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Hi everyone! Hopefully you don’t have stress with your Christmas schedule and preparations! I haven’t done any so I thought I could share my earlier Christmas makings because there is still one week to bake coocies, make decorations, sew something …

Christmas decoration

Last two Christmases I have made many needle felted decorations with dog hairs. When I brush Nero and Hanna, I collect the ‘wool’ from the brush. You can make also yarn from that and my mom used to do that. I makes the most warm yarn! But to these balls now …

needle felted balls

You know my sweet Golden Retriewer friend London. When I have been taken care of her, I kept some wool to make Christmas decoration to her mom. I made something very simple and natural. Few branches from cypress, ribbon cutted from fleece, paper ‘ribbon’  and paper cord … two woollen balls … almost like snow balls …


I add also very thin metal wire for hanging and if you like you can add beads etc. for extra festive look. Next photos show one that I have made with Nero’s wool and the materials you need (needle for needle felting and those very light balls). You can make also hearts, wreaths etc.

needle felted Christmas decoration

needle felting with dog's wool

Crochet snowflakes are different project – great one – for those you can find good tutorial from Lucy at ‘attic 24’.

Last year I made little, white Christmas tree which became very famous and loved. It is really cute and easy to make. You can read all the post where I show how I made it HERE.

small white Christmas tree

This year I have been sewing a lot, but not Christmassy things. Last year I made lots of mini-mini quilts, mug rugs, Christmas mats and tutorial how to make them.

Christmas mug rugs

One small decoration I made suddenly and with a moment’s inspiration, was this felted cover for candle glass. HERE you can see how easy it is to make.

felt cover for candle glass

And then lets start to bake … oh I can smell Christmas … my ‘must’ bakings are Ginger Coocies and Christmas Stars. I do hope I shall make them also this Christmas!

ginger coocies

Here you can see the recipe for Christmas coocies and here how to make Christmas Stars.

Christmas baking

Oh how I wish I had now those stars with my afternoon coffee! I have bought all the things I need to make them, so perhaps I shall have tomorrow baking day instead of cleaning!

Every Friday I’m happy to join linky parties at ‘Natural Suburbia’ with Linda , ‘Felicity Quilts’ with Felicity and at ‘Wisdom begins with wonder’ with Andrea! Thank you ladies for hosting lovely parties!

my sweet puppy

When I was looking for these Christmas photos I ran to one with Hanna. I just have show you her sweet face and with this Hanna’s relaxing moment, I wish you wonderful week and do try to relax even I know you are very busy! Thank you so much for visiting my little blog and for leaving always so appreciated and enjoyable comments! See you soon!




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This is the Christmas month – wow! Can you believe that Christmas is already behind the corner and the next month is also next year?!

I had a ‘half idea’ in my mind for something and yesterday when knitting a sock I had some materials front of me to find a way to carry out the small Christmas tree.

Today we had a beautiful, sunny day and I was enjoying my tree-project outside! I like to share with you how I made this tree and what materials you can use.

My idea began from fleece stripes. They were left overs from my latest quilt and I almost throw them away! But at last minute I saw how cute they were and luckily kept them.

For the base of the tree I was thinking to use the conical base from yarn. But just when I was starting I saw the paper tree that I made last year from an old book and didn’t want to keep anymore. So that was the perfect base! Look HERE how to make a paper tree. You can make the base also very easily with paper board.

Here you see what you need – quite simple. I didn’t even use any clue. Fleece is an easy material because it stays well where you put it. But if you think you like to touch and move your tree often, it’s better you use clue to make it more strong and steady.

I catched the beginning like this with a paper clip and then started to roll the fleece stripe over the base. I hade two stripes (2 x 130 cm) and when I continued with the second stripe, I catched it again like this …

When I had covered all the base I closed the top with few stitches …

For the decoration I found felted balls I made last year. I sew them only with some simple stitches, because I may need them again for some other project.

