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Hello, hello, hello!!! Yesterday when my friend ask if I would like to have some liquorice, I didn’t have the smallest idea that late in the evening I would have my own liquorice box! It was really coincidence because when I had made this pin cushion, I remembered that I had liquorice earlier …

pin cushion

It was already 22.00 in the evening that I finally finished some other works and was able to sew. I had had a great plan to sew all the evening but so late wasn’t good time to start new project. Hmmm …. what to do … great time to make new pin cushion that I have missed long time.

First I was beginning with a green-orange selvage block that I had ready, but then those ‘same’ colours didn’t feel good. What else I could use … I have delicious new prints and this is the most perfect for a little pin cushion! Now I can see and enjoy that fabric all the time on my sewing table!

Liquorice fabric is from England sent by my sister! Two other fabrics, stripes and funky flowers are from ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’ and they are my favourites. I should have ordered more of them because they match with everything!

sweet pin cushion

Here I am very much ready for new sewing adventures! I wanted to make a practical and beautiful pin cushion and I think this is! My older one was felling and rolling around and took my time to take care of. This one stays well exactly as it’s supposed to and I don’t have to take my eyes from my work, when taking or putting pins on it. It fits also perfectly to the cover from a buiscuit tin, next to my sewing machine. There I have ‘often needed’ items …

From the opposite window I see the sea … a little bit far, but there it is! You wouldn’t mind seeing a little bit more where I sew? It’s a little attic – amazingly full of materials and some other things, there is even a mountain (for ironing) – it’s difficult to keep everything well in order, but I know where everything is (about) so it works. At least everything is some where close to me!

my sewing space

I really have to organize my fabrics again … I’m thinking to do it more by colours. Now they are more by material … quilting fabrics, linen, canvas for bags etc., white, decorative fabrics etc. etc. boxes with ribbons, tins of buttons and and … and then all the laundry-baskets with yarns … and other boxes with scraps (they start with colours and size but now they are again total mess up! In the colourful tins I save even the smallest beautiful scraps for ‘art’?!

pin cushion

But, if you make patchwork and quilting you know that the more materials, prints and colours we have in our stash, the better it’s to work. Even painters don’t need so much colours because they can mix their colours. We can’t and to get alive result we need to have lots of colours and prints = lots fabrics! I think I love my new ‘Licuorice box’! By the way we had a Afgan hound, the most beautiful dog who was black and we called him ‘Laku’! In Finnish Liquorice is lakritsa and shortly laku. Here in Greece it’s difficult to find this sweet.

And now some really great links:

Last time I gave you a link to Molly Flanders who had made so beautiful pillow. I was wondering how she connected her blocks and now she shows how that happens. So easy if you just know it! This pillow is on my ‘to do list’! ‘Molly Flanders’!

I made that big bag, but it seems to be a bag time because there are so fantastic bags around! Ayumi from ‘Pink Penquin’ has made adorable and practical bag! Beautiful fabrics and great pattern! She has also GIVE AWAY!

More bags … Kerry from ‘Very Kerry Berry’ has a wonderful collection of beautiful bags! Kerry and Ayumi both make those amazing paper pieced works! You know … kitchen items etc.!

And one quilt of course! I just saw this beautiful ‘woven’ quilt made by Jessica from ‘Sew Crafty Jess’! I have wanted to make this kind of quilt and now Jess has made a pattern for us!

And last but definitely not least …  beautiful things, amazing places, adorable outfits – glamorous … my sister sent this link to me … ‘This is Glamorous’!

I’m linking at ‘Made by Me’ at Jaq’s Studio.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and the links! Now I shall make some coffee and continue my next project!

Have a wonderful time and I guess next time we shall meet at the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’!



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A crab with a bag or a bag with a crab?!

small bag with Ikea fabric

my creative space …

… lunch with Maries and Claires and the the evening with the crabs ..

Ikea fabric with crabs

My friends Anne from ‘Quiltefia’ and Svetlana from ‘S.O.T.A.K handmade’ have made fantastic bags! I want to make THIS and THIS!

Jess from ‘The Elven Garden’ has a fabric give away!

And because it’s Wednesday, I am linking at Lee’s ‘W.i.P wednesday’!

Nero wants to send you big hugs and kisses for all his sweet friends who sent so lovely comments and loves him so much!

Thank you for your visit! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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This is the Christmas month – wow! Can you believe that Christmas is already behind the corner and the next month is also next year?!

I had a ‘half idea’ in my mind for something and yesterday when knitting a sock I had some materials front of me to find a way to carry out the small Christmas tree.

Today we had a beautiful, sunny day and I was enjoying my tree-project outside! I like to share with you how I made this tree and what materials you can use.

My idea began from fleece stripes. They were left overs from my latest quilt and I almost throw them away! But at last minute I saw how cute they were and luckily kept them.

For the base of the tree I was thinking to use the conical base from yarn. But just when I was starting I saw the paper tree that I made last year from an old book and didn’t want to keep anymore. So that was the perfect base! Look HERE how to make a paper tree. You can make the base also very easily with paper board.

