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Hello everyone! I hope you are and not feeling as cold as we are! It’s about +3 degrees and if it’s not raining it’s hailing! So what can we do … stay inside and sew and crochet! I happened to make flowers – with fabric and with yarn!

fabric flower with scraps

This is my latest work with scraps from my fabric stash. I tried not to have any orange this time … but I guess that’s not possible for me!

My first idea when starting this, was to make it circle and frame it like the ‘Sunshine’ circle. But during the work I realized that this didn’t like to stay around and the size for that frame so I changed my plan.

I wanted to make a frame with dark blue fabric to add some stronger colour and then I attached my ‘fabric painting’ to a painting canvas with wooden frame.

fabric painting

And here you are … my fabric painting. Maybe I start to miss painting because lately pictures are so often in my mind! If you like to see how I made a scrap flower for a notebook, click HERE.

I am linking with my friend Kati at ‘From the Blue Chair’! She has a wonderful link party engouraging us to use our fabric stash! And she makes fantastic quilts with amazing colours!Also I am linking with my friends Megan and Heather’s ‘Fabric Tuesday’ at ‘Quilt Story’!

The light is absolutely not enough to take photos, because our weather is really really cold and rainy. Today it was even hailing a little bit.

 I do hope we get some sunlight soon, so that I can have decent photos for my shop.

Just for a while it was not raining and I asked nicely if Nero would like to be a model. I’m happy he agreed to wear this girlish flower scarf …

knitted scarf with crochet flowers

Fortunately I found a little bit purple yarn which is the same as this green. With the purple yarn I fixed my old knitted jacket if you remember – some grannies and crochet lines to the sleeves. I love these colours!

I would like to tell you that my friend Kelly from ‘The Blue Bird Sews’, is having a great link party! The subject is our online shops – talking about everything about selling our crafts, where, how, inspirations etc. etc.

And because after a while I have some knitting and crochetin here, I’m happy to link with Andrea, Linda and Beth!

olivegreen colour knitted scarf

 With this bucket of flowers and leaves I leave you to dream about spring! I hope you have something beautiful and warm to cheer you up during these cold days! Thank You again for your wonderful comments! It’s always enjoy to read them!

Hugs and Kisses!



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Hello my Dear Friends! I hope you are fine and enjoying your weekend! We have the most cold and rainy time here in Crete and I’m so happy to have my new scarf almost finished …

'Olives and leaves' knitted scarf

I just loooooove this colour mix! In live they are a little bit more green colours – like olives and olive oil. I had olives and their oval shape in my mind when I was thinking how to knit a scarf. I started perhaps 6 times again and again, till I finally continued with this version.

When I have made the last finishing, I will show this scarf better … there are leaves and every second leave is with ‘right’ side and every second with ‘wrong’ side.

You may remember the fingerless hand warmess I made a while ago. They have been very usefull!

I have been quite busy lately and I want to apologize my dear friend Benta, that I haven’t showed her beautiful present earlier.  I received this beautiful, surprise bag from Benta for a while ago! Thank you so much Benta! I found Benta from the Blogger’s Quilt Festival about 2 years ago and since then we have been keeping in touch! Benta has a great blog ‘SLIK STITCHES’ with beautiful quilts and other sewings! I love also this fabric she has used!

Today has been a sad day with tears loosing our old friend but also a day with smiles meeting my new friend and her cute dog. Perhaps it’s the right time to introduce to you my new golden friend …

I went to meet her mom today and this sweet darling were waiting me on the door! She is just so lovable girl and she helped me to forget the sad things!

Baby art? I couldn’t find an other way to name something really beautiful I saw today …

I was trying to write a post for few days, but couldn’t find ‘the right’ moment. Today I thought that perhaps it was ment to be like that because today I saw something really wonderful in the internet which I know you love to see! I met (her blog) ADELE EMERSON from Finland! She makes adorable, un expected baby art?! This link will take you to the ‘about’ page in her blog and there you can see small video showing her art! You will love this!!! She has also a new book! Please go to see that because it is really something lovely with a baby, fabrics and beautiful imagination!!!

We hope with Nero that the wind brings to us some better days, warmer weather, lots of sunshine and soon spring!

Thank you for your visit and all your lovely comments! Hugs and Kisses!


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Vof vof vof!!! Hi my darlings, it’s me Nero here and I’m so happy to see you! After few rainy days, sun is again shining. The ground is still wet and after running in the garden I leave muddy paw prints here and there. Mostly I love to lie down in the ‘half shadow’ and watch my garden and keep my feet clean.

