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Hello my Dear Friends! Beautiful sunny Sunday – what could be better time for a lovely tea time!

tea cosy

I love tea cosies and tea pots! Long time they were ‘troubling’ my mind and many ideas were running around and not only for tea pots … other cosies may be on their way, too. But first thigs first and here you are brand new, happy and unique tea cosy or cozy …

tea cozy

What a fun project this was! I enjoyed making this patchwork and the little tea bag. I’m in fact a coffee person (really) but now I know what you or at least I, need to make a wonderful cup of tea! Yesterday I took all this …

what you need for a lovely tea

Friend of mine brought me while ago this tea from Finland. I boild hot hot water, warmed my tea pot hot, add the tea and waited … then add Cretan honey (the most delicious and healthy) to my beautiful tea cup (treasure from my trip to England long time ago) and then poured  this adorable tea to my cup … what an enjoyable tea time that was!

tea pot and cosy

Because I have many dear friends from England and you are absolutely specialist for making tea, I would like to hear your tips! Do you have any practical tip how to empty those tea leaves from your tea pot? Jane at ‘Jane’s Journal’  from England was the only one who guessed in my last post what I was working on.  10 points and the parrot mark goes to Jane!

fabric tea bag

This wonderful tea I got, is from ‘Pentik’. I should have told you about Anu Pentik in spring when I returned from Finland but … any way … Anu Pentik is a Finnish artist and she has a gallery-shop in my town. It used to be in the next town but now all the next towns are together so it’s in my town. Anu Pentik started with ceramic but during the years she has made all kind of art and now the company is big with all kind of products! Have a look on her beautiful and colourful page HERE! (it is in English too).

Anu Pentik

In this beautiful shop there were two most sweet girls! So polite and helpful, happy and smiling! I asked if I could take photos for my blog and they were happy to hear that I live in Greece and write a blog. I’m so sorry girls, that I haven’t shown these photos before – I do hope you still sometimes visit my blog!

Anu Pentik

In Pentik collections you can find all kind of things:  fabrics, decorations, bags, kitchen things, dishes …

This was a ‘dangerous’ place but because of the weight limit at the airplane, I was in ‘safe’.

Anu Pentik

When I was finding these photos, I saw that there are still many to share with you from my Finnish trip. So now and then I shall continue my Finnish posts. And here it is the Pentik gallery-shop from outside in very early spring.

Last weeks project was a tea cosy. Oh there is never enough time… I have so many things in my mind that I want and need to do. For example in no time there is the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! When I saw Amy’s first post about that, I didn’t realize what she ment because I couldn’t understand that’s it’s already time for that! And it’s 26.10. – 9.11.2012! Last year I made suddenly a quilt in one week to join the fun. It was ‘Orange Stones’ quilt. Now I have the quilt quite ready, only the quilting is missing and the binding of course. So this afternoon I shall sit outside with Nero and Hanna and at least start to stitch all those butterflies!

tea cozy

I would love to keep this tea cosy for myself, but it is now in my TEJESARITA etsy shop because I want to make many more cosies! Bags has been asked and this week I planned new one. It’s almost ready and this bag has almost everything! Only few moments in the evening and it’s ready. Here you have a little sneaky peaky …

new project

If you somehow happen to be out of inspiration or ideas, have a look  ‘Quilt Inspiration’s’ site and their Pinterest! There you have all the inspiration you need!

You find buttons for the Blogger’s Quilt Festivat and Quilt Inspiration from my sidelist!

Have a wonderful time and enjoy your tea times!



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Hello my Dear Friends! I am busy, busy and quite busy, so now is a good moment for one more ‘My view from Finland’. This time photos from my visit to the most cute small old Farmacy which is now museum – in my home town Kouvola. It is in this lovely yellow, old wooden house.

pharmacy museum in Kouvola

pharmacy museum

finnish pharmacy museum

finnish pharmacy museum

finnish pharmacy museum

finnish pharmacy museum

Thank you for joining me today and having a moment in the past! Did you see those sweet little donats on the tea tray!

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments about my ‘Memory bag’ and old yarn trunk in my last post! I’m so happy you liked that little, special story!

I wish you wonderful week with lots of sunshine and free time to enjoy yourself!!! Hope to see you soon!!!


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Hi! I can keep a secret – I can! but I like this so much that I just need to show you a little sneaky peaky …

quilting in orange and turquoise

… from this you can’t guess much …

colourful quilting

… only that I had a lovely afternoon in the shadow on our veranda with Nelli …

When I was in Finland, I took tons of books from the library … here is some colour therapy by Kaffe Fassett …

… from the early spring of Finland (end of the April) …

Finnish spring

spring in Finland

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! I have been fixing some pots in the garden, visiting many many blogs in the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’ and  quilting a little bit … hope to show you soon more!

I’m joining the ‘Fabric Tuesday’ at Quilt Story!

Sunny wishes!!!


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Hello my Dear Friends! Far too many days have passed and there is still many photos to share from Finland. But as you can guess, after holidays we are quite busy. I know you are waiting to see what I bought … ‘unfortunately’ mainly fabric …

beautiful fabrics

Also Nero is very busy with Foxy … can you believe Foxy has ‘those days’ in her 16’s! She didn’t even have them earlier. Okey, not really a period but still she is the most darling, sweet girl to Nero these days and Nero doesn’t leave her even for a second. Oh those boys!

beautiful fabrics

First visit in the fabric store was looking around and having an idea what they have. I saw these strawberries and stripes and new they are ‘must’. I was happy to find lots of great pieces even there is only one good fabric shop in my town. Kouvola used to be a city of 30.000 people but now after connecting lots of areas around, it has 90.000 people. The centre is still the same, quite small and there are not too many shops. Those big, huge markets build all the time even bigger shopping centres and the main centre of the city is getting more and more quiet. But for me there are many great shops and they have beautiful things.

