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Goooood Mooooonth to everyone !!!

Golden Retriewer

Today we have a special guest to announce our give away winner! And the winner for the My Memories Scrap booking software is … ANNE !!!  Anne is our Norwegian friend from Oslo and she writes beautiful blog ‘Quiltefia’! Anne is knitting beautiful jackets and jumpers and she also sews fantastic quilts, bags and much more! Congratulations Anne!!!

Golden Retriewer

Thank you ‘London’ for your help with our give away! ‘London’ is a Golden Retriewer and the sweetest girl! She is always happy and smiling and I’m  happy to spend some time with her now and then. Here we stopped to take few photos on our morning walk. In the summer ,early in the morning, the light and colours are fantastic and London loves the beach! She loves to swim but enjoyes also just sitting there, watching and smelling the sea.

beautiful fabrics

I think I’m a stash builder?! What’s that? Of course someone who builds a stash = collects fabrics! If you like to make patchwork and quilts, the more fabrics in different colours and prints you have, the better! These just came from Cindy from Fluffy Sheep Quilting! I love them and can’t believe I didn’t have any polka dots in my stash!

polka dots

New project is beginning and you will hear all about that as soon as it’s ready! And more fabrics … these are souvenirs from Cypros! Would you have prefered parfum or chocolate?

canvas fabrics

These are canvas – perfect for bags, pouches, fabric baskets etc. And ‘writing’ – I have wanted fabrics with letters and text! There are some antique cars, old ships, coffee cups, tea pots and lots of text! Oh Nelli … I didn’t have yet time to hang the ‘Butterflies’ quilt and look who found it …

cat on a quilt

She loves to be up there and look what we are doing downs stairs.

Cretan olives

Very soon it’s time to collect olives. This year our trees are so full of them. Olive trees make olives once an year and usually every second year they are full full and every second year there are less olives.

Kalathas beach in Chania

Beach starts to look empty even yesterday was a perfect swimming day! We had +30 C and south wind with bright blue sky! today clouds and strong wind; rain is coming.

I want to send my warmest thoughts and prayers to everyone even remotely touched by the storm Sandy. It has looked scary and terrible in the news and I can’t imagine how difficult it is for the people living there.

I hope you have a good November! Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comments! Thank you also our new followers (Nero’s and mine) – we hope you enjoy your visits here!



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Vof vof friends!!! I have a birthday!!! I’m now 8 years …  for a big dog like me it means that I am very adult now. But I don’t show it … I start my morning  with playing and making happy jumps! This week we finally played also with some fabrics and made some english paper piecing!

english paper piecing

It’s our first time and can’t say it’s too difficult but it takes very much time. First to make your templates if you don’t have them ready. You can order them but I thought it’s better to make them by myself for the first time because I didn’t even know what shape or size I finally want to use.

templates for paper piecing

For me the most difficult part was to choose the fabrics. I just don’t have enough fabrics and colours in my stash! I want to go for shopping! (and I went but more for that when they arrive).

paper piecing

These pieces I have papered = they have the template behind. I used small piece of tape to catch them to keep them on a right place. Kerry from ‘verykerryberry’ makes amazing paper piecing and she used a small spot special glue.

paper piecing

Why I started now paper piecing? There has been so many fantastic paper pieced blocks and works around but I have never found the time (courage) to try. Then my blog friend Laura from Australia invited me to join her Bloghop. Laura writes wonderful blog ‘Quokka Quilts’ and I am so exited about her great idea; so I just had to join!

paper piecing

This blog is darker than I had in my mind and I’m not sure if I’ll join with this or perhaps I’ll make an other one. I just couldn’t find good colour for the centre piece.

I have sewn now all the other pieces, except the yellow triangles and the light blue squares. My blog friend Jessica from ‘Life Under Quilts’ is also very talented with paper piecing. She has made a great tutorial and she said it’s better to sew first all the seams around the centre piece because then you can take the template away and you can fold your work. Like this it’s easier to continue sewing the following pieces.  All the good tips and advices are so important when we start something new!

