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Hello and welcome to knit ‘Cloudy Cowl’ with me! The cowl is finished and we had once again lovely day to take photos in the garden with Nero and Hanna.  Nero, you may start our tutorial …

I have used for this cowl yarn which is very light and fluffy and with this pattern it makes wonderful cowl.  I used needles size 8 (English 0) to get very loose knitting. Normally for this yarn I would have used 5 or 6 size needles. Yarn is from my ‘old store’ so unfortunately I can’t say exactly what yarn it is but you can use any yarn you like. Choose the needle size and number of loops by your yarn.

I show you how I have knitted this cowl-cape and you can very easily change the size and use any kind of yarn, as you prefer. Please, Hanna show us how this cowl can be weared …


This cape is very comfortable! There is no front or back side, use it as you like! Also you can gather it more around your neck or your can leave to cover more your shoulders. The knitting pattern I have used, is very elastic so you can give it a shape as you like.

The piece I have knitted is 14″ x 37″ = 35 x 95 cm. I have used two colours but you can choose any colours or just one as you like.  I made first 51 loops and then knitted by the following pattern.

The number of loops can be as many as you like, but if you like to have the same beginning on both sides, the number of loops should be divisible by 4 + 1. 

I made a small test piece for you so you can see the pattern well. For this piece I made 23 loops. That means {5 x 4} + 1 which you need to finish the row, and 1 + 1 for the edge loops. I make always in the beginning and at the end of every row 1 knit.

knitting pattern

1. row: 1 knit, *3 knit, 1 purl*. Repeat from * to * till the end of the row and 2 knit.

2. row: 1 knit, *3 knit, 1 purl*. Repeat from * to * till the end of the row and 2 knit.

Just repeat these two rows till your piece is about 37 ” = 95 cm, or as long as you like. If you make your piece longer the neckline is going to be bigger and if you make it shorter it makes the neckline smaller.

This pattern is my favourite! It’s simple and quick to knit and depending of the yarn we use, the texture can change very much.

When you have knitted your piece, sew the other end on the side as you can see in the following photo …

Here you can see again where the seam is …

I’m sure this is going to be my favourite cowl for this winter and I’m already thinking what other yarn to use to make an other one! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and find it easy and helpful! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask – I am more than happy to help you!

Thank you for visiting us and joining our knitting moment! I would love to hear what you are knitting or if you knit a cowl!



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Hi everyone! New week again – I hope great one! At least no storm or thunder and even sunshine … to wash laundry. I am knitting a cowl and I think I shall name it Cloudy Cowl because it’s bluffy and soft like beautiful clouds. But the colour is exactly the turquoise from the sea …

knitting a cowl

When visiting Finland in spring, I still found lots of yarn – from me, my sister and my mom. Only few came with me but more came with friends at the end of the summer. I had in my mind to make a crochet cowl because Avis is making a beautiful stripe blanket. But I wasn’t happy with my yarns and colours (those which were suitable for crochet). Then I saw these yarn balls and knew that they will be my new cowl. I was hoping to get two cowls, one turquoise and one light pink.

knitting a cowl

There was only one ball in both colours. I couldn’t know how far they will take me, so I just began and thought we’ll see … of course one wasn’t enough. Usually I like to match and mix colours but this time I took brave dicision and just continued with the second colour. This was also the easiest and quickest way to make the cowl. If I had started to make a plan how to mix the colours, it would have taken much time. Now in few late evenings I have knitted more than half. I am planning to write a simple tutorial at the end of the week. This is easy and quick way to make a lovely cowl and there is still time to knit it for a Christmas present!

knitting a cowl

I have been so delighted to hear that you liked my tea cosy tutorial! Thank you for your sweet words! If you subscribed to the newsletter after it was published, you can see all Cindy’s newsletters in her blog ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’. My tutorial is under the ‘November 2012’. And to find beautiful fabrics to make your tea cosy, go for shopping to ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’ fabric shop!

One day after the storm the scene over Chania was this! Like a spaceship was going to land! It looked really amazing, so strong light through the dark clouds!


