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Hi! I have translated and checked the pattern for the crochet butterfly. You find the pattern in my new blog HERE!


Original pattern is in Finnish and can be found HERE.

Pattern translated and fixed by Teje Karjalainen ‘Nero’s Post and Patch’

Pattern proof-read and checked by Avis Gordon ‘Oh Sew Tempting’



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Hello and good new week to everyone! I know that you are busy like I am because even we can’t believe it, Christmas is getting closer and closer! I have squeezed a moment from here and there and made a new pouch!

Butterfly pouch

I liked to make something with Christmas colours but something that is for all the year. The beige fabric is mix linen, then there are polka dots from ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’ and inside there are strawberries!

zipper pouch

I have made more crochet butterflies and I like to use them on pouches.

crochet butterfly

I quilted the front and back pieces with fleece and fusible web, to be steady and thick. Backside is one colour mix linen and the size is 7,5″ x 7″.

Butterfly zipper pouch

Today it’s less words and more works but still I have to tell you about the weather … we had very strong and long lasting thunder during the weekend. It was raining so much and I felt it never stops. Finally yesterday it stopped and the rainbow appeared … full rainbow … two gold treasures I hope!


Now our garden is so full full of green! I think very soon we shall have fresh spinach and onions!

butterfly pouch

This Butterfly pouch is in my etsy shop and there are few more with other colours coming on.  So I’ll better go to continue snow pinwheel decorations. Nero said to me also that he wants to be brushed so I go to brush my puppies.

Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet messages! I wish you a wonderful week without rain and thunder!


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Vof vof vof!! What’s up friends?! Hope you are fine – I am! The weather is great – at night! In the day time it’s still really hot but in the evening I relax outside listening the sounds of my garden … birds on the trees, hedgehog walking around, cats in the neighbourhood and so on. Because here in my blog we like to show always even one craft, I’ll show you this …

lavender pouch

In the evenings when I search my garden, Teje is making lavender pouches. There are now quite many, but still we need to fill them. I show you more later.

This summer my vegetable garden is not full of tomatoes, cucambers, paprikas, watermelons, strawberries etc. This year we didn’t put there anything because we (they) knew that it’s going to be very busy summer. But I found something …


Yeeeee, grapes! Heh – heh, this was few weeks ago, see I was still wearing my toeless sock! I love grapes but then we learnt that they are not good for dogs, so I don’t eat them anymor (only if I find them on my own from the garden).

rose wine

I don’t believe – she bought pink wine! is there really pink wine? I don’t think greek language has pink word for wine. There is red = κοκκινο, ερυθρο  (kokkino, erithro) and white = ασπρο, λευκο (aspro, lefko), but no pink!

Βθτ νεωερ … oups, sorry forgot to change the letters … ment to say, but never mind, if she likes pink. She went to ‘Jumbo’ for pillow firms and we got new toys – pink and blue!

Oh ssshhh, why this happens – again most fun part of my post is missing … I try again …

So here we have just got our new, clean toys …

happy dogs

We had so much fun and Hanna made some great piruets!

playing dog

Look, she has been knitting! No, not she, but she …

spider net

We didn’t disturb her project and she has knitted a huge net during the last months!

We are not very good with not showing what we have done , but we’ll try, because there is something happy next week and it’s sort of related with ‘this’. So we save ‘this’ for then and I show you only a sneaky peaky!

quilt and sea

Thank you so much for joining me today and writing so sweet and special messages! Now it’s again evening and I’m on my way to lie down outside and leave my writer to do some ironing.

Hugs and Kisses!!!!!!!!

PS. Of course linking at ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Link Party Tuesday’, ‘Made By Me’


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Vof – vof – fovvv – vuf!!! Hi my friends, it’s Nero here and I’m really exited  to see you and say few words after a long while! First I want to show what I made today just for you …

Nero's flowers

I send you million kisses with this flower to thank you for your sweet wishes to get well!!! Now I’m fine, still have a thin sock on my foot not to lick it, but the terrible thorn was found under my skin and it’s thrown far away and now I feel so great!!! They gave me the recular vaccination (using the opportunity because I was asleep) and the vet burnt something next to my ear – yach! it smelled awfull and hurt, but I couldn’t move because I was in so deep sleep and felt so tired. But now I’m all fixed and feeling fine and happy – enjoying my days with my sweet girls!

dogs with toys

Everyone loves to play or what! I have my dearest ball – almost as old as I am and Hanna has the knotted rope. She is making happy dancing with that! Foxy enjoyes our company but doesn’t join the game – she is just walking between our legs! Teje is going to play with that box?! She said that it gave her a good idea, but first she has to iron – sorry about the mess behind us – she has set the ironing centre outside.

cinderella shirt

I think you could almost believe if I say that I re-fixed this shirt, because this is super extra easy and so fun! Only problem is that there is no scissors to fit my paw.

Just take your lovely summer shirt and sew patches over it! We chose patches from very thin fabric, that we have used to make a summer shirt few years ago. I love it because it’s like water colour painted and with beautiful colours.

Teje named this ‘Cinderella’ shirt! Those cute tuffels are from very big, thin scarf she bought one smmer and she made a summer shirt from that scarf. I don’t think you have seen it – I have to remind her to take photos because it’s quite fun with lots of tuffels on the down edge and the colour (it’s always about the colour here) is changing from white to ‘stormy’ blue.

New idea on Teje’s table … she was thinking long and hard something … finally yesterday she took some materials and began to try if that idea could work. I like the crochet flower and those ribbons could be fun to play – or no, I want those thread balls!


