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Hello my Dear Friends! Only few days and it’s the Christmas eve! I don’t have any stress – really! I have enjoyed making all those bags, pouches, baskets, bows … but I really missed patchwork …


After finishing last custom orders, I was staring the mini quilt under my scissors and realized that it looked really dusty and needed washing. Second thought was that I need to make new for the spring. Hmmmm why I should wait till spring … I can have new brightening scissor mat now …


I took scrap box with latest beautiful patches and here we go …


Last Christmas I made so many mini quilts and one of them was this forest. It was in on the wall in the kitchen (too long time) and then under my scissors. I hate that clonck, cl, cl cl …. that scissors make when I leave them from my hands!


You see that for this new one I didn’t make the real binding. I made like I used to do it before I learnt to make the real quilt binding. It’s not good at all and took much more time. What we learn here: don’t be affraid to learn to make the good binding! Here it is the new scissors mat at work …


!!! This is not a commercial – just the most fun half minute brake! I knew I need a new vacuum cleaner but now I know which one! Don’t loose this funny moment! My sister’s friend has picked this super fun link!

And here we are back to sewing … last custom orders has been finished. These are bred baskets.


I was lucky to get some new fabrics – again – I know! But look – they are so perfect for new bags and baskets and for the notes I have an other idea!


You remember last week I cleaned the windows; usually this window is full of Nelli’s nose-stamps. So now I can show you who is looking out from my attic’s window …


It’s sweet, little Violetta who keeps me always company in my sewing attic. Nelli hasn’t realized that Violetta is a mouse so she can sit here and see the garden and card the jar filled with ? how can I call ‘those’ – they are much smaller than scraps! There is a reason why I save them, but I don’t think I shall ever have time for that project. Till then they make a beautiful decoration.


So not much Christmas sewings or decorations this year. I feel that we sort of ‘Skip the Christmas’. Not totally but let it be this year more simple and relaxing. Hanna and Nero (and me of course) are still coming here with our Christmas wishes! I can smell all the coocies, cakes, orange decorations and other goodies you are making! Thank you for so many lovely posts with your preparations! Have a wonderful weekend and see you soon! Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comments!




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Hi everyone! Hopefully you don’t have stress with your Christmas schedule and preparations! I haven’t done any so I thought I could share my earlier Christmas makings because there is still one week to bake coocies, make decorations, sew something …

Christmas decoration

Last two Christmases I have made many needle felted decorations with dog hairs. When I brush Nero and Hanna, I collect the ‘wool’ from the brush. You can make also yarn from that and my mom used to do that. I makes the most warm yarn! But to these balls now …

needle felted balls

You know my sweet Golden Retriewer friend London. When I have been taken care of her, I kept some wool to make Christmas decoration to her mom. I made something very simple and natural. Few branches from cypress, ribbon cutted from fleece, paper ‘ribbon’  and paper cord … two woollen balls … almost like snow balls …


I add also very thin metal wire for hanging and if you like you can add beads etc. for extra festive look. Next photos show one that I have made with Nero’s wool and the materials you need (needle for needle felting and those very light balls). You can make also hearts, wreaths etc.

needle felted Christmas decoration

needle felting with dog's wool

Crochet snowflakes are different project – great one – for those you can find good tutorial from Lucy at ‘attic 24’.

Last year I made little, white Christmas tree which became very famous and loved. It is really cute and easy to make. You can read all the post where I show how I made it HERE.

small white Christmas tree

This year I have been sewing a lot, but not Christmassy things. Last year I made lots of mini-mini quilts, mug rugs, Christmas mats and tutorial how to make them.

Christmas mug rugs

One small decoration I made suddenly and with a moment’s inspiration, was this felted cover for candle glass. HERE you can see how easy it is to make.

felt cover for candle glass

And then lets start to bake … oh I can smell Christmas … my ‘must’ bakings are Ginger Coocies and Christmas Stars. I do hope I shall make them also this Christmas!

ginger coocies

Here you can see the recipe for Christmas coocies and here how to make Christmas Stars.

