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Vof vof vof!!! Hi my darlings, it’s me Nero here and I’m so happy to see you! After few rainy days, sun is again shining. The ground is still wet and after running in the garden I leave muddy paw prints here and there. Mostly I love to lie down in the ‘half shadow’ and watch my garden and keep my feet clean.

This is the rainbow I wanted to show you last time. We found this when had an evening walk in town. Unfortunately I was waiting at home, because I don’t walk calm and slowly enough to go to the busy city?!

This yarn is the same we used when we fixed the old knitted jacket with crochet grannies. And you can see the finished jacket here. It’s so soft yarn and has the most beautiful like ‘watercoloured’ colours!

When Teje bought this yarn she had a plan what to make, but when she began to make the first loops, she got an other idea …

You may think that this is going to be my crown! I would be very good-looking wearing so unique crown, but it’s something else …

It’s not going to  be a bunting. But that looks so beautiful that who knows … we may knit an other one for bunting! Hmmm … what else that could be …

This was a quick project for two evenings, so it’s ready and finished and of course I shall show you what I can do with this …

I have lost so much fur during the summer so I need a collar/cowl to wear till I get my new winter fur! I think this fits great! Hanna wanted to try this also, but fortunately it’s too big for her so this is mine.

We are so exited with this yarn because it can make so many kind of funny and beautiful knittings.

Would you like to hear what I was doing under the olive tree ? …

I knew for a while that there she was. Sometimes running around in my garden and sometimes hiding under the car or in this olive tree … just over my head, because here is my guarding place!

And yesterday with Hanna we tried again to find her and there she was! Now I can prove that she is in the tree! Look carefully in the middle (a little bit left) – can you see her eye? It is a mouse …

So often Hanna was waiting next to the car looooong time to catch her … but always she was running and hiding too quickly. I’m sure that Hanna has in her family a hunting dog. She is very interested and also very good at hunting. And she can work with her nose much better than me. I’m half German and half Belgium Shephard so my work is to take care of the home and my people!

That was yesterday. The end of this story is that today we catched the mouse with Hanna. I don’t know if it was me or Hanna or the mouse was just so scared that she died. I think I might have stepped over her. We didn’t hurt her – not much anyway. I don’t mind the mouses running in the garden but I knew that this one had a plan to slip in to my home and eat my food. So that I can’t let happen and I just had to do something. I hope her cousins don’t have the same plan …

You see I take care of my home and garden. Sometimes I leave these funny decorations around. I think I want to show you still once my new rainbow … ooh … I totally forgot to tell you that the rainbow in Greek is ‘Ouranio toxo’!

Always I feel difficult to leave you so this time I just quickly say buy buy and send you lots of kisses and big warm furry hugs!!!



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Hello Sweet Friends!!!

 With Nero we welcome you to read our woollen post! But the most important thing today is to thank you so much for thinking Nero! I’m so touched about all your sweet words about him and advices what could help him! He is happy and playful and I don’t think he has much pain because he don’t avoid any movements. In fact I feel that running is more comfortable than walking for the moment. He takes medicin in the morning and the evening and now he starts also the cod liver oil. He is very happy and that’s good!

Wool is so wonderful material! And beautiful! It gives so soft and facinating look for the colours! Now and then I have made some felting and some tiny things. These qute balls are still waiting the right moment to become ‘something’.

One of the qute woollen balls, in my favorite blue colour,  found the perfect place here.

This is a band to keep the hairs away from the face. I found this lovely idea from Maya. She writes beautiful blog and I love her ideas and natural materials she is using. Sometimes the moment is just right – like when I saw this – I had all the materials ready and also needed this for my too long hair. So in no time I had made this great, practical band.

If you make felted ‘ribbons’, you can create many lovely items with them. The spiral on my hair-band is a ‘ribbon’ like this. Also even you like to use the ‘ribbon’ later for something else, it’s possible because you don’t need to cut it.

This is an other simple way to make a necklace. I like jewelleries – who doesn’t – but also I like simple things with natural materials. Those keramic ‘beads’ I have found from Athens quite many years ago. There was a great shop, big shop, full of things to make jewelleries!

This turqoise is of couse my favorite! It has a special metal item from Finnish ‘Kalevalakoru’.

I have this metallic ‘item’ really long time. Then it was the time we were shirts buttoned up and a ribbon or even a tie. This was for a ‘cowboy style’!

First it had this black ribbon….ooooh how stylish it must have been!?

Now with this felted turqoise ribbon it looks totally different and I like it! I was thinking my dear blog friend Jane…she makes jewelleries for example with silver. She could make something like this! It’s exiting to see how it happens – to make a ring or something else – visit her and you’ll see!

Simple, warm ring for your wrist! Take three ribbons and make them a plait!

Enjoy the wonderful wool – it’s amazing material and you can make so many totally different kind of crafts with this amazing fiber! It’s even beautiful just for a decoration!