Here you see what you need – quite simple. I didn’t even use any clue. Fleece is an easy material because it stays well where you put it. But if you think you like to touch and move your tree often, it’s better you use clue to make it more strong and steady.

I catched the beginning like this with a paper clip and then started to roll the fleece stripe over the base. I hade two stripes (2 x 130 cm) and when I continued with the second stripe, I catched it again like this …

When I had covered all the base I closed the top with few stitches …

For the decoration I found felted balls I made last year. I sew them only with some simple stitches, because I may need them again for some other project.

For the decoration – use your imagination! What about pearls, special efect yarn, tiny tassels, tiny felted stars … I think I need to make more trees!

Small white Christmas tree

I want you to see also THESE TREES! This is my next tree-project! So adorable and easy to make! They are made with felt pieces but don’t worry you don’t need to felt. Just use that lovely – too small pullover you washed wrongly and felted – and you will have a beautiful and unique decoration!

I’m linking at ‘My Creative Space’, ‘Fiber Arts Friday’, ‘Creative Friday’, ‘Fibers on Friday’ , ‘Finished it Friday’ and ‘Link Your Stuff’!

Have fun and enjoy this creative season! Thank you for your visit and your always sweet, encouraging comments!


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Hello my Dear Friends! Thank you so so much for all the sweet and wonderful messages you have wrote about  ‘Nero’s Garden’ quilt! I’m really happy that you have enjoyed seeing it and reading the stories about the animals!

Last few days I have been in an other creative space.

Woods are ready for me to paint. I’m jumping from one work to an other while waiting the paint to dry.

And then back to the workshop again …

That’s about painting. Tomorrow is a garden day and perhaps more painting.

Would you like to see what there is on my window this time? I guess you say yes …

Those tiny tiny white flowers … I don’t no their name but they smell amazing! All the house has lovely smell! I love green glass and this big old bottle is one of my treasures!

So I have been painting … I miss my sewing room … but when I’m painting the woods I can have dreams about my dream quilt …

I have crochet the grannies for the old jacket but didn’t have time or strenght to finish it. Perhaps I could continue that now for a while – or maybe some other time – aaaahhh, sorry that was a yawn. I think I’ll have a moment with a book and then to dreamland.

Before I leave you, I want to show you one sweet sight! It’s on my way and makes me always happy!

Thank you for your company today! I hope you have wonderful, warm and sunny weather! And lots of time to spend in your creative space!


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Hello and Wonderful Wednesday to You! I’m happy happy to meet You!!!

Few last days I had a lack of energy and enthusiasm. Then yesterday I visited Megan  and I found out this: ‘lack of energy’ = ‘lack of creating’ ! and the following is that we need to do what we enjoy! From Megan I find always inspiration and ‘need to sew’! Every Monday she is hosting “{sew} Modern Monday” and there is more blogs to find inspiration!

As you can see, my inspiration had to wait for a while…because I had forgot to wash these patches….oh no! I was so ready to make the blocks for my bag! Because I had to wait, I was quilting ‘Nero’s Garden’ patchwork. I hadn’t done anything for that after I showed it to you last time. Some times I feel guilty just sitting and sewing and feel I should do something more important … who knows what that could be …

Long time I was supposed to tell you about some materials I use. First I show you where I keep some of them.

This old tiny box is very dear to me for two reasons: I found it from my mother’s sewing things and it has so sweet picture of dogs! It has something inside …

I’m wondering what you keep in your cigar-boxes after smoking the cigars…

These boxes have also their own place under my cutting desk…

My cutting table was a computer desk and that keyboard self is good place for these boxes. On the right side, and easy to catch with my right hand, I have boxes for patches and scraps and other threads and … and … other small things.

I try to keep these cases for different projects … but there is never enough cases so they like to mix up.

Ice cream boxes are so handy. Yes –  the plastic boxes are from ice cream – I do love ice cream, but these are from the restaurat we had. Hmmm…how great  that summer is almost here … and it means lots of ice cream!

For inspiration and ethusiasm, I love to visit also Lee. She is linking every Wednesday “W.I.P” = work in process! She had quite exiting news today – about this projectselvage!

Back to materials … this is a thin blanket from Ikea … very good for many purposes and very good price! I needed many of these last autumn when we had 16 friends at our home. Then I realized also that I could try if they work for my patchworks. I have difficulties finding materials and I need to use my imagination.

This blanket has a cover from ‘non-woven fabric’ (I hope the word is right), because it’s ment to use with the fitted sheet.

For the ‘Finnish Forest’ blanket I used it as it is, because I wasn’t sure if I’m able to handle the wadding without the ‘cover fabric’. It was a little bit thick to stitch.

This was a good way to catch the patchwork top, wadding and the back fabric all together. These clicps are to catch  the table cloth on the table outside.

When I made the ‘PicNic’ Blanket, I thought it’s time to try to take the cover ‘fabric’ away and use only the wadding. It looks like this – very soft and light – quite slippery – but easy enough to work with. The thickness is not the same every where, so if you want to make really perfect job, perhaps it’s better to use the wadding which is made for quilting.

