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Hello My Dear Friends!!!  This has been like a second birthday week – we have received with Nero so many marvellous and sweet comments from you! Thank you so so so much!!!

You know what … we got even a present … Tuesday I went to join  The Quilt Story’s party, like every week, and I was so suprised that first I wasn’t sure where I am … if I’m still in my own blog … there was a big photo of my ‘Fire Tail’ pillow! Visit Quilt Story because today there is a fabric giveaway! You find the button on my sidelist!

Today when I was on my way back home, I realised that now there is flowers every where! These are from my garden.

Last weekend I missed fabrics with flowers – I have seen in many blogs so beautiful spring and summer fabrics – roses, birds – bright colours… I thought it’s time to make my first scrap flower.

… do you see anywhere here something like a flower … look again …

I was supposed to make a flower but before I realized, I had ended up with this …

Sorry, no other photos during the work – I didn’t remember even coffee brake – just wanted to finish my notebook. I think it’s perfect for my other blog! I have made an other blog for the ‘Maherida’ apartments. Except the information for the holiday apartments, I shall put there wonderful photos and who knows what other ideas I’ll get.

These photos I took today with sunshine … but today we had also rain – about every hour the weather changes and it’s quite cold. Difficult to believe that last week I was in the garden with t-shirt!

I think this was so much fun and a great way to make flowers that I could make more of them! Pink would be nice … or yellow …

Like I said it’s still a little bit cold, but quite normal for this time. Today’s strong wind opened my notebook and small notes were flying around. In the evening Nelli likes to curl up in my knitting chair.

That small fleece blanket is Foxy’s … no sorry it’s mine (normally Foxy sleeps on it) – we bought the same blanket with my sister when she was here. I was thinking to sew something  with that … but that idea came and went … now I see that I could use that cat figure somewhere! Hhhmmmm …


We wish you warm and sunny weather  for the weekend so that you could enjoy your spring outside! Have a lovely time!!!



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Hello my Dear friends!

I have found my ‘country dream’ and I’m so happy to tell you that now my dear sister has  found hers!

My sister is living in South England and now finally with her husband they have found their ‘Dream House’! They moved just one week ago. I made for them this notebook so they can write down ideas and things they like to do in their new country home!

So many lovely ‘beings’ like to have they home in countryside…

…hidden in the trees….

…or in  many other places they can find…

It’s lovely to have all these little birds around us!

I hope you have a nice day with your dreams!


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Dear notebook

Hello my dear friends! Thank you so much for your nice comments which are so encouraging!

I hope you are fine! It’s so nice to tell you about my latest inspiration because I know that you understand how someone can have fun for a whole evening with these…


For a while I wanted to do a nice cover for my notebook but didn’t have an idea what it could be.  I have lots of fabric all around in my sewing room and thought it’s time to continue sewing. I looked the shoebox with tiny scraps… and started to sew…

I didn’t have much inspiration but sometimes it comes to you just when you least expect it…

I like these colours … then I had to find a suitable piece of fabric around and what else there could be…

I made only the front cover because I want my notebook to be ‘slipery’ if it’s on the table-cloth.

Of course now I have lots of ideas to continue this ‘main-idea’… as usually…

But that’s the point – to start and then the idea takes you with… who knows where…

I have to go to by more books!

Have a nice time with your notes! Hope to see you soon!


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