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Hello my Dear Friends! I hope you have had wonderful Christmas! We had quiet and relaxing Christmas this year plus the best weather! Sunshine and warm, perfect to spend time outside! Presents have been opened  and there was something special …

dog painting

… painting of our sweet, little Foxy! My dear friend has painted this and it’s so precious to me! I was so surprised and touched when saw this! My artist friend lives in Finland but she met Foxy many times. I haven’t framed this painting yet, but I hope to get it done with frame like this …

dog painting

Pink for a sweet girl! and more pink … I got the most soft and warm blouse in pink! and pink original Marshmallows!


I won’t take this furry blouse off before it’s warm spring! Today it was almost too warm outside and Nelli enjoyed there, too! She made me company when I took photos …

Nelli the cat

Cats have so funny way to keep all they feet gatherd together! This time of the year Nelli has so shiny and beautiful fur!


I have made more stars. I felt that this is a little boring project because those diamonds are big and also this is not so colourful as I usually make. But now when I started to make the y-seams, I’m happy that the pieces are big and there is not so much to sew. Lucky me I didn’t want to make this pattern in the beginning of my quilting career! It would have been very short career. Y -seams are not too difficult but you have to know how to do it and they need more time,  concentration and patient.

patchwordk stars

I’m not totally sure yet if I should leave those orange/brown stars out or if I shall include them. I have to see when I can see all the stars layed together. Only problem is where to to do that? I wish so much that I could have a design wall!




Now it’s difficult to believe that some years ago Nelli was so affraid of Nero that she didn’t go anywhere near to him. She was always somewhere more up so that Nero couldn’t reach her. Now Nelli is all around and even in the same bed with Nero. She does her best to fit in the gang. She eats Nero’s dry food, she wants every morning piece of cheese like Hanna and Nero use to have. In the afternoon she eats the same food with the dogs, for example rice with some meat. She even wanted a Christmas coocie!


All our puppies has been really good and they got so much presents … some of them have been eaten already …


Thank you so much for all the wonderful presents, wishes and messages!!! I wish you Happy New Year but I hope to see you still this year! Nero just came to me and he wants company, hugging, massage and surely some goodies! I wish you wonderful and relaxing end of this year! I think I go to eat my marshmellows …


patchwork stars


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Hi! I hope you had a great weekend! I met this cutie at the weekend …

The most sweet kitten!

We had a lovely lunch with dear friends at the fish restaurant and there are always many kittens around waiting to get their share.

The most sweet kitten!

This little girl was special; it had so beautiful fur mixed with some long hairs!

sailing boat on the beach

It was still beautiful weather and there were people on the beach … and something else … a sailing boat! We don’t know what has happened to this poor boat!

sailing boat on the beach

Marathi beach in Chania

We were eating under the white roof and on the far left you see the sailing boat. In Marathi there are also lots of fishing boats.

Marathi, Chania

All the morning was sunny and later there came some clouds … still no rain and the warm continues.

fishing boats

Even I’m not fan of sailing (I feel uncomfortable in boats and ships), I like to see boats … it’s fun to read their names … the first one is “My Dream”.

patchwork coasters

From the sewing table … I have made some coasters and I am preparing also tutorial for these. These are like mini quilts and if you haven’t made any quilt yet, by following my tutorial you can easily learn all the basics. These are made with patchwork blocks …

patchwork coasters

… and some more with raw edge applique … green/turquoise to match with this tea cosy

raw edge applique coasters

… and of course also in orange to match with orange tea cosy!

raw edge applique coasters

And now some great links:

*Janice from ‘Better of Thread’ has made adorable block with Santa’s hat and then she made the most fun and beautiful pillow with four blocks! I love that! And she made also TUTORIAL for the block and pillow! I’m sure you love it, too!

* Faith from ‘Fresh Lemons’ has made fantastic star block and pillow with that! Also here you have TUTORIAL!

* If you like to see my Santa’s Hat block from last Christmas, it’s HERE. I made lots of mini quilts/mug rugs with different pictures. I made also TUTORIAL  for the mini quilt/mug rug.

I hope you find inspiration for your Christmas sewings! I’m still trying to cope with my autumn sewings?! I have had beautiful scene on my sewing table and today I have cut also some ‘written’ fabrics …

Fluffy Sheep Quilting

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! Soon it’s my turn at Laura’s Blog Hop with EPP = english paper piecing!


The most sweet kitten!