Chania Greece

In the morning … we have still so good weather, over +30 degrees and sunshine. For most of us who live here in Greece it’s quite tired to have so long time very hot weather. Still I guess it’s better that cold and rain. The light is amazing in the mornings and I enjoy always so much watching the sea.

I want to send special thanks to my blog friends Jane and Mia! I was lucky (again) to win Jane’s give away at ‘Jane’s Journal’! She sent to me beautiful bag charm with sewing theme with blue beads and a special souvenir from the Olympic games! And she had made to us the most sweet and unique card! As a little girl my hair was exactly like that – Jane couldn’t know that – how fun! Thank you so much Jane!!! Have a look at Jane’s etsy-shop for goodies and presents!

Mia sent to us the most sweet coasters! Mia, my Finnish blog friend,  is making beautiful and very unique felted items (bags, pouches etc.) and I’m so happy to have these – they make me smile every day! Mia’s lovely blog is ‘HandmadebyMia’! Thank you so much Mia!!! Have a look at Mia’s etsy-shop for goodies and presents!

felted coasters


… is my cake coming …  better I’ll go to see  …

Nero Shephard

Thank you so much for joining us today and our warmest thanks for all your sweet comments! It is so wonderful to read your messages and to hear from you!!!

Hugs and kisses! See you sooner!


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Hello! I have missed you my friends but my days are really busy now … still some weeks and then it starts to turn to autumn. I have so many ideas in my mind. I have found some time to visit your blogs and have seen so many beautiful quilts and other lovely ideas! I would like to tell and show many things! But today I changed my plans and after thinking better I’ll show you the small quilt ‘Baby Squares’!

baby quilt

This quilt is going to be a present from my friend to a baby girl. I made this a little bit more simple that ‘Baby Stars’ to be able to finish it befaure autumn. Colours are this time more read and orange with some light pastels and the binding bright orange.

baby quilt in orange and white

I thought that you have seen so often my quilts with the same backround at home garden, so one day I took this quilt with me to ‘Maherida’.

quilt with sea view

It is so beautiful place among the olive trees and the sea view. There must have been lots of wine-growing, too, because they still grow from every where.

quilt in an olive grove

You see the bright green on the left side?

baby quilt with squares

I like so much these old wooden gates! Unfortunately we had to take them away and make a new gate. It wasn’t possible to fix them to work. But the new wooden green gate looks also very good and goes well with the garden. I managed to save these old ones for decoration!

Baby Squares

Today except this baby quilt, I have Nelli with me! All our friends have been loosing their fur and I brush and brush and brush … every evening!

One day I thought I need to brush Nelli, too. Our vet told once that it’s good to brush cats, too. Other wise they get too much hairs and hair balls to their stomach and may have problems. For my surprise, Nelli really enjoyes brushing!

brushing cat

Very quickly I had all this hair in my hand and thought to show it to Nelli …

… she thought to taste it … then I made felted ball with her hairs …

It’s very easy to make, because at least Nelli’s hairs felt so easily in a warm hand.

felting with cat hairs

… and again she tasted … I guess it could be an instinct when she smells her hairs, she feels they need to be ‘cleaned’. But maybe she couldn’t understand why that ball smells her because she started to clean her leg …

If you like to see where I have used few felted balls made from Nelli’s hairs, click HERE!

Now I would like to give you few great links to visit:

Ayumi from ‘Pink Penquin’ has made my favourite patchwork block – super beautiful – just amazing! I want to make a wall quilt like that!

Svetlana from ‘s.o.t.a.k handmade’ has made beautiful name tags and has written so funny post about them!

Carol from ‘Naturally Carol’ makes beautiful pillows and aprons, but now she has made a cake that looks so delicious! I’m just waiting to be one day at home to make it!

sunny baby quilt

Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet and always wonderful comments! I’m so happy to welcome also many new friends and followers to my blog! I hope you enjoy your visits!


