words and wishes!!!

With Nero we send you hugs and kisses and hope you are all well and not too busy with all Christmas preparations!


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“It was a gloomy and stormy night…”

Hello! I hope you have lovely Saturday – what ever weather it is! Finally we have winter and I understad better what you have been through these last days. When it’s months and months summer, you just forget how the cold weather feels – and you miss cool and cold winter with rain…

Yesterday we really had rain…it was raining ice cubes!!! It was so loud that we couldn’t hear other’s voice! The wind has been very strong and the ships stay in the ports. In Athens it  is snowing. In Chania we have + 6 degrees.

Don’t worry, I know you have often enough rain…no need for me to show it…so here is the sun coming out from the clouds…

I can’t send you sun today…but I made one especially for you!

When I made this felting some days ago, I wasn’t sure how I like to continue it…in the sun the colours look so beautiful!

I wanted to do something over it, but also I liked it very much just like that! …I decided to make this an experiment and make another one if needed…

So…now there is some shine in the sun…

…waves on the sea…

…birds on the sky…

…SUNSET… one day I shall give you better photo with the real SUN!

When it’s rainy and cold, it’s better spend your time at home with your friends…

…with your Christmas things…

…to make some more Christmas decorations… Helen has made beautiful things for her tree!

Do you remember the small trees I had made from old books? I happend to see them also here with photos  how to make them!

Thank you all so so so much for visiting and leaving wonderful comments!!! I enjoy reading them and hearing your news!!! I wish you lovely time and I hope this SUN gives you happy light for your winter days!!! 


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