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Foxy and Nelli …

… I miss you, too …

sweet little dog

… and you …

sleeping cat

… see you soon …

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Vof vof vvrrruuufff !!!!! Heelllooo all my special friends! I love to welcome you to read my posts! I have many news today to tell you! I’m really happy to meet also new friends! If this is your first visit – may I introduce myself: I’m Nero, Belgian-German Shephard and one of my favorite things is to tell you about my adventures in the garden or even with fabrics!

Would you like to hear first about my yesterday, which was soooooo amazing day! You can’t believe this…….but yes….we had again Christmas!!! It’s true!!! We went to check our post box to the square of the village….and from far away we saw there is something blue…half out from the box…it was too big to fit in…and I knew it is The Packet!!! My disappeared  Christmas present from my girlfriend Ronja from Finland!!!

It took two months to come here! But I don’t mind…I was extremely happy and I wanted to open it so much that I forgot to take any photos!

From the packet I found the most delicious doggie ‘bones’! Ronja sent for all of us her favorite ‘bones’ which are made of elk! Ronja is gorgeous Leonberg girl and my first blog friend!

…and then with the right paw…

Also Foxy enjoyed her ‘bone’ so much…she worked with it long long time!

…Hey!  I think your ‘bone’ is better…I want that!

…Hey! She took my bone…now she has two ‘bones’…could I have mine back…please Hanna!

She is quite a girl…took my ‘bone’ just like that! What else can I do than laugh!

Thank you Dear Ronja for the best present ever!!!

Thank you Ronja…this is so delicious…you made my day!

Now about my other news…in our last post we mentioned my ‘Fabric Puzzle’.  I have begun a new project and I call it “Nero’s Fabric Adventure”! A while ago we were trying to make a dog with scraps…

I think  I have fallen a little bit in love with this sweet doggie! I was thinking her so much…that finally I got an idea for a new patchwork. I shall gather there all the animals I know. Doesn’t that sound just a great idea!

Next we made an other doggie. I was trying so hard to help here…but it’s much more difficult I could ever imagined! How on earth SHE is doing it so well! Should I ask nicely to get some lessons from her…or perhaps it’s better I go around in the garden to find more friends for our patchwork! If you think you good use also some help with your sewing, be sure to klik above and visit Cathi with her assistant from Quilt Obsession!!!

He is my neighbour ‘Sacha’, the boxer. We are almost good friends. When we are in each’s garden we don’t speak much, but if the other one goes for a walk, we have to shout loudly! He’s a boy, you know, and I have to take care of my girls!

Here we love puzzles…not that we have made any lately, perhaps I keep them too busy…

I think this patchwork thing is so much like making a puzzle. Especially if you try to make something small like our animals. You know how it is with the puzzle: you take a piece, look the picture on the box and try to find where could be the place for your piece…only now we don’t have any picture to look…not even the pieces to try to match!Really interesting puzzle! By the way…I never forget one old movie where the woman made a puzzle upside down by the ‘lines of the wood’  (pieces were made from wood)! 

Usually I don’t frame the puzzles, because I like to keep them and one day make them again. This is exeption – it has so wonderful atmosphere – pic nic by the river in the countrside! Perfect place to go for a trip with the Pic Nic blanket!

The next piece of my fabric puzzle is this sweet ‘kitten’! It’s sooooo sweeet! Have a better look!

I like so much cats – especially my Nelli! If there is any other cat in our garden, I go to say that she/he have to leave and quickly! But Nelli is my friend and I would like to play with her. It’s difficult because if I run to her, she gets panic and runs and hides from me!

I think she wants to come inside. Now when it’s winter and cold and we can’t have the door open all the time, we open it million times a day to Nelli!

She was hungry…it looks like she is thinking: boooring, every day this same food! I like her food…she has her bowls on the window self, because other wise me and Hanna would eat them in now time! I have tasted – delicious!

She has the best dining place with the great view to the garden and the road….and lots of birds flying around!

Ooooooh so much fabric things today….ok they are great….but don’t you just loooove to play with tennis ball! I have a bag full of them…so please come to play with me!

Oh my goooood….neeess, it’s already evening! Saturday night and I shall have a nap with my ball…am I getting old or what?! Others are enjoying movie on telly or adorable books! Look – it is Ronja’s book about her baby year!

I do hope you had a great time with me today and come back soon again….I’m already thinking what to write to you in my next post! I enjoy always so really really much reading your news and lovely comments! Thank you, thank you!!! Kisses and hugs!!!


I’m  linking here: 

 ‘Annemarie’s Breiblog’

‘Be Different Act Normal’

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Hello our Dear Friends!!! We are here today with Nero to tell you our ‘This and That’!