I should have shown to you this shawlet for a loooong time ago…but there is always so many things to show…

It’s like when I meet my Finnish friends…we have always so much to say that there is just not enough time…and if we don’t say immediately what we are thinking we forget it and we laugh that we should write down all the time our thoughts and then ask turn to speak.

I have made this shawlet last winter. It’s again with those thin yarns I had for the knitting machine. I have used two yarns together. The main piece is really big and just straigh and I made the crochet part separate.

I found this this crochet pattern from some old Finnish magazine. It was really long way to crochet! 

That was all about wool…today. Shall I tell you still about the lemon pie?

Now is time for lemons and oranges and we have made several times really tasty lemonpie. But…the last time something strange happened … and we just couldn’t take the pie out of the baking tin! We ate as much as possible but then I had to ask our friends to help…

It was really hard work for them but they cleaned it well! Next time I shall find a new recipe!!!

Thank you for spending time with us today and hope to see you soon again!!! Have a lovely,  sunny time!!!


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Hello my Dear Friends! How nice you to see you here in my crafty corner! I hope you are fine and have a wonderful day!

Some days ago I showed you this knitting lying over the beautiful green matress!

Now this shawlet is finished and I can show it to you better….hmmm I haven’t thought any name…

I made this shawlet with 3 thin yarn which are for knitting with machine. I have lots of yarn left from the years I was knitting with the machine. And I’m so angry to my self because when we moved I lost boxes of yarn with all the colours! Now I have just some ‘natural’ colours left. Then I though that I don’t have any use for so much thin yarn without machine – but now of course I find lots of ideas where I could use them! So – don’t throw anything  away!

All the green around the garden is so beautiful! Everyday I enjoy this patchwork!

I’m trying to see how this could become a quilt…perhaps every ‘stone’ should be made with two pieces…

Any way…did you think any name for my shawlet? I would be happy for your help! Otherwise I may need to call it ‘Nameless’.

What is Doggie Day…of course it has something to do with dogs… Today was lovely sunny day and because Nero loves so much to play ‘school’, we had a small lesson with goodies! Hanna wanted also lesson because she loves so much goodies! I was  brushing their furs and we were playing all together!

Then I thought it’s time for me to learn something, too. Today is W.I.P Wednesday (=work in progress). It’s a great party where you can share your craft you are working now. My today’s w.i.p is this…

This is my first try to make ‘Doggie’ block…I think it’s nice enough to try some more…and perhaps one day I shall  have a small quilt full of doggies!

Before I go I want to Thank you so much for joining my birthday and leaving sweet, wonderful and unique wishes! You helpped me very much to pass that difficult number!

I’m so happily suprised how many lovely visitors my blog has and how lovely and engouraging comments you write to me! I do appreciate and I enjoy always so much reading your thoughts! I wish you sunny, happy time and hope to see you soon!


Ps. If some day you loose me for a while , it doesn’t mean that I have disappeared, but my  computer is not feeling well! It has been acting strangely and I’m worried!

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Vof vof !!! It’s me Nero – I have missed you!

So great to see you again! Today was so warm and wonderful sunny day! We were outside around and I like to show you something from the garden…

That bright blue sea looks so beautiful or what you think…

…on the side of the vegetable garden we found these tiny qute flowers…

…my dear Foxy is busy going somewhere…

…this is our summer kitchen and we make here barbeque – niammm… but now someone is inside here…

….I know it’s a mouse…I smell it…I hear it…I’m sure it’s a mouse….

…come here sweet mouse…I want to see you…

…no way, she is not coming…let’s go to see something else…

… it’s winter and sometimes raining, every where is beautiful green…

…can’t I have even once my own post without any knitting…I guess not…

… this looks quite funny…nice place for a mouse to hide…

…you see Hanna left quickly when she saw the camera…she is sometimes so foolish…

It’s not always so warm inside if they don’t open the heating…then it’s nice to sleep next to your ‘sister’!

Foxy’s chair is also great…but only for a while…I’m too big for it…

Foxy is wearing her winter pollover!

That’s my news for today! So great to see you…hope to see you soon…sooner!!!

Hugs and kisses!!!


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Hello my Dear Friends! This date 1.1.11 looks really good! Let’s hope it brings good luck for all this year!!!

I’m so so so happy and amazed how much I have got  lovely and sweet wishes and comments these last days!!! It has been so wonderful! Before the Christmas time I didn’t know what to expect from this festive time…perhaps every one is busy with their families, cookings etc. But there has been quite much ‘traffic’ in blogland and I have enjoyed that because our Christmas time is quite peaceful at home.

