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Hello my Dear Friends! Only few days and it’s the Christmas eve! I don’t have any stress – really! I have enjoyed making all those bags, pouches, baskets, bows … but I really missed patchwork …


After finishing last custom orders, I was staring the mini quilt under my scissors and realized that it looked really dusty and needed washing. Second thought was that I need to make new for the spring. Hmmmm why I should wait till spring … I can have new brightening scissor mat now …


I took scrap box with latest beautiful patches and here we go …


Last Christmas I made so many mini quilts and one of them was this forest. It was in on the wall in the kitchen (too long time) and then under my scissors. I hate that clonck, cl, cl cl …. that scissors make when I leave them from my hands!


You see that for this new one I didn’t make the real binding. I made like I used to do it before I learnt to make the real quilt binding. It’s not good at all and took much more time. What we learn here: don’t be affraid to learn to make the good binding! Here it is the new scissors mat at work …


!!! This is not a commercial – just the most fun half minute brake! I knew I need a new vacuum cleaner but now I know which one! Don’t loose this funny moment! My sister’s friend has picked this super fun link!

And here we are back to sewing … last custom orders has been finished. These are bred baskets.


I was lucky to get some new fabrics – again – I know! But look – they are so perfect for new bags and baskets and for the notes I have an other idea!


You remember last week I cleaned the windows; usually this window is full of Nelli’s nose-stamps. So now I can show you who is looking out from my attic’s window …


It’s sweet, little Violetta who keeps me always company in my sewing attic. Nelli hasn’t realized that Violetta is a mouse so she can sit here and see the garden and card the jar filled with ? how can I call ‘those’ – they are much smaller than scraps! There is a reason why I save them, but I don’t think I shall ever have time for that project. Till then they make a beautiful decoration.


So not much Christmas sewings or decorations this year. I feel that we sort of ‘Skip the Christmas’. Not totally but let it be this year more simple and relaxing. Hanna and Nero (and me of course) are still coming here with our Christmas wishes! I can smell all the coocies, cakes, orange decorations and other goodies you are making! Thank you for so many lovely posts with your preparations! Have a wonderful weekend and see you soon! Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comments!




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Hello hello hello! I wish you good week and thank you for stopping by! Thank you also for your lovely, sweet comments! Welcome new followers – hope to see you often! Sunday is Sewing day or what! Box and bowl theme continues and I made new sewing set.

New sewing set!

This fabric has been waiting to become something special = something I can have somewhere to see often. I thought it’s perfect for a oval storage box. What to put in the box? Sewing things – what else? I used to use a big ceramic bowl for some sewing things, to have them next to tv or outside in summer time. I think this fabric bowl is much better for that! Because I like matching things, sets, outfits with similar colours, I thought I should make also a needle book to match.

sewing set

… and the needle book became a needle case. I needed also small pincushion for pins so better ‘2 in 1’!

pin cushion and needle book

This looked also comfy armchair before I add pins and needles. Idea for a doll-house! I was looking for buttons (too long time for a small detail but it has to be the right one) but I didn’t like to add it under the clock to ‘brake’ the lovely cover, so I made the closing like this.

fabric bowl

Sun is playing with us today! One moment it’s rainy and stormy and then sunshine. I had prepared photographing inside but then it looked so nice outside, that we went out with Nero.

Nero in the garden

Few photos we managed to take before it started to rain again …

fabric bowl

For the binding I was thinking white fabric. Then I tried orange-red with white. Then red with turquoise and pink. But they didn’t look right … I think I didn’t want to pick the red colour for main role. So when I last tried this stripy one (even I thought it can’t suit well because of the green and yellow) it looked the best choise.  I’m happy with that – and it has white which is always important!

sewing set

Almost with all the things I sew, I start to make them for myself, even I’m thinking they could go to my shop. Then if they look good and I’m happy with the result, I put them to my etsy shop TEJESARITA. So even I really thought this sewing set is going to stay at home, I’m more than happy to sell it or make an other one, if you would like to have one!


This needle case was a little bit challenge because it is so little. Lucky me to have small fingers (I think I have small hands?). I have still some custom orders to make before Christmas and I’m waiting from the postman few fabrics for them. That’s why I had time to make something out of my list. So I guess I shall go to check the postbox on the square of our village and hope to find a letter from Cindy and ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’! This ‘clock’ fabric is also from ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’! Lining is made with ikea’s fabric with written numbers.


Thanks again for reading my sewing post and I hope you like this sewing set with a new idea! Hope to see you soon!


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