This is the rainbow I wanted to show you last time. We found this when had an evening walk in town. Unfortunately I was waiting at home, because I don’t walk calm and slowly enough to go to the busy city?!

This yarn is the same we used when we fixed the old knitted jacket with crochet grannies. And you can see the finished jacket here. It’s so soft yarn and has the most beautiful like ‘watercoloured’ colours!

When Teje bought this yarn she had a plan what to make, but when she began to make the first loops, she got an other idea …

You may think that this is going to be my crown! I would be very good-looking wearing so unique crown, but it’s something else …

It’s not going to  be a bunting. But that looks so beautiful that who knows … we may knit an other one for bunting! Hmmm … what else that could be …

This was a quick project for two evenings, so it’s ready and finished and of course I shall show you what I can do with this …

I have lost so much fur during the summer so I need a collar/cowl to wear till I get my new winter fur! I think this fits great! Hanna wanted to try this also, but fortunately it’s too big for her so this is mine.

We are so exited with this yarn because it can make so many kind of funny and beautiful knittings.

Would you like to hear what I was doing under the olive tree ? …

I knew for a while that there she was. Sometimes running around in my garden and sometimes hiding under the car or in this olive tree … just over my head, because here is my guarding place!

And yesterday with Hanna we tried again to find her and there she was! Now I can prove that she is in the tree! Look carefully in the middle (a little bit left) – can you see her eye? It is a mouse …

So often Hanna was waiting next to the car looooong time to catch her … but always she was running and hiding too quickly. I’m sure that Hanna has in her family a hunting dog. She is very interested and also very good at hunting. And she can work with her nose much better than me. I’m half German and half Belgium Shephard so my work is to take care of the home and my people!

That was yesterday. The end of this story is that today we catched the mouse with Hanna. I don’t know if it was me or Hanna or the mouse was just so scared that she died. I think I might have stepped over her. We didn’t hurt her – not much anyway. I don’t mind the mouses running in the garden but I knew that this one had a plan to slip in to my home and eat my food. So that I can’t let happen and I just had to do something. I hope her cousins don’t have the same plan …

You see I take care of my home and garden. Sometimes I leave these funny decorations around. I think I want to show you still once my new rainbow … ooh … I totally forgot to tell you that the rainbow in Greek is ‘Ouranio toxo’!

Always I feel difficult to leave you so this time I just quickly say buy buy and send you lots of kisses and big warm furry hugs!!!


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Hello my Dear Friends! I had my first blog anniversary few weeks ago.  I was really happy to have all of you celabrating with me and Nero! That week was just unbelievable – full of lovely suprises!

With Nero we had prepared gifts for you – but I wasn’t expecting to get presents myself! I got something really unique from Netherlands!

My dear friend Dorien has made something extra ordinary and she gave one as a giveaway present … I just couldn’t believe that I was the lucky one to win …

… this beautiful bunch of flowers! Thank you so much Dorien!!!

I’m so happy to know Dorien! She has a lovely blog ‘Just Do’ and she makes always something adorable that suprises me!

I can’t take good enough photo to show this beauty, so be sure to look Dorien’s photos in flickr! I am sure You will love all the things she creates!

This flower scarf-neclace is absolutely my Favourite!!! I’m so happy autumn in ‘on the door’ and I can wear this!

I was knitting in the afternoon and my knitting basket looks for the moment like this …

There are socks coming from these wonderful colours of 100 % wool yarn! What an enjoy to knit again after some months brake!

More about socks next time! Thank you again for taking time to visit me and write sweet messages! I leave you with the most beautiful card Dorien sent to me with her present! There is even gross stitching!


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Vow – it’s Monday and the Christmas is almost on the door!!!

I see in the news that many countries have problems with the snow, airports are closed and roads are full of snow…and it’s snowing more and more all the time! I do hope that everything is getting normal soon, so that all those people who likes to travel somewhere in Christmas time, can get to their destinations!

Here in Crete we are preparing our Christmas with WARM SUNSHINE !!!

In summer time every where is quite dry and only the flowers and plants we are watering, can grow. In winter time it’s green every where, perhaps not so many flowers before spring – but lots of green! I think we should cut the grass before Christmas…

I have today new model to show my scarf! I know many friends of mine like so much pigs!

Smile!!! If you love pigs and like to smile, look my earlier post with pigs!

I wish our pig would have a full stomach!

Now it’s getting cloudy but till now the day was so warm and sunny.  I was walking around in the garden with my friends…

We went to see how warm it is really…

We met the pig again…

Sorry…I lost a little bit my theme…the scarf…but the pigs are just so sweet!!!