Yesterday, the last day of the last year, I was thinking what photo would be nice for that post. I wanted something colourful because I know that all we love colours and they give us happyness, joy, energy and inspiration to create! I remembered that shawlet which came in the Christmas packet…

I’m sorry that I misslead you and you thought I have made it, but it’s made by my mother long long time ago! Yesterday I didn’t want to write anything else except thanking you!!! and I didn’t say anything for the shawlet…

Today I like to tell you something about this shawlet. My mother was very colourful and creative person! She made that kind of crochet crafts, shawlets, blankets, jackets etc. when I was a child. Till now this was in Finland and now my father sent it to me! It is sort of ‘anticue’ piece and now I should try to repair it a little bit. I think it may be about 30 years old. I’m happy to be able show it to you!

Yesterday evening when we were preparing ourselves for going out,  Nelli chose the most comfortable place to spend the mid night and  ‘change her year’! My bed with the most soft blanket!

In the evening before leaving out, I had some time for my crafts. These days between Christmas and New Year, I have continued the quilt ‘Finnish Forest’. I begun to make also a cushion to match with the blanket…


January is a special month for me – I love January even it’s often the coldest month! It’s My month with my lucky number 14!!! And this year it’s even more special…in fact I don’t know why we say like that…it’s not special at all…I don’t dare to say that loud…

Still I like to think that perhaps this year is going to be special! Usually we don’t make promises for the new year, but now I was thinking that I shall try be more creative and use my imagination as well as possible…

… thank you for helping me to make that happen! Now I go to enjoy the rest of the evening in my armchair front of the telly with the forest blanket…it’s so nice to work with because it warms me already even it’s not finished!

Before I go I like to say that I’m soooo happy to hear that everyone has been so impressed with the Stylish Blogger Award! It will be so nice to read all your posts!

See you soon….


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Hello! Vow…it’s New Year’s Eve!!! This year has been again quite different! Full of strong feelings…ups and downs!

I started my blog 15 of August and could have never guessed what it may bring…

…first of all it has took me to the most wonderful people…

…it has brought to me so many dear friends…

…from all around the world…that is just amazing…

…I have got so much inspiration and new ideas…

…and especially energy and motive to create…

…I have even learnt much more for using computer and I have had great exercise for my English… 

…you don’t know how important it has been to me, that you have taken me like an old friend with you to this wonderful journey…always engouraging with sweet words and a warm hug!!!

From my heart I wish The Year 2011 brings to you  









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It’s me Nero and I’m very happy to see you!!! I hope you are all feeling fine and having a great day!!!

Yesterday we were out collecting something for the decoration. It was perfect weather, sunny but not too hot and the other half of the sky was covered with dark blue clouds! We were palying with my dear ball and brushing my fur (I have  still hairs falling of). 

May I introduce you to my neighbours…they are so nice…always looking for a company. When ever we do something outside, they come to say hello and to see what’s going on…’any chance to get some fresh grass to eat’!

This lady in front is living many years here and we have became  good friends and sometimes we  play together – can you believe that?!

That was yesterday…today it’s raining….and I was waiting so much to have my School-lesson! I just love ‘school’! When I hear the word ‘lesson’, I start to jump up and down from joy! I have to admit that I love also those goodies I get so many during my lessons!

Anyway I have to wait till the rain stops and now it’s perfect time to show you our Fuchia Shawlet. We really tried to have good photo with Hanna or Teje wearing the shawlet …but it was too difficult so I said I can be a  model … again … even this is really girlish thing!

You see…she looks worried like she is going to the dentist…. About the details, we took some lovely photos outside!

So…this is our new shawlet…I think it’s really sweet! You can find more inspiration for shawlets from Rachel. There is still time for Christmas Shawlet!

I know that most of you prefer to see sun, but I need to show you some snowflakes! We have put already few decorations for the Christmas…it’s a good way to believe that Christmas is going to be here and soon! Other wise it’s difficult to find the ‘sense of the Christmas’ when outside is almost summer! I wonder how it is with Alice and Raymond in Nea Zealand? How to find Christmas mood in summer time?

I know..I couldn’t help interfering to Nero’s post…sorry Nero…you can continue after a second…

I really enjoy making these beautiful snowflakes…this was my first time and I shall make much more of them… This great tutorial you can find from Lucy as well as many other wonderful and colourful crochet ideas!

Okey Nero, you may continue…

This is one of my many ‘watching points’! From here I can see long way to the up road and the down road also! I don’t want anyone to pass without saying ‘hello’. Mostly I shout: I don’t like you to pass here, this is my road, go away!!!

Now we have some wood cutting to do … perhaps something new to show you next time! I have here  still one lovely photo of my dear ‘sister’ Hanna!

Tomorrow  we have been part of this amazing BlogWorld 3 months! Somehow it feels  longer time because so much lovely things has happened and we have got so many wonderful, unique friends! You have visited us 3000 times – unbelievable!

!!! – We all like to Thank You so much for Visiting us and Writing to us and Being so Wonderful and Encouraging – !!!


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