PS. Still I want to tell you that we had today some clouds! How beautiful they are after 3-4 months bright blue sky! And what a relax for eyes! Also wonderful wind is blowing and it’s the most lovely weather!

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Vof vof vof!! What’s up friends?! Hope you are fine – I am! The weather is great – at night! In the day time it’s still really hot but in the evening I relax outside listening the sounds of my garden … birds on the trees, hedgehog walking around, cats in the neighbourhood and so on. Because here in my blog we like to show always even one craft, I’ll show you this …

lavender pouch

In the evenings when I search my garden, Teje is making lavender pouches. There are now quite many, but still we need to fill them. I show you more later.

This summer my vegetable garden is not full of tomatoes, cucambers, paprikas, watermelons, strawberries etc. This year we didn’t put there anything because we (they) knew that it’s going to be very busy summer. But I found something …


Yeeeee, grapes! Heh – heh, this was few weeks ago, see I was still wearing my toeless sock! I love grapes but then we learnt that they are not good for dogs, so I don’t eat them anymor (only if I find them on my own from the garden).

rose wine

I don’t believe – she bought pink wine! is there really pink wine? I don’t think greek language has pink word for wine. There is red = κοκκινο, ερυθρο  (kokkino, erithro) and white = ασπρο, λευκο (aspro, lefko), but no pink!

Βθτ νεωερ … oups, sorry forgot to change the letters … ment to say, but never mind, if she likes pink. She went to ‘Jumbo’ for pillow firms and we got new toys – pink and blue!

Oh ssshhh, why this happens – again most fun part of my post is missing … I try again …

So here we have just got our new, clean toys …

happy dogs

We had so much fun and Hanna made some great piruets!

playing dog

Look, she has been knitting! No, not she, but she …

spider net

We didn’t disturb her project and she has knitted a huge net during the last months!

We are not very good with not showing what we have done , but we’ll try, because there is something happy next week and it’s sort of related with ‘this’. So we save ‘this’ for then and I show you only a sneaky peaky!

quilt and sea

Thank you so much for joining me today and writing so sweet and special messages! Now it’s again evening and I’m on my way to lie down outside and leave my writer to do some ironing.

Hugs and Kisses!!!!!!!!

PS. Of course linking at ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Link Party Tuesday’, ‘Made By Me’


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Vof – vof – fovvv – vuf!!! Hi my friends, it’s Nero here and I’m really exited  to see you and say few words after a long while! First I want to show what I made today just for you …

Nero's flowers

I send you million kisses with this flower to thank you for your sweet wishes to get well!!! Now I’m fine, still have a thin sock on my foot not to lick it, but the terrible thorn was found under my skin and it’s thrown far away and now I feel so great!!! They gave me the recular vaccination (using the opportunity because I was asleep) and the vet burnt something next to my ear – yach! it smelled awfull and hurt, but I couldn’t move because I was in so deep sleep and felt so tired. But now I’m all fixed and feeling fine and happy – enjoying my days with my sweet girls!

dogs with toys

Everyone loves to play or what! I have my dearest ball – almost as old as I am and Hanna has the knotted rope. She is making happy dancing with that! Foxy enjoyes our company but doesn’t join the game – she is just walking between our legs! Teje is going to play with that box?! She said that it gave her a good idea, but first she has to iron – sorry about the mess behind us – she has set the ironing centre outside.

cinderella shirt

I think you could almost believe if I say that I re-fixed this shirt, because this is super extra easy and so fun! Only problem is that there is no scissors to fit my paw.

Just take your lovely summer shirt and sew patches over it! We chose patches from very thin fabric, that we have used to make a summer shirt few years ago. I love it because it’s like water colour painted and with beautiful colours.