Lots of rain and still warm temperature helped my poor rosies and now they are flowering.

beautiful rose

It’s orange time! Who could believe that in one month we have Christmas and the magic Christmas Eve has already passed! Clups – I should be with my sewing machine …


Jennifer from ‘Ellison Lane Quilts’ is hosting a great event ‘Deck The Halls’– every day one blog is showing one tutorial and has a give away! Ideas and inspiration for your Christmas sewings!  You find the button also from my sidelist so you can easily visit every blog-stop!

So hop hop – you and me – to make presents and cards!!! I just wish that these were fabrics … paper napkins from my Marimekko collection!


Thank you for your visit and for your always sweet comments! I enjoy so much changing thoughts and ideas with you! See you soon with the ‘Cloudy Cowl’!


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Something on a sunny Sunday – Hi everyone! Did I say something about socks last week? I had to take my cool summer dress again because it’s summer here!

Orange is good but I wanted also green. Green and turquoise are good, too! They are quite a nice couple!

Have you entered or visited ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’? I have seen there so many beautiful, interesting and inspiring quilts! It’s great to see quilts from friends (“ah, that I have seen, it’s hers”) and to find new blogs and talented people! I saw some quilters that I remembered they had last spring fantastic quilt and now I was happy to meet them again!

My latest project has been something related to these tea cosies, but can’t show you yet …

Nero and Hanna eat they salad every day. They enjoy having all the soft and fresh grass after those rainy days we had last week.

When ever it’s sunny, Hanna enjoyes her sun baths!

My sweet girl! She had a shampoo bath also yesterday and now she is so smooth and smelling so good!

I hope you don’t remember that one year ago I started to knit ‘Rainbow’ jacket … because I never made it. If you haven’t read that post, there is also a funny ‘scrap’ pillow that I really like. It’s in a new home … I should make a new one!

About the jacket … I was asked about the yarn and it’s from Finland. It’s from famous Finnish company NOVITA. Unfortunately their site is only in Finnish and as I saw they sell online only in Finland. Perhaps I should tell that there are many knitters who would like to order abroad?!

So I didn’t manage to knit the rainbow jacket. I started it many times but never the pattern felt right. I am also sewing so much lately that there is not much watching tv with a knitting. When I was in Finland last spring, I bought natural colour yarn for a jacket (from Novita again). Their, biggest in Northern countries, yarn factory is in my town. I sarted to knit it straight away in the spring but then it got too hot … can you imagine that I used to knit all the time? If I didn’t have planned next project when the other one was coming to an end, I got panic! Now I need fabrics and my quiet corner. But about this newest yarn … here it is …

After several tries I created this simple pattern. First sleeve is going well … my lovely project paper-bag from Novita … I think I shall spend my Sunday afternoon knitting in the garden …

My give away is still open HERE!

Thank you for your visit and for all the adorable, sweet comments you have wrote! I want to say big thank you also to all my readers and followers – you make this worth of effort! I’m so happy that you like my new ‘Butterflies’ quilt and that it has given inspiration to you!

If you see me ‘no-reply’ it’s a wordpress-blogger issue and I hope you take the time to write me an e-mail, if you have any questions or just want to say hi or what ever you have in your mind! my e-mail is nerospost(at)gmail(dot)com, it shows also in my sidelist after my photo. I love to hear from you – new and old friends and followers!



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Hi everyone! After a brake it’s not so easy to jump to the train again … so I started to knit socks that I had promised to my friend last autumn! Also I’m in something new to me … English paper piecing and a Bloghop!

Last summer my Finnish friend brought me this adorable rainbow yarn for a jacket and I said when the jacket is finished, I’ll knit her socks with the left overs. No jacket yet, but at least socks I have to make now.

I just finished this sock and the second one is going on. Perfect project to start autumn!

The other exiting project I’m starting, is going to be English Paper Piecing! yes … my first ever paper piecing! My dear blog friend Laura from Quokka Quilts, invited me to join a bloghop! … my first ever bloghop, too! 

Laura has so great ideas – last autumn she invited me to join a blog party to make a mug rug which has something to do with my country. I had to decide which country and I chose Finland and finally I made two mug rugs … and they became a little bit bigger … more like place mats because I wanted to make pictures …   ‘Summer in Finland’ and  ‘Autumn in Finland’! This is autumn in Greece – olive trees full of little olives (every day bigger and bigger) and white clouds on a blue sky!