For the decoration – use your imagination! What about pearls, special efect yarn, tiny tassels, tiny felted stars … I think I need to make more trees!

Small white Christmas tree

I want you to see also THESE TREES! This is my next tree-project! So adorable and easy to make! They are made with felt pieces but don’t worry you don’t need to felt. Just use that lovely – too small pullover you washed wrongly and felted – and you will have a beautiful and unique decoration!

I’m linking at ‘My Creative Space’, ‘Fiber Arts Friday’, ‘Creative Friday’, ‘Fibers on Friday’ , ‘Finished it Friday’ and ‘Link Your Stuff’!

Have fun and enjoy this creative season! Thank you for your visit and your always sweet, encouraging comments!


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Vof – vof everybody!!! Jippiiiiii – it’s Nero here and we are celebrating the 1. of May!!! We need balloons … where are my balloons …. ooooh, could this do?!

Few days ago we got a beautiful packet! I need to read the card to see from where it came…

… it’s from Penny and Higgins!  I love presents! Come to see Hanna, we got a present from our dear friends! Thank you so much Penny and Higgins!

We won this present from their giveaway and we will enjoy it everyday! There is this lovely cup, beautiful card and sweets! The cup has the whole Funky Farm!

Higgins is the best dog! He may look small but he is a big character and he loves the garden like me!

He has bunnies in his garden … I haven’t seen ever any bunny… hmmmm … if they are this sweet, I would love to have a bunny friend!

Penny makes adorable felted animals! Visit ‘Planet Penny’ and see all the amazing things she creates!  Sheeps I know and I have some sheep friends. Like to see the cutest sheep – made by Penny! This bunny and sheep are made by Penny!

When Teje returns home, she takes often one small road and usually she doesn’t meet there anyone … but now and then someone else is also going home …

Sorry about the eyes, she was too busy to catch the sheeps and didn’t switch off the flash. Just next to the car window …

Today we are together at home and have some sewing to do. Nothing so interesting … sheets and pillow cases, just plain white … but still it’s sewing! Coffee brake we shall have outside and you can gues what coffee cup we take!

We wish you Happy 1. of May and also wonderful month May!!!

Thank you for being with us today and thank you for your lovely messages! We are always so happy to read your thoughts!


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Hello Sweet Friends!!!

 With Nero we welcome you to read our woollen post! But the most important thing today is to thank you so much for thinking Nero! I’m so touched about all your sweet words about him and advices what could help him! He is happy and playful and I don’t think he has much pain because he don’t avoid any movements. In fact I feel that running is more comfortable than walking for the moment. He takes medicin in the morning and the evening and now he starts also the cod liver oil. He is very happy and that’s good!

Wool is so wonderful material! And beautiful! It gives so soft and facinating look for the colours! Now and then I have made some felting and some tiny things. These qute balls are still waiting the right moment to become ‘something’.

One of the qute woollen balls, in my favorite blue colour,  found the perfect place here.

This is a band to keep the hairs away from the face. I found this lovely idea from Maya. She writes beautiful blog and I love her ideas and natural materials she is using. Sometimes the moment is just right – like when I saw this – I had all the materials ready and also needed this for my too long hair. So in no time I had made this great, practical band.

If you make felted ‘ribbons’, you can create many lovely items with them. The spiral on my hair-band is a ‘ribbon’ like this. Also even you like to use the ‘ribbon’ later for something else, it’s possible because you don’t need to cut it.

This is an other simple way to make a necklace. I like jewelleries – who doesn’t – but also I like simple things with natural materials. Those keramic ‘beads’ I have found from Athens quite many years ago. There was a great shop, big shop, full of things to make jewelleries!

This turqoise is of couse my favorite! It has a special metal item from Finnish ‘Kalevalakoru’.

I have this metallic ‘item’ really long time. Then it was the time we were shirts buttoned up and a ribbon or even a tie. This was for a ‘cowboy style’!

First it had this black ribbon….ooooh how stylish it must have been!?

