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Vof vof! I’m Hanna and today I shall tell you my story.


I don’t remember much about the first weeks of my life and sometimes it’s better we forget unpleasant things and remember the ‘rosy’ ones. But I never forget that one dark night when I was taken to a car and then thrown to a strange and scary place outside … place that didn’t have any familiar smell of my mom or my sisters and brothers. I was so affraid and tried to hide in the dark corner. Then someone came to smell me … he was really big but seemded to be friendly.


That big boy was Nero, I learnt later. He saved me and was my Hero from that evening! He didn’t leave from my side even someone was calling him. He looked happy and I felt that he likes me. Then someone else came to see where Nero is … she…

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Hi Dear Friends! I have tried to find title for this post … Greek colours … colours from Greece … mix of things I see every day …

Greek Church

I pass this church very often and admire the blue roof on the blue sky background. If I didn’t plan quilts, blog posts, crochet patterns etc. all the time, I would have remembered to stop for photos long time ago …

Greek Church

When I drive or walk around my eyes pick colours … very often blue …

Morning over the city … so many different blues …

Sunny Greek view

She is waiting for her breakfast …

Blue Door and Cat

Blue street signs, deep shadows and strong light …


Forgotten blue boat … or perhaps just waiting for summer …

blue boat

Two days I didn’t see this girl and I missed her … she is always there … I was so happy to meet her today.

Greek Dog

Now when she has used to see me pass often, she looks happy to…

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Hello Friends! February is here … when January passed?! Absolutely good time for new begins and looks! I was at the hairdresser and when she had been cutting for a while other hairdresser passed: “great, you make a big change’! Mine: “if we do something, we do it well”! I’m very much like that. But first about the border and binding …

Today with rain and poor light inside I settled few possibilities for the narrow border and binding. I have put numbers under the photos, so if you like you can vote for your favourite.

Few explinations: I want to use something from my stash and not to make a frame to pop out but a border to gather the the blocks and colours and to make the edge secure.

I have also one beautiful brown batik (like someone suggested so well) and I tried that – it would be beautiful but I want to…

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Hi Dear Friends! Yes … it is my Birthday! Day began great and continued a little bit strange … but everything is fine. I’m spending my day here and there, with hb and all my furry friends. But could I spend my Special day without fabrics and yarns? Even very busy these days, short moments here and there …

Sweet Pea Scarf

I shall make pattern for this ‘Sweet Pea’ scarf and even it’s not finished I tried how to crochet later on the other edge.

I got beautiful kitchen towel from my dear friend and I think it will be lovely small table cloth. I thought to take nice photo on the garden table but we have a small issue here with Nelli …


… she thinks it’s her table and she didin’t move even I tried to make my decoration …


I’m sure she would be very happy to have a table cloth…

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Vof vof my dear friends! It’s Nero here! Finally it’s Christmas and I can soon open my presents! I wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Merry Christmas

JOULU means Christmas in Finnish. My idea came a little bit late and there were not enough days for CHRISTMAS. I hope you don’t mind … I’m sure that next year I have it in English and who knows what other language!

Nero's Christmas Calendar

With this little J I wish you JOY!

Christmas Card

Special and fun Christmas Card from dear friend. Thank you so much!

And my Moomin friends went for a Christmas drive! That would be the best thing to do in Christmas – to go for a reindeer – drive!

day 24

And finally we have opened all the doors in my Moomin’s Christmas Calendar …

Moomin's Christmas Calendar

I’m so happy that you have joined my Christmas Calendar and count down! Your sweet messages have been the joy of…

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Hi Dear Friends! Yesterday we visited Finland so today I welcome you to Greece!

day 7

Wear your flip flops and let’s go to the beach …

flip flop fabric

I wish I had all those funny flip flops because I wear them at least 6 months an year!

At Moomins it snowing …


Did you see yesterday my little blue-white star cushion? You know what I found today? Amy from ‘Diary of a Quilter’ showed yesterday the most beautiful pillow with the same star but in red and white! She used the star to make a mini quilt or a pillow (as you like). It’s adorable and she has also great tutorial, so LOOK HERE! I shall absolutely make red-white star!

day 7

And News! When I started my blog I was first thinking the name ‘Nero’s News and Needles’. With my sister’s help I decided that post and patch sounded better. Name can be sometimes difficult to…

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Nero’s & Hanna’s Christmas Calendar starts in our new blog!

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Vof vof vof!!! It’s Nero here! Welcome to our Christmas Calendar!!!!!!! This has been my special project and I’m so excited to start! I wish You Good Month and Happy 1st of December!

Christmas Calendar 2013

So – are you ready to start the count down? I am and I’m so happy you are joining us! Here we go …

1st of December

I thought it’s nice to start with cute little Angel in Christmas colours. Don’t you think I have done great job for a boy … and a furry-boy especially! Everyone here is now so busy that I had to take over the sewing and fortunately Hanna, my secretary helps to write the numbers.

pin cushion

I shall show you also every day something from my …


… Finnish friends …


Yeeeee … they are Moomins!!! We have a Christmas Calendar with Moomins!

Christmas Calendar day 1

They are just the best! This time the calendar gives us little cards to play later the memory game –…

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