Laura had again just perfect timing because I didn’t know exactly how to start to sew again and also because for me autumn is  always the best season for new beginnings and to start new things! First I thought oh, how on earth I’ll manage to start paper piecing, but after searching a little bit around the links she gave, I started to be really exited! Now even at night I think pieces of papers and what fabrics to choose!

Laura and Katy are hosting ‘The Travelling PicStitch Bloghop’. Their idea is that we choose photo (perhaps from the place we live) and make a colour palette from that. Then we pick fabrics with those colours. With EPP = english paper piecing method we shall make a rose/star block. I have already made lots of colour palettes and can’t choose which one to use! You can make colour palettes for example here.

Visit Laura’s blog to find more details, inspiration, helpful links how to make blocks by English paper piecing, how to make colour palettes and to see what amazing presents there are waiting for us! If you would like to join the bloghop, please contact Laura and ask if there are still available dates.  My date is in November … I thought I need lots of time for this … but guess what … I have already made my first templates! I’m not sure yet if that is going to be my final block – I’ll see how it goes when I start to sew. I thought it’s better to make templates first with hard paper and later if I get hooked with this, I can order good plastic templates.

Jessica from ‘Life Under Quilts’ has made really good, easy and fun video how to make English paper piecing.

Today I happened to see a fantastic puzzle quilt and thought you would like to see it, too. I love puzzles and I think this would be great way to make one! Visit ‘Helping Little Hands’ to see how great and easy idea Polly had to make a Jigsaw Puzzle baby quilt!

We had first rain two days ago! as you see earlier, but now it’s summer again! Perhaps some clouds but they look also amazing with the sunset!

Thank you for joining me today and also my warmest thanks for all your comments! They have been so important to me these last days and I’m so happy to know that You are there! I wish you already wonderful weekend and hope to see you very soon!


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Hello my Dear Friends! We have had few days spring and today it’s almost summer! In the shadow  +20 and in  the sun perhaps +26 or even more! But I want to tell you about yesterday … also the most beautiful and warm day … with a present travelling from far away! My I show you my new Knitting Dolly …

knitting dolly

Have you seen these or perhaps had one when you were a child? I had never seen these dolls (I don’t think that I could have forgot it so totally if I had) … till my dear friend Lori had them in her blog a while ago.

knitting doll

Lori is writing a beautiful blog with amazing photos ‘lori times five’! I really love her photos, stories, knittings and crafts! She is also the most sweet person – I couldn’t believe when she wrote to me and said that she wants to send me a knitting doll!

But here it is and in the sweet packet followed by this beautiful card!

knitting doll

I love that box – to keep me busy …

Lori wrote in her card that she have add something else in the box. Can you see something wrapped in the flower paper? What it could be … sea glass!!! I have never found or had sea glass and I was so thrilled! My first sea glass and from California! Thank you so much Lori!!!

sea glass

They are just so beautiful as this unique card with the most sweet message!

So about the knitting doll … but first I like to show you who helpped me to open the envelope. I new that my cute friend would love to help! And today she led me to a treasure! But that’s an other story and have to wait till next time …

Because I had never knitting doll, I had to look the tutorial how to knit with it. Lori had a link to good video how to use knitting doll in her post.

If you are a knitter, I’m sure you would like to see Lori’s great tutorial how to make a pocket to your knitted jacket (after you have finished the jacket/sweater or to an old one)!

Something I managed to do, even my helper tried to fix it, too.

This is really fun and I believe also good way to relax. If you are like me that you need to do something all the time, you can just sit, play with your doll and yarn and let your thoughts fly.

Nero had his opinion … don’t play only with that doll …

It is so nice outside that I think I go to play with Nero!

Thank you for stopping by, for your wonderful messages and I was so happy to hear that you liked my ‘Parasols’ mini quilt! Enjoy the spring and take care that you have always pockets for treasures! ?! If you are wondering why, please read the most sweet and best ‘pocket story’ by Lori!

Today I was lucky to have my jacket and pockets, even it was so warm – only my pockets were not enough!?!

See you next time on the beach!