Marimekko tray

Dear friend and neighbour was so kind to take care of Nero and the girls when my hb was at work, so they wouldn’t need to wait with grossed legs inside. I wanted to give her something Finnish – beautiful but also useful, not to keep only in cupboard. I didn’t find enough colour choises from my small town but I was quite happy with this one. It’s a beautiful tray from ‘Marimekko’ and neutral enough to match with everything.

Finnish pine

How I love this colourful scene – pine in the sun and the blue sky! I was really lucky with the weather. In two weeks only one day was half rainy and the temperature was about +10 – +15, just perfect for me. I enjoyed walking outside with the cotton coat, that I can’t use much here in Crete. Here we have winter and it’s quite cold with the cold and rainy wind from the sea and snowy mountains. After that we have suddenly hot summer – where are the fresh spring and sweet autumn?!

Aalto maljakko, Aalto vase

Famous ‘Aalto’ vase by architect Alvar Aalto! I have it in white and few colourless. My father has also this beautiful green. They are from Iittala. You can see many many other beautiful products on their site. And if you have time visit also ‘WORLD DESIGN CAPITAL HELSINKI 2012’!

from Helsinki

Leaving from Helsinki 06:00 in the morning.

Hmmm … what else … would you like to see my, perhaps first design, pullover that I have made with my mother’s help when I was 5 years old. I found it from the store …

Thank you for joining me today! I was so happy to have you with me on my trip to Finland and to read all your wonderful messages! There are still photos waiting and I shall share them hopefully soon. Now I wish you wonderful weekend and lovely Mother’s Day to you who has this celebration this Sunday!

I want to remind you that the Quilting Festival is really soon! I have add the button on my sidelist, so if you are a quilter and need some information – please click and prepare your enter!


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It’s FABRIC time!!!! Do you recognize these …

Finnish fabric shop

Finnish fabric shop

Finnish forest

quilt in blue, brown and white

… and now I’m sure you would love to have some coffee!!! 

Micky and Minnie set

Surprise – I have managed to pack everything! I have still one day … there is one interesting exhibition …

And you know – today began World Championships Ice Hockey in Helsinki and just now Finland is playing the first game!!!

Thank you so much for joining my journey here in Finland! Thank you also so much for all your sweet and lovely comments! I have enjoyed your company and I have still lots of photos  to show …


Ps. Finland won the first game!!!

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Hello! Happy 1. of May and ‘Hyvaa Vappua’! My trip continues here in Finland and now I have seen also some fabric! – and more fabric news are coming … 


MARIMEKKO is well known and even there are so many beautiful traditional marimekko fabrics, they have also lots of new and modern fabrics. And Marimekko is not only fabrics, they make so many other things, too!


On my way to town-  new & old …

The location of Kouvola has made it important railway city.  All the country has very good railway network. You can take a train from Helsinki and through Kouvola you can travel to East and North even to Russia.

Kouvola's railway

Kouvola's railway

One of my old schools …

Unfortunately art gallery was closed but I found this great painting in the hall …

When I visit my home country, I find always so many different things than at home in Crete … for example this funny cat on the milk …

Finnish milk

Beautiful art and great way to start your morning!


Tomorrow to an other town! Thank you for joining me and for your sweet messages! See you soon again! 


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Hello my dear friends! I have been around in the ‘neighbourhood’,  in my town Kouvola. We have small and beautiful old town with cute, old wooden houses …

Old Kouvola

… many of them are painted with sweet pastel colours … 

Old Kouvola

This is a museo area and some of the houses are small shops, some art studios, small craft shops etc.

I feel that it’s very difficult to take good ‘sight seeing’ photos! It looks every where so empty, but we do have lots of space for only 5 million people.

Old Kouvola

Today I drove till next village Koria …

Between Kouvola and Koria, there are farm houses. This small road is next to the big street and it’s only for walking and cycling.

… old barracks … on my way to ‘Novita’ the big yarn factory. Novita Oy has founded in 1928. In they Koria’s factory they make and dye about 1 million kilos yarn every year! One of the most famous yarn is ‘7 Veljesta’ (=7 brothers).

Novita's yarn

Unfortunately they don’t have anymore that factory shop where I used to visit. In a local super market they had a big corner for yarns and every department store has very good yarn department. Last autumn I missed a good basic jacket and now I found just perfect yarn for that. ‘7 Veljesta’ in light natural colour, 75 % wool – 18 e for a jacket – I’m happy!

Novita's yarn

… colours for you!

Yesterday I spend 2 hours in the library … with quilting books, what else …

Finnish library

This is ‘Kouvola Talo’ (=Kouvola Hall). Here is a music school, exhibitions, place where you can weave or even knit with machine etc.

Kouvola Talo, Finland

More photos and info here KOUVOLA!

Yesterday was a special day to remember and honour those who were in war … we are grateful for them to have free Finland!

Thank you for joining me! I hope to see you soon!


Ps. QUILTING GALLERY has a great weekly contest and this week the theme was wall hanging quilts! I entered with my ‘PARASOLS’ wall quilt. Now it’s voting time – have a look and if you like ‘Parasols’, I would appreciate your vote! Thank you!

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