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Hello again!!! I’m happy to see you! Thought to say you just quick hello with few photos …

This is from my garden. If there is not so many kind of flowers those geraniums loves to grow here! For the white I don’t know English name but it is a big bush an flowers this time. Great colours white – red  – blue!

Today we were at work with Hanna. She is so good company. When she was there first time, she was all the time worried, but now she has realized that I’m not going to disappear anywhere and leave her there alone, so she walks around and feels comfortable.

We had a nice sewing session and lunch brake outside.

Then I was going around again in every home, doing this and that and Hanna was sleeping front of the ‘Dahlia’ …

If you like to see photos I took from ‘Dahlia’ today, click here: ‘Maherida’ Holiday Homes!

I have found one new (for me) really wonderful sewing blog! If you would like to have a biiiiiig smile – and who wouldn’t – visit Carol and her blog ‘mamacjt’! She is sewing and quilting amazing things and also she writes with a lovely humour!

Now I leave you with the purple sky – just now outside front of me!

Have a lovely time and see you soon! Next it’s all about quilting because tomorrow begins THE GREAT BLOGGERS QUILT FESTIVAL – JIIIPPPPIIIIII  !!!!

You find the ‘button’ from my sidelist and you can click HERE to learn more about the FESTIVAL!



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Hello all my dear friends! I have missed you – one week without writing to you!

Easter week was extra busy! We had a big dinner party – more than 50 people – friends and relatives. Now we are almost back to normal every day rutin.

When I came back home today, Hanna had missed me. She was more than happy to be a model when we took out some patchwork blocks. When I started to think a quilt, where even my dogs would be allowed to lie, I picked this old brown fabric and simple white to clear it.

I don’t like much that brown but it’s perfect for making different blocks and testing and learning new ones. And with white – I may even like it a little bit.

I haven’t made any patchwork or even one block for a while and I miss that. These I have made perhaps last month … it was nice just to see them and remember that ‘there they are’! I like the shape of triangle and square.

This beautiful purple-green bush is called here ‘Thrumbi’. It smells like oregano and grows wild. We have it in many places in the garden and this time it’s full of tiny flowers and it has wonderful smell. I wish again I could send you that smell! 

Would you like to go for a quick walk to the beach? Today at work we thought to have a walk to the nearest beach to take few photos.

Here we begin from the road front of ‘Maherida Holiday Homes’ …

This area is ‘Maherida’ and the name of this small beach is also Maherida. In 5 minutes we were on the beach – slowly walking, no running …

I just love the colours all around this time of the spring! Nature’s patchwork!

This beach is really small bay and if you continue walking other 5 minutes you reach the second bay of Maherida.

During the winter the sea is often rough and storms and big waves bring all kind of things to the beach … unfortunately mostly rubbish … but if you are lucky you may see something interesting …

I found this rope!  … then back to work … all the walk took only 15 minutes …

New nameplate and the gate are on their place … come to see how it looks in the garden of our ‘Holiday Homes’!

In the morning the sky was gray but finally we had the most beautiful, sunny day!

There is more than 100 olive trees around us! We have put some geraniums around. Two homes are now ready for holiday guests and when I finish the other two, I shall plant more flowers and some herbs.

Do you see the rope I found? It’s quite big! This became also a big post … but what can I do … I needed to have some patchwork  here and I wanted to show you around my work!

Thank you for visiting us! I ‘steel’ every free moment to visit you, but have not always time to write a message. I’m sorry for that. Still I like you to know that I have been there! You have wonderful Easter posts with beautiful photos! I have seen so many new adorable quilts, you have made – how can I ever choose how to make my ‘Dream Quilt’!?



 Ps. For some unknown reason the comments were off – I have ‘allowed’ them now twice – I hope it believes I do want all the lovely comments from my unique friends!!!

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