You know Diane? She is our blog friend and has a really beautiful blog ‘FROM BLANK PAGES’! She makes so beautiful quilts and has always great ideas like now hosting a new party! Idea Party! Doesn’t that sound so interesting and fun. Her idea is to share our ideas = from blank pages = our notebooks = ideas that often remins in our mind or notes but should be shared and done! That happens also here in our creative attic, so we love to join this party! Party button is on my sidelist, so you can visit easily and join the party every Thursday.

'Sunday Special'

I love words and playing – playing with words – even better! There is ‘Silent Sunday’ but do you think I could be silent? so I thought ‘Sunday Special’ sounds fun, too! This is my Sunday Special. I had left this tuff on the floor at night and in the morning when Teje went to wash her eyes, she was looking curiously what’s that on the floor … it is specially beautiful tuff and she kept it. By the way I’m full of those now. I’m brushing my fur every day and I have collect already one paper bag full of my tuffs! I should learn to use vacuum cleaner – I’m told!

This special Bird box is from Emma who send us her amazing jewellery (we won it from her give away). Unforgivably we forgot to show this most sweet box. Thank you again Emma for this most beautiful jewellery! Visit Emma in her lovely blog ‘SILVER PEBBLE’! You can see my favourite jewellery better HERE. There was really funny coincidence with this jewellery. I visited Lucy at ‘ATTTIC24’ and she was telling a sweet story how much she wanted to win this same jewellery! Go to read her post because her story had really happy end – for her and Emma!

Nero and Hanna

What! Did I hear someone said something about Desserts?!!! Sorry now I have to run! I won’t miss my dessert!!!

Thanks for visiting me today and being so wonderful friends! I appreciate how sweet you were when my foot was hurting! I send you huge hugs and kismet kisses!!!


special flower bucket

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Hello, hello, hello!!!  I have something to show … something that I just had to make yesterday … don’t know really where these came from …

fabric butterflies

Few days ago butterflies came to my thoughts and they just didn’t fly away. I went to search what I can find from my yarn trunk and there it was, one blue crocheted butterfly. But I wanted one white!

crochet butterflies

It landed to my basil! But, orange would be so great, too …

crochet butterflies

*** I have translated the butterfly pattern in English and you can see it in my new blog HERE!***

… it was only matter of time that there was also one happy orange butterfly …

And here they are all together on a stone wall.  I have found the pattern from Finnish blog ‘Palmikoita’.

… hmmm … I lost a little bit my thoughts because I wrote this post already once, but it disappeared … I’ll try to remember again what I had in my mind …

Yesterday I wanted to finish my second secret project, because finally I was able to do that – I had to wait something for the last detail. I started to draw, cut and surprisingly they looked very much like butterflies!

These beautiful fabrics came with me from Finland …

This is my favourite! All the pieces for the butterfly are raw edge applique – I just sew two times around them.

I want to make lots of butterflies – in all colours – do you have any idea what I could do with these sweet butterflies?!

… or should just leave free in the garden …

I don’t know why butterflies came to my mind. One reason may be a beautiful quilt that Jennifer from ‘Knotted-Thread’ has made. It’s called ‘Retro Flower Quilt’ and I love it! She has used so lovely fabrics and colours!

My dear blog friend Lori has returned from her amazing journey to Africa! You can enjoy her story and fantastic photos in her blog ‘Lori times five’! She has made also an other site about her ‘African Journal’! That’s about their earlier trip to Africa.

I leave you with this view from one of my morning walks last week!

Thank you so much for joining me and leaving so lovely messages! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and engouraging me with my crafts and my little blog!


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Vof Vof Vof! This morning wasn’t the best one … Foxy didn’t feel well and I was so worried about her. She is very old and she doesn’t have much strength to be sick.

Nero and Foxy

As I told to you, she has ‘those days’ and I am next to her all the time. Sometimes it’s too much for her and we (who ? – they) got an idea to lent this cage from a friend. That was a great idea. Now Foxy can sleep and rest there and I can stay next to her but my eagerness doesn’t bother her. But in the morning Foxy was throwing out and that made her so tired that one long moment we thought that now she is leaving us. Then she was sleeping on our lap for an hour – just so tired – and fortunately after a good sleep she was fine! How happy we were but still sad because this made us remember that one day …

crochet wall hanging

Now we have been already many times out, we have eaten good food and some dessert sticks …  so we are fortunately fine again! We do hope that ‘those days’ end soon and we all can calm down! And I start to be very hungry because I don’t have time to think food …

crochet art

I thought now is good time to show this – orange and red to give energy to Foxy! This is a crochet art – wall hanging that Teje’s mom has made!

We have washed lots of beautiful fabrics today …

beautiful fabrics

It’s very windy – perfect day for laundry! They dry so quickly and you know we had to wash Foxy’s blankets, too.

fabrics in a wind

We have been planning a new project …

beautiful fabrics

… but I’m sorry, I can’t tell you anything about that, because it’s top secret!!!

Now Foxy says that she likes to go out for a little walk. Then I’ll try to get some sleep! I’m really tired because I’m looking after Foxy day and night – all the time! Please send some strength to my darling Foxy! She is my dearest girl friend!

Nero and Foxy

Thank you so much for reading my post and I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Hugs and kisses!!!


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Hello my dear friends! Here I am, in Finland, in my home country! As you can guess I have many friends and relatives to meet and so many places to visit – not speaking about fabric shops and library etc! So I leave you to enjoy ‘My view from Finland’!


'Here I come Finland!'

Finnish garden

Hedgehog's home in our garden.

Finnish forest

View from our windows.


From my city Kouvola.

'Pony' by Eero Aarnio

'Pony' by Eero Aarnio

Bags in Finnish forest

My new bags on a mossy rock.

Dorien's flower scarf in forest

Flower scarf by Dorien.

Best wishes from Finland!


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