Teje named this ‘Cinderella’ shirt! Those cute tuffels are from very big, thin scarf she bought one smmer and she made a summer shirt from that scarf. I don’t think you have seen it – I have to remind her to take photos because it’s quite fun with lots of tuffels on the down edge and the colour (it’s always about the colour here) is changing from white to ‘stormy’ blue.

New idea on Teje’s table … she was thinking long and hard something … finally yesterday she took some materials and began to try if that idea could work. I like the crochet flower and those ribbons could be fun to play – or no, I want those thread balls!


You know Diane? She is our blog friend and has a really beautiful blog ‘FROM BLANK PAGES’! She makes so beautiful quilts and has always great ideas like now hosting a new party! Idea Party! Doesn’t that sound so interesting and fun. Her idea is to share our ideas = from blank pages = our notebooks = ideas that often remins in our mind or notes but should be shared and done! That happens also here in our creative attic, so we love to join this party! Party button is on my sidelist, so you can visit easily and join the party every Thursday.

'Sunday Special'

I love words and playing – playing with words – even better! There is ‘Silent Sunday’ but do you think I could be silent? so I thought ‘Sunday Special’ sounds fun, too! This is my Sunday Special. I had left this tuff on the floor at night and in the morning when Teje went to wash her eyes, she was looking curiously what’s that on the floor … it is specially beautiful tuff and she kept it. By the way I’m full of those now. I’m brushing my fur every day and I have collect already one paper bag full of my tuffs! I should learn to use vacuum cleaner – I’m told!

This special Bird box is from Emma who send us her amazing jewellery (we won it from her give away). Unforgivably we forgot to show this most sweet box. Thank you again Emma for this most beautiful jewellery! Visit Emma in her lovely blog ‘SILVER PEBBLE’! You can see my favourite jewellery better HERE. There was really funny coincidence with this jewellery. I visited Lucy at ‘ATTTIC24’ and she was telling a sweet story how much she wanted to win this same jewellery! Go to read her post because her story had really happy end – for her and Emma!

Nero and Hanna

What! Did I hear someone said something about Desserts?!!! Sorry now I have to run! I won’t miss my dessert!!!

Thanks for visiting me today and being so wonderful friends! I appreciate how sweet you were when my foot was hurting! I send you huge hugs and kismet kisses!!!


special flower bucket

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Hi! Sunday afternoon … new week beginning again?! I have learnt now that when I’m really busy it’s better to do something that doesn’t need too much concentration …

When I saw these turquoise collars, I knew that now my puppies need new collars! I was again visiting our vet, because Nero was too interested about Foxy?! So little Foxy got injection to calm Nero’s hormones?! Every one (I think) loves turquoise so I thought this time every one gets the same colour.  Other wise Nero’s would be again black and Hanna’s dark red.

I have tried to make plans and think new ideas for my shop and autumn-winter season. But I don’t have time to try if my ideas work, so I can’t continue those ideas. Better to do something else just to rest and leave my mind to relax. And what could be better way than playing with some happy colours …

Always I wanted to make something with tiny, little patches …

… couldn’t stop here …

… it took 3 late evenings …

… to finish the top and now it’s ready for quilting!

Just a short while ago someone was asking about these waves in photos. I’m so sorry but can’t remember and find who it was. I left a comment and said that it happens to me also sometimes with solid fabrics, and here it is now. Hmmm, it doesn’t show in published photo?!  Can we see it here …

A mystery over a mystery! I guess it has something to do with light and how the fabric has been woven.

Patchworks look often so interesting also from the back side! And when the sun shines through them …

Have to say that colours make me happy! And guess what … I shall see these little colour squares every day, beacause it’s going to be a mini wall quilt, placed next to my computer! I confess that I have already quilted some lines … I just couldn’t help myself … yesterday evening after finishing works I gathered my quilt guild (?!) and stitched some lines by hand. That was so enjoyable and looks beautiful!