I was ment to show that I have finished my scarf from left overs of Nero’s Blanket!

Yesterday was a day with mixed feelings…we were waiting some people to come and didn’t know if they come or not and when…and I just couldn’t concentrate well to do something. Finally I tought to give a try for trees I had in my mind for a while. That was a perfect job…I had so much fun to make them!

When I saw these in Terri’s blog, I thought they look easy enough and would be great for my quilt ‘Finnish Forest’.

It wasn’t so easy – not at least for the first one…


The second one is much better.

I’m making these trees with small patches, so it takes time, but I don’t mind because I enjoy to make ‘a puzzle’! Also I don’t try to make all of them exactly the same and perfect. In the nature all the trees are different so in my quilt they can be  a little bit different, too.

The quilt  ‘Finnish Forest’ is going to have also this kind of blocks…

For me in these colours there is a feeling of Finnish Forest – there is so much forests in Finland, with so much trees that sometimes the atmosphere in the forest  is a little bit dark – anyway I love always blue and white and red is perfect colour to match with them!  Now my only problem is that I should sew many other things and I would like to sew only trees!!!

This post wasn’t very ‘Christmassy’ but I hope you still enjoyed the sunshine and the sweet pig!

By By Dear Friends! I’m so happy to hear often about you and I hope you have special and lovely time these last days before the ‘Magical Eve’!!!

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year…’



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Good evening my Dear Friends! Today I welcome you with these beautiful colours! The Sea is always so fantastic – with all kind of weather it looks beautiful! So much adorable blue colours!

Today while cleaning windows I was thinking what I could write to you…there wasn’t really sunshine even occasionally it came from the clouds…clouds had grey and blue tones…some light and dark green in the garden…exactly the colours from Nero’s Blanket…

…so I left the windows and took photos of Nero’s Blanket which I finished last week. If you look the border – why it’s like that – usually we make lot’s of rounds – but here it just didn’t look good. I tried different colours but finally decided it’s better with 2 rounds.

I like those colours together! But I’m already thinking some totally different combination for the next blanket…one day I shall make one with pink, orange, red etc. and name it Hanna’s Blanket!

For this blanket I have used acrylic yarn with 7 colours. The blanket weighs about 800 gr. First I bought 100 g of each colour (turqoise, green, ‘gold’, blue, grey, purple and white). Later when I started to gather the hexacons I bought 100 g of three colours more.

When I started this, I thought that I shall sew the hexacons together. But during the work I saw that it would be better with one more colour to gather all the hexacons. For that I wanted dark grey, which I couldn’t get, so I needed a new idea… I took more blue, grey and purple and with them I made ‘flowers’. I made all of the hexacons ‘flowers’ with 7 hexacons and then sew them together.

Some  extra hexacons were needed to fill the place between the flowers. The border around is 2 rounds. Later in this post you will see how much there was yarn left. White yarn I have used just a little bit to give some light. All together there is 127 hexacons.

This was really lovely to work with! I enjoyed making the hexacons and see how different colours match together! For the next blanket…I don’t know yet exactly how it is going to be… but not hexacons…it’s going to be with granny squares and in fact I’m looking forward to start it…

This blanket began from this…

…it was about 15 of September and I was thinking to make it slowly slowly all the winter…but finally it’s finished just for the Christmas!

The yarn there was left, asked me very clearly to become something…

…it’s a scarf! But this time I make it thin and long. Most of my scarfs are too warm and I can’t use them often. So this one is thin and not wool and I hope I can use it all the time! My winter coat is dark purple so this is perfect for that with the purple but also to give some bright with the great turquoise!

…and still one with snake…

By the way – I finished all the windows – but it’s raining again…

All the time when I’m writing this, I’m thinking if I can show you one photo or not. Yesterday I was sitting here with the computer and Hanna came to speak and sing to me! She does that every day, first in the morning when she’s so happy to wake up and start the new day…then in the afternoon…in the evening…

So yesterday I was trying to take photo of her but it was just impossible! She came too close because she don’t like to be in photos and she was moving… after all this explaining I guess I can show one of the photos which made me laugh!

Even the most sweet and kind dog hides inside ‘the wild animal’!!!

It’s time to say bye bye…I hope you enjoy your Christmas preparations, your crafts and bakings…and I hope that you have time to relax and enjoy your family and furry friends!

See you soon!!!


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Hello my Dear Friends and Welcome to see what there is going on at my home…today I have trees in my post!!!

First I like you to see my Christmas tree. The tree is the same now many years but the decorations chance every year a little bit.