Christmas baking

Oh how I wish I had now those stars with my afternoon coffee! I have bought all the things I need to make them, so perhaps I shall have tomorrow baking day instead of cleaning!

Every Friday I’m happy to join linky parties at ‘Natural Suburbia’ with Linda , ‘Felicity Quilts’ with Felicity and at ‘Wisdom begins with wonder’ with Andrea! Thank you ladies for hosting lovely parties!

my sweet puppy

When I was looking for these Christmas photos I ran to one with Hanna. I just have show you her sweet face and with this Hanna’s relaxing moment, I wish you wonderful week and do try to relax even I know you are very busy! Thank you so much for visiting my little blog and for leaving always so appreciated and enjoyable comments! See you soon!



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Vof vof vof – it’s me Nero here! How great to see you – I have many things to show to you and also some great links at the end! Want translation? Vof is my language and means Hi! Wips = works in process and Wifs = works in finish – now you know some doggie language! In the morning it looked like this on our sewing table …

Sorry, but is someone messing up with my post? This photo just didn’t want to come here and now it doesn’t want to turn?

I don’t really sew, I just tell and show. Teje did some preparings in the morning and then there was SUN so out we ran to take photos. I have been waiting so many days to show you our new fabric baskets! Voila …

beautiful sephard

You can’t see them well? I thought you would love to see my beautiful face first. Okey, here you are, a closer shoot …

You see we were quick enough to catch Hanna in the photo. She is so good avoiding portret photos. Those fabrics with letters are so great for this kind of projects. They are not too hard but still more firm than normal cotton. Exterior has fleece and thin cotton and then there is also lining with that great red ‘kitchen’ fabric! We didn’t quilt those outside pieces but we shall try that, too. It will make them even more steady.

fabric baskets

Our knitting project is going so and so. Three pieces (two sleeves and one front) are 3/4 ready. But I’m (she is) so lazy to start to think how to make the curves on the sleeves and other pieces, so she just starts the next piece … and at the end she has all the pieces at the unpleasant stage. Very soon she needs this jacket so hurry hurry!

fabric baskets

This blogging is really so much fun and teach us so much! I don’t speak many laguages – only ‘doggie’, some ‘finnish’ and a little bit better ‘greek’ – usually I let them believe that it’s all greek to me. But anyway Teje learnt one new word last week: gab! You see I have that! She was writing the post title big bag but she is typing so many mistakes and wrote gab. Then she thought (she likes words and letters) that it looks funny word play and left the name: BIG GAB BAG. It is that green/white/black tote bag. She didn’t think even a moment that there exists a word gab. Then she saw that you used it also in your comments and she took her green, magic book filled with words and there it was! Lucky her that it didn’t mean anything terrible! Great word and I’m sure she never forgets that. To our Finnish readers I like to tell that the book says it means ‘lorpotys, puhelahja’ (please add in your mind those sopts over o). I hope the book has it right!

my puppies

… here I am just gabbing! I wonder can I say like that? But I have an other question to you. Have you seen quilt card? If not, it looks something like this …

Christmas card

I have to confess that this is also a little bit wip because we put that tussel quickly with a safety-pin just for the photo. Now I/she needs to sew it there. This was idea of a moment when she saw those wonky triangles and they looked like a tree.

Christmas cards

Beautiful Christmas basket! This basket is funny because it’s full of grass. One day Teje thought to pick this ‘antique’ basket from the ground and what she saw – lots of cute greens growing through the bottom …

Hanna is always some where near! I think quilt cards are wonderful way to send Christmas greetings to your friends! If you like to make some but you are not sure how, look our tutorial for mini quilt – coasters.

Hmmm, what else … aaa jes I said about links … I have seen again so many fantastic things to make and sew and some great tutorials! Have a look here:

* Pocket wall organizer made by ‘Sew Lux’ – this is beautiful and practical way to keep your Christmas cards, notes etc!

* Box bag made by ‘Truly Myrtle’ – this is great bag to keep your projects, make-ups etc. You can use fabric or piece of your old favourite pullover!

* Wonky pinwheel block made by ‘Green Leaf Goods’ – this is beautiful and fun patchwork block and I’m sure I shall make many of these!

