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Hi and Welcome to Greece! We are now in Chania in Crete and I hope you enjoy your visit!

Chania in Crete

I was so happy when Laura from ‘Quokka Quilts’ asked me to join this blog hop … but also a little bit worried because I had never done English paper piecing or joined blog hop.


I would love to show you so much from Crete, but that would become a huge post, so here are few photos I tried with the ‘Play-Crafts’.

I had difficulty to find right colours from my fabrics and I had to imrovise a little bit.

english paper piecing

Something from the beginning. Perhaps I should have stayed with my first colours.

Because this was my first time with paper piecing, I thought it’s better to start with bigger pieces and first I cut diamonds with my GO!Baby cutter and then I made all the templates with paper. I basted all the pieces and got this beautiful bundle! I used hard paper – I’m not sure if  I should have done it with normal copy paper. With the hard paper it was more difficult to baste but more easy to sew (now worry to sew the paper) and they can be used again. Best is of course to use ready templates which you can find from ‘Paper Pieces’.

paper piecing

paper piecing

My block became quite big and I didn’t find yet good idea to use it. Now I wish I had made it smaller because I have seen so many beautiful pouches in this blog hop. So I guess that’s my next paper piecing project. But no worries, I know that one day also this block will find just the right place!

paper piecing block

This post is part of the ‘Travellin Pic Stitch Blog Hop’, hosted by Laura from ‘Quokka Quilts’. You can find the full list of all the blogs and details for this competition HERE.

I know … don’t play with food, but few days ago I was trying to think what I can do with this block … then it was lunch time and I placed the Greek Feta on a plate add some oil and oregano … and I looked the colours! They matched so well to my block and made much better center piece than mine.

english paper pieced block

Don’t forget that November 30th there will be amazing prizes from all these fantastic sponsors!

Paper Pieces, Fabric Worm, Pink Castle Fabrics, Want It Need It Quilt and Aurifil!!!

Yesterday we hopped to Erica at ‘Kitchen Table Quilting’ and tomorrow is Dianne’s turn at ‘Quiltova’! You find also the link button on my sidelist, so you can easily visit and enjoy the blogs who join this blog hop!

Thank you so much for hopping to my home and joining me today! I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy this Blog Hop! Laura and Katy are travelling around and taking photos and making English paper piecing – come to follow with me their wonderful journey!

I’m sorry if you were here earlier – no excusies but my blog partner woked me up many times last night. He wanted out, he was looking from the window, lying down, then again out … so we woke very late today and now he is sleeping!



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Vof vof friends!!! I have a birthday!!! I’m now 8 years …  for a big dog like me it means that I am very adult now. But I don’t show it … I start my morning  with playing and making happy jumps! This week we finally played also with some fabrics and made some english paper piecing!

english paper piecing

It’s our first time and can’t say it’s too difficult but it takes very much time. First to make your templates if you don’t have them ready. You can order them but I thought it’s better to make them by myself for the first time because I didn’t even know what shape or size I finally want to use.

templates for paper piecing

For me the most difficult part was to choose the fabrics. I just don’t have enough fabrics and colours in my stash! I want to go for shopping! (and I went but more for that when they arrive).

paper piecing

These pieces I have papered = they have the template behind. I used small piece of tape to catch them to keep them on a right place. Kerry from ‘verykerryberry’ makes amazing paper piecing and she used a small spot special glue.

paper piecing

Why I started now paper piecing? There has been so many fantastic paper pieced blocks and works around but I have never found the time (courage) to try. Then my blog friend Laura from Australia invited me to join her Bloghop. Laura writes wonderful blog ‘Quokka Quilts’ and I am so exited about her great idea; so I just had to join!

paper piecing

This blog is darker than I had in my mind and I’m not sure if I’ll join with this or perhaps I’ll make an other one. I just couldn’t find good colour for the centre piece.

I have sewn now all the other pieces, except the yellow triangles and the light blue squares. My blog friend Jessica from ‘Life Under Quilts’ is also very talented with paper piecing. She has made a great tutorial and she said it’s better to sew first all the seams around the centre piece because then you can take the template away and you can fold your work. Like this it’s easier to continue sewing the following pieces.  All the good tips and advices are so important when we start something new!

Chania Greece

In the morning … we have still so good weather, over +30 degrees and sunshine. For most of us who live here in Greece it’s quite tired to have so long time very hot weather. Still I guess it’s better that cold and rain. The light is amazing in the mornings and I enjoy always so much watching the sea.

I want to send special thanks to my blog friends Jane and Mia! I was lucky (again) to win Jane’s give away at ‘Jane’s Journal’! She sent to me beautiful bag charm with sewing theme with blue beads and a special souvenir from the Olympic games! And she had made to us the most sweet and unique card! As a little girl my hair was exactly like that – Jane couldn’t know that – how fun! Thank you so much Jane!!! Have a look at Jane’s etsy-shop for goodies and presents!

Mia sent to us the most sweet coasters! Mia, my Finnish blog friend,  is making beautiful and very unique felted items (bags, pouches etc.) and I’m so happy to have these – they make me smile every day! Mia’s lovely blog is ‘HandmadebyMia’! Thank you so much Mia!!! Have a look at Mia’s etsy-shop for goodies and presents!

felted coasters


… is my cake coming …  better I’ll go to see  …

Nero Shephard

Thank you so much for joining us today and our warmest thanks for all your sweet comments! It is so wonderful to read your messages and to hear from you!!!

Hugs and kisses! See you sooner!


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