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Hello everyone! I hope you are and not feeling as cold as we are! It’s about +3 degrees and if it’s not raining it’s hailing! So what can we do … stay inside and sew and crochet! I happened to make flowers – with fabric and with yarn!

fabric flower with scraps

This is my latest work with scraps from my fabric stash. I tried not to have any orange this time … but I guess that’s not possible for me!

My first idea when starting this, was to make it circle and frame it like the ‘Sunshine’ circle. But during the work I realized that this didn’t like to stay around and the size for that frame so I changed my plan.

I wanted to make a frame with dark blue fabric to add some stronger colour and then I attached my ‘fabric painting’ to a painting canvas with wooden frame.

fabric painting

And here you are … my fabric painting. Maybe I start to miss painting because lately pictures are so often in my mind! If you like to see how I made a scrap flower for a notebook, click HERE.

I am linking with my friend Kati at ‘From the Blue Chair’! She has a wonderful link party engouraging us to use our fabric stash! And she makes fantastic quilts with amazing colours!Also I am linking with my friends Megan and Heather’s ‘Fabric Tuesday’ at ‘Quilt Story’!

The light is absolutely not enough to take photos, because our weather is really really cold and rainy. Today it was even hailing a little bit.

 I do hope we get some sunlight soon, so that I can have decent photos for my shop.

Just for a while it was not raining and I asked nicely if Nero would like to be a model. I’m happy he agreed to wear this girlish flower scarf …

knitted scarf with crochet flowers

Fortunately I found a little bit purple yarn which is the same as this green. With the purple yarn I fixed my old knitted jacket if you remember – some grannies and crochet lines to the sleeves. I love these colours!

I would like to tell you that my friend Kelly from ‘The Blue Bird Sews’, is having a great link party! The subject is our online shops – talking about everything about selling our crafts, where, how, inspirations etc. etc.

And because after a while I have some knitting and crochetin here, I’m happy to link with Andrea, Linda and Beth!

olivegreen colour knitted scarf

 With this bucket of flowers and leaves I leave you to dream about spring! I hope you have something beautiful and warm to cheer you up during these cold days! Thank You again for your wonderful comments! It’s always enjoy to read them!

Hugs and Kisses!


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Hello my Dear Friends! I hope you are fine and enjoying your weekend! We have the most cold and rainy time here in Crete and I’m so happy to have my new scarf almost finished …

'Olives and leaves' knitted scarf

I just loooooove this colour mix! In live they are a little bit more green colours – like olives and olive oil. I had olives and their oval shape in my mind when I was thinking how to knit a scarf. I started perhaps 6 times again and again, till I finally continued with this version.

When I have made the last finishing, I will show this scarf better … there are leaves and every second leave is with ‘right’ side and every second with ‘wrong’ side.

You may remember the fingerless hand warmess I made a while ago. They have been very usefull!

I have been quite busy lately and I want to apologize my dear friend Benta, that I haven’t showed her beautiful present earlier.  I received this beautiful, surprise bag from Benta for a while ago! Thank you so much Benta! I found Benta from the Blogger’s Quilt Festival about 2 years ago and since then we have been keeping in touch! Benta has a great blog ‘SLIK STITCHES’ with beautiful quilts and other sewings! I love also this fabric she has used!

Today has been a sad day with tears loosing our old friend but also a day with smiles meeting my new friend and her cute dog. Perhaps it’s the right time to introduce to you my new golden friend …

I went to meet her mom today and this sweet darling were waiting me on the door! She is just so lovable girl and she helped me to forget the sad things!

Baby art? I couldn’t find an other way to name something really beautiful I saw today …

I was trying to write a post for few days, but couldn’t find ‘the right’ moment. Today I thought that perhaps it was ment to be like that because today I saw something really wonderful in the internet which I know you love to see! I met (her blog) ADELE EMERSON from Finland! She makes adorable, un expected baby art?! This link will take you to the ‘about’ page in her blog and there you can see small video showing her art! You will love this!!! She has also a new book! Please go to see that because it is really something lovely with a baby, fabrics and beautiful imagination!!!

We hope with Nero that the wind brings to us some better days, warmer weather, lots of sunshine and soon spring!

Thank you for your visit and all your lovely comments! Hugs and Kisses!


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