I’m sure you enjoy all these great tutorials and beautiful blogs!

Something she has managed to do today. I go to have a nap with my girls and send Teje to her corner to continue … who knows what these are supposed to become (?).

We are linking with Lee at ‘W.i.p. Wednesday’!

We all from ‘My Post’ = Nero’s Post, send you armfull of hugs and thank you so much for joining our EPP adventure! Do you read Laura’s blog ‘Quokka Quilts’? Laura is hosting the EPP Travellin blog hop and we were so happy to join that! If not, you could stop by! She’s is so sweet and fun, too! She gave us a good laugh with our Greek feta cheese! Have fun and take care!


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Hi! Tutorial for coasters and mug rugs is ready. When I made these coasters I realized that even it’s so small project, it has all the same basics as a big quilt. I took lots of photos and now I hope that you find this tutorial helpful. If you haven’t made any quilt yet, but would like to try, I hope this little patchwork inspires you to start!

patchwork mug rugs

This time I have made the tutorial so that you can upload or print it. Because this is my first time using this method, I would love to hear your opinions. All the feedback is welcome – if there is anything you think should be explained better or any mistakes, please let me know.

This link will take you to the tutorial:


I made these coasters with small patchwork block. Squares are 2″ x 2 “. There is white around and the backing is white. Binding is double foulded quilt binding.

patchwork coasters

First coasters I made, where with raw edge applique. I had made the ‘Butterflies’ quilt and it gave me idea to use that theme also for coasters.

coasters with butterflies

There is endles way to make these tiny quilts! Fabrics, prints, colours, binding, quilting … all these change the look!

raw edge applique coasters

I made the tutorial with the patchwork block, but it’s very easy to make also something with raw edge applique. Just take a piece of fabric, cut any picture or shapes you like, and stitch them around as you like.

butterfly coasters

If you are interested about tutorial for raw edge applique, please let me know and I shall make that, too.

applique coasters

Enjoy making mini quilts and coasters!  If you make some, I would love to see them!

Have a wonderful time and hope to see you soon!


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Hi and welcome! Here we are again in Sunday afternoon! When I was finding the right order for these little squares it reminded me about Patience. We used to play that at the computer before I started to quilt … and hb still does – he didn’t start quilting …

'Patience' mini quilt

It took enough time to find right place for all these patches. Several times I had to mix all of them and start from the beginning till there was no patch left over.

hand quilting

This time I wanted to make the quilting also a little bit different and I stitched by hand a lot on the frames. It gives really nice three-dimensional feeling and beautiful shadows.

colourful patchwork

All the members of my quilt guild were there to help with photo shooting!

dogs and quilt

Nero wasn’t so interested – he had eyes and nose only for Foxy! Poor boy has to go again to the vet because the infection in his foot doesn’t stop. I guess there might be a small piece left from a dry thorn. “I don’t want to go to the doctor”!!!


Sorry Nero, I have tried everything and can’t do anything else by myself.

mini quilt

For the frame I chose the linen and white, because I wanted it to look like a framed painting.

wall hanging

Here it is on the outside wall but it will look the same inside – our walls have been made using only big stones.


I want to show you one of the cutest pincushions … do you like travelling … camping … LOOK HERE!

I shall be linking with my usual party friends: ‘The Handmade Parade’ ‘Manic Monday’ ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Linky Party Tuesday’,    ‘Eat Grow Sew’, ‘Threading my way’, ‘Made by Me’ !

Thank you for your visit and all sweet messages you have wrote to me again!!! I wish you lovely Sunday evening and wonderful week!


PS. I fixed the dog’s couch … and over it, next to my computer, I shall hang this new mini quilt!

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Hey guys!!! Nero here, again! I have so exited news to you – my dear blog friend ‘BUNK THE PUG’ is hosting a contest: “Easter Egg Hunt”! Yeeeeh!!! And guess what … I am a sponsor – wooow that sounds really impressive!


Bunk was asking if I would like to join the fun and I’m always ready for a game! Egg Hunting … that is going to be fun! So we are joining by giving a gift card to our shop ‘TEJESARITA’,  and if you find all the eggs and are really quick, you can win really good prizes!