Now with this felted turqoise ribbon it looks totally different and I like it! I was thinking my dear blog friend Jane…she makes jewelleries for example with silver. She could make something like this! It’s exiting to see how it happens – to make a ring or something else – visit her and you’ll see!

Simple, warm ring for your wrist! Take three ribbons and make them a plait!

Enjoy the wonderful wool – it’s amazing material and you can make so many totally different kind of crafts with this amazing fiber! It’s even beautiful just for a decoration!

I should have shown to you this shawlet for a loooong time ago…but there is always so many things to show…

It’s like when I meet my Finnish friends…we have always so much to say that there is just not enough time…and if we don’t say immediately what we are thinking we forget it and we laugh that we should write down all the time our thoughts and then ask turn to speak.

I have made this shawlet last winter. It’s again with those thin yarns I had for the knitting machine. I have used two yarns together. The main piece is really big and just straigh and I made the crochet part separate.

I found this this crochet pattern from some old Finnish magazine. It was really long way to crochet! 

That was all about wool…today. Shall I tell you still about the lemon pie?

Now is time for lemons and oranges and we have made several times really tasty lemonpie. But…the last time something strange happened … and we just couldn’t take the pie out of the baking tin! We ate as much as possible but then I had to ask our friends to help…

It was really hard work for them but they cleaned it well! Next time I shall find a new recipe!!!

Thank you for spending time with us today and hope to see you soon again!!! Have a lovely,  sunny time!!!


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Hello!!! This is a little bit strange day – on the other hand festive days have passed but still today here all the shops are today closed and it’s very quiet around.

My nose is running so I have good reason to spend my day with knitting and perhaps composing some blocks for the next quilt…last summer I started to make joyful pinwheeles and now I found what to do with them…but more about them some other time…

In the morning we had wonderful and warm sunshine!!! I was out brushing the dogs and took photos to show you my new cushion! I’m really happy how it looks. I named this cushion “Finn Forest”. I don’t make very often cushions and usually I make them simple and easy to wash because I let my furry friends to sleep on the sofa. 

As you know I’m making ‘The Finnish Forest’ quilt just for myself (no dogs allowed to use it) and while stitching that I was thinking how nice it would be with a similar cushion. I thought that it’s time to make something different and perhaps even learn something…

…I was lucky to have a suitable zipper and I put it behind.  Also I made ‘a frame’ to go around and give some form to the cushion.

Those qute clouds and bushes were new experiment…I like them a lot…they are quite nice and funny!

Would you like to see how big this pelargonia is? Last summer one pelargonia was growing up with the olive tree and it was about 2,5 meter high! Not very strong of course and the olive tree was holding it up…but still…I didn’t know they can clime so up!


Now this pelargonia doesn’t have many flowers like in spring when it’s full of them!

I would like to tell you about two lovely blogs…perhaps you know Leona and Fiona, but if not, you should visit them!

Fiona has wonderful blog Hand made by Fiona with so lovely crafts! From Fiona I learnt about the www.bighugelabs.com which is a place to make great things with your photos! For example those photo-mosaics you have seen in some blogs, your own calender and many other things!

Leona’s Quilting Adventure was new for me…full of beautiful patchworks, quilts and lovely fabrics! And if you would like to have some….there  is a great GIVEAWAY! It’s till 7.1.2011!

This year we didn’t change many gifts. Nero has a new girlfriend in Finland and he wanted to send her something. So we thought we could make something together…

Nero was helping with the materials and I did the felting, some stitching, frame…

And this is how it became…we heard that “Ronja’ was smelling so much the packet!

Nero: “You know what…Ronja (she is a beautigul Leonberg) sent also to me a Christmas present!!!…but the stupid postman has lost it…I’m so sad!!!….what can I do…I go to sleep with my dear ball and dream about Ronja!!!”


This was ‘Nero’s post’  for today…now we shall come to visit you!

Linking  in ‘silverpebble’ !