Sun is back – at least for today… and Nelli enjoyed that. She was quite confused these last days because usually she likes to be so much outside and now it was just too bad weather! She was going out from one door and coming in from other one…and again, and again…

‘White Mountains’ has their snow coat and  that brings also cold air down to us. The ship to Athens is waiting to leave in the evening.

Few days ago I was sewing something using different material! I had this ‘thing’ in my store long time waiting… burlap…burlap…nice word – every day we learn something new – I didn’t know till now what it means. If you don’t know, it’s this…

I have been reading Maya’s blog and there is so much lovely crafts and ideas to give us inspiration! You can meet Maya here! She has made wonderful things from coffee sacks, for example Christmas socks!

I remembered my burlap and went to find it! This is not very thick so it was a little bit difficult to handle. Still I enjoyed very much making something different! Here you are….

I think it’s very nice because it’s not too thick and you can see the inside fabric through the burlap. I had two buttons made of our olive tree, and they found now perfect place to decorate this ‘basket’.

I think this ‘Burlap Basket’ is very nice to keep many things! Now it’s waiting Santa Claus and later it’s perfect for my knitting! I shall make more of these – different sizes and other details! Shall we go for hunting ‘old coffee sacks’!

VOF VOF – I’m here – Nero – I want to say something…I haven’t seen you for while, because there is now so much Christmas things going on! I have missed you! Everyone knows that I love balls – please come to play with me…

…oh… I forgot that I can’t run well because I have hit my toe. Piece of skin is missing and it’s painful to walk. I try to remember not to run…but it’s difficult…I forget everything if there is something interesting on the road!!! Here we go again…

I’m already waiting Santa…I hope he brings me lots of ‘desserts’ (my favorite sticks)! Also I really hope that my toe is soon well and I can play with all those new balls that Santa is bringing to me…don’t you think I have been good boy enough to get lots of presents!? I know what there is in Hanna’s packet…but I can’t say it yet!

Do you have a bicycle? I don’t have but I see them sometimes on the road! I don’t think it’s for me but I saw one which is really ‘cool’ !!! You don’t know what to expect…so visit quickly Dorien!

Before we leave you we want to show you still something lovely…I want to say that the next photo is NOT MINE…but it’s so wonderful especially for this Christmas time, that I want  all of you to see her…

If you love Fairytails, these you just adore!!! Go to enjoy this ‘Fairy’ and lots of other fantastic creations, even pictures in ‘Fairytails’!!!

That’s for today…it’s already evening…I was supposed to write this much earlier but the internet was out of order…perhaps there is new storm coming!

I’m so happy you liked my felted sun and want to thank you for your sweet words and wishes!!!

With Nero we send you hugs and kisses and hope you are all well and not too busy with all Christmas preparations!


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Knit wear with Nelli

Hello my Dear Friends!

Today Nelli is my assistant and model for the Knit Wear!

She loves to sleep over pullover or any cloth!

Yesterday I made this to welcome my Finnish friends for a visit in  ‘Nero’s Post and Patch’.

Have a lovely time and see you tomorrow!


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My Creative Thursday!

I have made this with love especially for you all my dear friends! 

Wait…there is much more…

This is something funny and nice and I want to share with you how I have made this lovely soft ball…

… of course you have guessed that somewhere is hiding a cat….

My Nelli loves and enjoyes when I brush her…that’s good because in summer she loose very much hairs!

Brushing her means also less hairs in her stomach and more hairs in my ‘creative hand’…

I collect the hairs from the brush during the brushing and in ‘hot summer hand’ it becomes easily felted ball! You roll the hairball in your hands like making meatballs!If you want it thicker you can continue with few drops water and soap.

Okey…they are lovely woollen balls… but then what….

… I have small and big assistants who help me to collect adorable material….

In my childhood-home we had Afgans (the dog-beauty with long hair) and later I had two Collies. We collected the hairs when brushing and had made them yarn. You know that dog-yarn is as hot as from camel and it’s very good for rheumatism etc!

Dog’s wool doesn’t felt but I have used it in some other ways…. for example I love it for neelde felting!

And finally here is the decoration with ‘cat-hair balls’ and ‘dog-hair hearts’!

I hope you enjoyed  like I was when making them – and even better if I was able to give you a lovely moment for your  ‘Creative Thursday’! If you get inspired and make something with hairs of your furry friends, I would love to see!

Have a Wonderful and Creative Thursday !!!


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