I am wondering where he has hide those eggs … we have so many birds in my garden, that I think I could find many, many eggs … or is it too early … birdies are still fixing their homes so I guess they are not quilt … I mean quite ready to have eggs. You know that we love birds! When we tried to think what to send to our friend to thank her about the presents she sent to us – it became a bird again!

applique bird

We made this little quilt with bird in the garden because we know that Lori loves nature!

bird mini quilt

And behind the birdie is hiding in the leaves …

Because we had just found our first amazing sea glasses and some shells from the beach, we add few of them, too …

I haven’t been on the beach for a long time, because … hmmm there are often other dogs and I don’t like that … so I just show you what Teje saw on the beach …

art on the beach

Art of nature – I’m wordless!

So now what … I think it’s better you go for the ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ because the contest has already started. It’s not too difficult and you can win some really great things! Go go Go go now!!! I will support and engourage you! GOOD LUCK!!! You find the button also on my sidelist! 

What about sewing? We have done something … finally … we just needed some special colour and of course few other basic materials. Can you guess what we have finished?

I give you a hint: it’s the green! And look we got also a great idea for a patchwork – splash spots!

I shall link at Quilt Story’s  ‘Fabric Tuesday’!

Last time I showed to you the orange-white mini quilt and I was just amazed about your wonderful comments! Thank you! Thank you! You are just the best ever friends! I’m so happy that you shared your thoughts about those rhombuses and teached me that they are ‘drunken squares’ – isn’t that fun! and parallelogramms, that’s greek by the way, that’s why it’s so difficult word!

Now I think I need to rest a little bit after all these human words and maths …

Hugs and kisses! NERO & TEJE

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… me me me – it’s my turn to write! Vof vof, it’s Nero here! Welcome my friends! Today I want to show you what we have been doing here in my ‘post and patch’. I’m not sure if these are rhombus … I thought ‘loxagons’ sounds more fun, but I was told that there can’t be a word like that. You tell me what you see here …

'Parallilograms' mini quilt

But first I show you something that I didn’t do – this mess!

These are thread scraps, if you didn’t know. They will be bird’s toes, dog’s ears, mouse’s moustache and this & that. And their life starts from here …

I love balls and playing and this doesn’t look fun at all, so I played a little bit …

I learnt that these are not for playing but for quilting – I know what that is – when people play with these balls they say they quilt?! If They like to play something else they take threads like in my next photo, and they say ‘sew’ (or chew?). In Finland they ‘ompelen’ and in Greece they ‘ραβω’. If you know other words for this game, please tell me, because I know only Vof and Grruff!

These are all cotton, except the orange.

And now I show you something strange – doesn’t look like the threads I have seen here around …

Vintage bobbins! Yeee – I’m so happy to have these, even I’m not allowed to play with them! I was told that these are very special and treasure! I guess because our dear friend gave them to us – Thank you so much Marion!

vintage bobbins

It’s now so great to be outside! Sun is shining and today it’s windy which means that I get exiting smells from the neighbourhood. Here I am with my dear Foxy …

… hey ! you bad bee, don’t go to bite my Foxy! …

… sorry, I was supposed to say: ‘Ta-daa-da-daa’ … or how it goes? Little orange quilt is ready! And I have named this ‘Drunken Squares’ – thank you Lady Caroline, my furry friend,  (zooperson) for your lovely comment and help for the name!

mini quilt with orange and white

These special patches are from the ‘Orange Stones’  hexagon quilt and we made ‘loxagons’ or rhombus and then played with fat cotton threads.

Behind you find small pockets for goodies … no? … for hanging?! okey – anyway too small pockets for my treats.

This mini quilt is a wall hanging and table mat – as you like and where you like! Also this could have mug rugs or coasters to match.

mini quilt with orange and white

Thank you for joining me today! I enjoy telling you stories and reading your stories and messages! Thank you so much for them!

We all here at my Post, wish you WONDERFUL WEEKEND! Play a lot with your threads and patches and especially with balls!!!

Hugs and kisses from NERO, HANNA, FOXY AND TEJE!

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