Have a lovely week and see you soon!!!


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Hello!!! Finally we have reach the end of this year and it’s so exiting to begin the new one!!! I hope it brings your wishes, healthy and happyness!!! How fantastic to have again the hole year front of us to create new crafts and learn new things from each others!!!

I had in my mind sewing and knitting things for this post but then I found the inspiration for the special post which has been waiting for a while…

Just before The Christmas my dear blog friend Carol dominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award!!!

Thank you so much Carol! Carol is so sweet person with lots of talent and creativity! From our first contact I felt like she had been my friend long time! Carol writes wonderful blog with beautiful photos and I love the crafts she makes with lovely and sometimes funny fabrics! I’m so happy to have you my friend, Carol!

My first dog was this beautiful, stylish and most lovable Afghan! She was adorable and we shared very important time of my life. I shall always miss her…

I may wake up at night and make plans for my crafts…I think you do the same…

I like to write and type and I had office work for several years….

My favorite Christmas taste is Rice Pudding with Blueberry soup!

I love stitches – in bags, shoes, quilts – where ever!

I don’t like cold and snow…but I miss Finland…

I don’t like mathematic…I do know to count till 15…I just couldn’t leave any of them…

I want to give The Stylish Blogger Award to these lovely 15…16 bloggers  (they are not in any particular order):

Julia – Julia Crossland

Jane – Jane’s Journal

Jacquie – Bunny Mummy

Julie – The knitting and sewing corner

Marion – Marion’s buntehandarbeitswelt

Dorien – Made by Do

Mia – Mia’s Handmade

Emma – Sylvie’s Garden

Bellaboo – Bella’s Country

Anne – Film and Thread

Anja – The sky from my window

Olive – Olive’s paraphernalia

Val – Bella Bag

Angie – Le monde de Sucrette

Sage – Sage’s adventures

Love Stitches

Visit these wonderful blogs and find lovely things, great ideas and lots of inspiration!!!


There are 4 duties to perform to accept the award:

1. thank and link back to person who awarded you

2. share 7 things about yourself

3. pay it forward to 15 recently discovered bloggers

4. contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

Thank you Carol and all my friends and readers for visiting, writing commenst and encouraging me!

I know you love colours! So, for some colour to this Stylish post I’ll show you my ‘Ocean’ bag!

I love bags…and I love to make bags…and believe me I have made quite many in my life! Now I’m so happy because I can make them as many as I like and share them in my Shop!

I wish you The best ever New Year!!!


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“It was a gloomy and stormy night…”

Hello! I hope you have lovely Saturday – what ever weather it is! Finally we have winter and I understad better what you have been through these last days. When it’s months and months summer, you just forget how the cold weather feels – and you miss cool and cold winter with rain…

Yesterday we really had rain…it was raining ice cubes!!! It was so loud that we couldn’t hear other’s voice! The wind has been very strong and the ships stay in the ports. In Athens it  is snowing. In Chania we have + 6 degrees.

Don’t worry, I know you have often enough rain…no need for me to show it…so here is the sun coming out from the clouds…

I can’t send you sun today…but I made one especially for you!

When I made this felting some days ago, I wasn’t sure how I like to continue it…in the sun the colours look so beautiful!

I wanted to do something over it, but also I liked it very much just like that! …I decided to make this an experiment and make another one if needed…

So…now there is some shine in the sun…

…waves on the sea…

…birds on the sky…

…SUNSET… one day I shall give you better photo with the real SUN!

When it’s rainy and cold, it’s better spend your time at home with your friends…

…with your Christmas things…

…to make some more Christmas decorations… Helen has made beautiful things for her tree!

Do you remember the small trees I had made from old books? I happend to see them also here with photos  how to make them!

Thank you all so so so much for visiting and leaving wonderful comments!!! I enjoy reading them and hearing your news!!! I wish you lovely time and I hope this SUN gives you happy light for your winter days!!! 


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