In Finland every one has a real tree…but there is so many trees…all the country is one forest! Here is less trees and the warm weather doesn’t help them to stay nice at home. From early in November Christmas trees are waiting outside in the sunshine to go to some ones home – it needs good luck to look well even few days! So at least I prefer to have my tree weeks at home so let it be a ‘fake’. I love those small lights – that’s why I make my tree very early to find the Christmas atmosphere! Especially in my first years in Greece, it wasn’t easy to feel Christmas with so much sun and hot weather!

This year like last one, I prefer to have less colours in the Christmas tree. Now the decorations are mainly with wool, cotton, paper and doghairs!

These lovely and funny hair balls I have made with Nero – and they are my favorite decorations in the tree!

And this is an other favorite – I just love this happy snowman! It’s from my sister and always first one to give joy for the Christmas tree! So…I have made my tree really early (28.11) when I thought it was too early to show it. Perhaps it stays like this…or perhaps it gets some more decorations… often I add them slowly slowly!

Yesterday Finland was celebrating ‘Independence Day’! First time in all my years in Greece I was watching from the internet the celebration the President has in The Castle of the President! All the ladys in they evening dresses, lovely creations!

Still I had time for some sewing and made a purse which I had in my mind for a while…

Sometimes I have a  fabric that I can’t decide how to use it…and sometimes like this delicious white/red strong cotton fabric…it was screaming ‘I want to be a purse and a bag’! I really enjoyed making this and I like the result very much! Some parts I have been sewing by hand and also some decorative stitches! The lining inside is from white cotton. I like to use light colour inside, because then it’s much easier to find your small things.

The best thing to put in this bright colour purse, would be White/Red Sweets…I’m missing Finnish ‘Marianne’ caramels! I am making some other items also with this same,  beautiful fabric!

I find always so much inspiration and really good ideas from Terri! One visit gave me the best idea for a new quilt: ‘Finnish Forest’! I’m waiting to start with that after all the Christmas things! I don’t know yet how it’s  going to be but I’m quite sure something interesting…

After seeing Terri’s lovely trees I found this tree from my post box!

Thank you Ulla! You have always so wonderful ideas! Usually the simple things are the most beautiful!

Yesterday Santa Claus passed from our house and took all the cards and gifts to carry them with the Rudolf !

I have our Christmas bag with bullfinch and rowan-berries, waiting under the tree…

Every day I visit so many friends and they wonderful blogs… one of them is Mia from ‘Mia’s handmade’! She has every day something nice to show and lovely ideas what we can make for the Christmas time!

Last winter our dear friend came to visit us and brought me the best present from Ikea ( in Athens) FABRICS! This is one of them and I like it very much…perhaps because it reminds me a little bit ‘Marimekko’. I have made from this very thick cotton some bags and other things. Now it was time for a pouch.

I have started to knit a new warm shawl!  I desided to make it simple so at the same time I can think and plan my other crafts and works! I have used once before this square-pattern and I think it’s a nice way to make a triangle!

You can find so lovely and sweet knittings from my new friend Julie! Visit her Knitting and Sewing Corner!

I don’t know if I should believe this or not…but..yesterday we heard that it’s expected to have snow here! Yesterday the wind turned to north. It’s still warm but not so sunny and  there is in the air something cool… anyway defenetely we need rain…other wise we don’t have enough water for the next summer. Normally we don’t have any problem with the water because we have very high ‘White Mountains’. Usually they have snow till June! We shall see  if we have white Christmas!!!

Perhaps I need soon my warm scarfs – I have many of them – but can’t use them much…

I don’t know how I could show my knittings without my beautiful and always helpful models…

For this scarf I have knitted seperate loop to tight it.

I think Nero is already quite professional! This time Hanna wanted to join us, so here is her amateur style…

I think Hanna would be good as a sock model…she has lovely legs and then we couldn’t see her worried face!

This I have for you today…anyway so I had thought …but always in this point I feel, couldn’t I write some more…it’s difficult to leave your lovely company! Ok – I tell  you still one nice place to visit.  From Bella’s Country you find many kind of lovely things and photos! Bella is our dog friend and lives her happy life in countryside!

Now I go to continue my sewing – bright and fresh White-Red fabric is waiting to become a bag!

I might have something exiting and sweet in my next post…who knows…Christmas time is full of secrets! Thank you so much for your unique visits and lovely comments – you make me always so happy!!!

Have a wonderful and creative time and see you soon!!!


Ps. This time I decided to use all the time bigger letters. I would be very happy to hear your opinion!

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