I’m still in the beginning of my quilting career, so I’m happy for this material – and there is no other material for the wadding for the moment. The thin ‘fabric’ covering this wadding is very easy to take away because it’s catched with long stitches.

Here once again ‘PicNic’ Blanket. I’m a fan of pinwheels and I like these happy spring colours!

This was about my materials today…if you are not exhausted yet, I would like to cook with you. I’m cooking today ‘black eye beans’ and it’s great, very easy and so delicious food! I’m not so much ‘kitchen person’ so it would be nice to have your company!

First we boil the beans to be a little bit soft and we throw that water away.

Then we start with olive oil, onions and garlic…

… we add carrots in small pieces, smashed tomatoes, tomato puree, salt and pepper. We boil these for a while and then we add water, the beans and olive oil. We continue to boil till the soup is ready. When eating, we add some lemon!

Καλη ορεξη! Good appetite! Hyvaa ruokahalua! Bon apetit!

If you are still here, I’m really happy!!! I wish I could say at least you are not hungry, but perhaps you are even more! I don’t keep you longer…just want to thank you for your company which means a lot to me and thank you for all your sweet messages!!!

Sunny wishes!!!


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Welcome to my Wednesday post and creative space! I write to you today because tomorrow my creative space is outside…it’s time to collect olives! 

Wool is often in my mind among with many other things….

For the moment my creative space has doghairs and cotton yarn. I don’t know yet if I can tell you more about the doghair-project…sorry that’s the Christmas time…

But I can tell you about the crochet with cotton. These two materials won’t be together…or should I give them a little bit more thought…perhaps they could make something together…

This is one of my places to have my lovely things. It’s in the middle of the living- and dining area. You can guess the collection here is changing  quite often!

What you think about my frying pan?…I’m deffenetely not for the kitchen! I like this because of the rust! It’s from our old restaurant ‘Glaros’ (it means Seagul) where Foxy found us. We couldn’t use the huge pan at home so I left it out and it became like this. I like very much the rusty colour!  Now I have cut the handle and have it first time inside…but something is missing….

…perhaps some small crochet snowflakes and snowstars….

I can see in my mind a white garland with small crochet items going around that dark frying pan. It ‘looks’ nice in my mind, but I can’t be sure before it’s really on it’s place…so we shall see if this is what is missing – or I have to find an other idea.

This tray which I painted last year, is for my Christmas decorations. I had been thinking long time to paint knitting pattern and here was a ‘good place’ to try that.

Before leaving you I want  to tell you about one site I found from The Blue Brick. It’s called Craftgawker and you can add there your link and find lots of nice things! I have it also in my bloglist to be easy to find.

And…You remember that I gave The Versatile Award to Penny – did you visit her to learn her seacrets? You should go…

I wish you most wonderful days prepering your Christmas and Crafts!


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Hello  My Special Friends!

I’m feeling so good writing again to you! You have been so overwhelming wonderful!

Time  for My Creative Space! I really enjoy this wonderful idea to share our Creative Space once a week! When Christmas is getting closer, I start to have too many inspirations with lots of materials. I was thinking something…with small pieces of wood… and finally now I had the right moment to try what it could become…

Earlier today I tried to make a ‘consept’ for this post but it was too difficult….I have so many things I want to show to you… and so many photos to choose… I can’t put them in any order in my mind…

…so I give up and just show photos and tell something about them….

This is the view of my work space for  last few days…

I love materials from nature! These are slides of branch from olive trees from our garden!

I have cut 2 ‘leaves’ from felt I have made, and 1 leave from leather (lucky me I have lots of lovely leather pieces from my dear sister).  Then stitching by hand I made the details.

I have named these ‘Lucky Olive’! I like to think that they bring us good luck!

Quite nice to decorate our handbag… this my dear bag is made by my sister! She came last year to visit me and gave to me this unique suprise!

Or perhaps with the key…

I’m now so fond of these little sweeties… for me they look so nice where ever I put them…

I think you have seen ‘Lucky Olives’ now from all sides!

This was one project I had this week. I have also ‘computer project’ which makes me sit hours with my computer… but I’m happy because I think finally I’ll manage to do something I have had long time in my mind…

What else you would like to see…felting or crochet? Or perhaps both…

Here is a short update for ‘Nero’s blanket’. Perhaps you thought I have leave  it or forgot it – no, no,  it’s next to me all the time and now it looks like this…

But my main material for this week is wool so here is one more idea for the winter and Christmas season.

I used for the base natural white wool and put over that a little bit white and dark brown and one line yarn. I made this very thin so that it has also ‘other look’ in the evening…

I think this is good photo to leave you today…here is evening about 9 0’clock and we shall eat pizza! Perhaps with glass of red wine! Who knows what I have done till my next post – even I don’t know yet how I spend my next days…exept that I shall visit all you my important friends and your wonderful blogs!

Remember to visit Kootoyoo and all those fantastic Creative Spaces!

Have a lovely time and see you soon!


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