I know you like to hear more about the quilt guild? There is none here and I was really happy to visit my blog friend Dianne today! She writes wonderful blog ‘QUILTOVA’! She makes beautiful quilts and also she was missing a quilt guild – so as a clever girl – she made her own guild!!! So why not me, too? I gathered my quilting assistants (Nero, Hanna and Foxy) and we had some special quilting guild – quality time all together!!! After many days it was great to sit outside in the late evening! Dogs were lying next to me, listening sounds of summer from the neigbourhood and I was quilting!

Funny thing is that till now I didn’t have time for Pinterest but now I have and you can guess if I’m hooked! I have put the button on my sidelist if you like to see my pin boards … but there is not much yet.

Thank you for stopping by and thousands of thanks for your unique messages! I wish you a great week and wonderful summer days!


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Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy your summer! Today I’m hiding at home with the dogs – inside because for us it’s really too hot to even sit outside. I know when you come for holidays you love this, but having this hot for a long time and working every day is an other thing. Today I like to thank Emma her for amazing present that I won from her give away!

silver jewellery

Thank you Emma so much for this beautiful and unique art jewellery! Emma’s blog is ‘SILVER PEBBLE’ and you leave always with a smile and happy feeling! Adorable and extra ordinary jewelleries which you find also in her etsy shop ‘SILVER PEBBLE’! Beautiful photos from nature, garden and her creations! Emma and her lovely work has just been featured in the ‘Country Living’ magazine!

silver jewellery

I am so in love with this sweet jewellery – absolutely my one and only favourite for this and next summers! Ecxept if I can purchase something else from Emma’s shop! I tried to choose other favourite to show you, but couldn’t – so you just have to see on your own!

I have to admit that it was difficult to get a decent photo from a small shiny jewellery. Now I value even more people who make small items and get beautiful photos of them! One more try …

silver jewellery

So …  I really have been lucky girl lately! I have received so many beautiful, unique and unforgetable presents! I hope this luckyness continues with other things, because there has been unluckyness, too. I had an accident and my car was one week being repaired. Fortunately no one injured in the accident when motorbike hit my car (it came behind the curve on my side – auch!). Also I have now new iron, coffee machine and hair blower – all stopped to work last month! Both of our cars have now new wheeles … so shouldn’t that be enough for a while!

I relax when watching my puppies in the garden, sniffing around, taking care what the other one has found, looking after birds or smelling something delicious from neighbour’s barbeque. Foxy had a bath and now she feels wonderful, soft and smells so good.

sweet little dog

This time of the summer I love evenings … sun gets down … long shadows … busy day gets quiet … moment to sit and leave your mind travel …

artichoke's dry flower

This ‘furry pubble’ is artichoke’s dry flower!

But before that there are so many things to do … like a cool summer dress! Tell me please why I didn’t make a dress in April? I know, then I was too busy with sewing something else.

Here is my desperate try to make a dress in a minute to wear something cool at home. I don’t have any pattern for this. Just saw one dress like this and try something. If you won’t see any dress later, this may have become butterflies …

making a summer dress

… something like this … or …

At least the fabric is perfect! I love white and turquoise and I think I shall use here some solid white, too.  But to wear this means that I need to hurry. Tomorrow is again full program, so hop hop!

My dear friend Mia, from Finland gave me ‘Sunshine Award’ a while ago! Thank you so much Mia! I do hope I can share some sunshine! But even there is not so much sunshine in Finland as there is in Greece, still Mia’s posts are always sunny and happy! I think most of you know her and the adorable, unique felted bags and purses she makes! Birds, cats, lady bugs, flowers … If you haven’t visited Mia’s lovely blog ‘HANDMADEBY MIA’ or her etsy shop ‘HANDMADEBY MIA’, it’s time! Also from Mia you find always smile and happy mind!

Thank you so much for stopping by and writing so sweet comments! I do appreciate that you tell your thoughts and what you have been doing! Enjoy and have fun! Hope to see you soon!


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