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Good evening my Dear Friends! Today I welcome you with these beautiful colours! The Sea is always so fantastic – with all kind of weather it looks beautiful! So much adorable blue colours!

Today while cleaning windows I was thinking what I could write to you…there wasn’t really sunshine even occasionally it came from the clouds…clouds had grey and blue tones…some light and dark green in the garden…exactly the colours from Nero’s Blanket…

…so I left the windows and took photos of Nero’s Blanket which I finished last week. If you look the border – why it’s like that – usually we make lot’s of rounds – but here it just didn’t look good. I tried different colours but finally decided it’s better with 2 rounds.

I like those colours together! But I’m already thinking some totally different combination for the next blanket…one day I shall make one with pink, orange, red etc. and name it Hanna’s Blanket!

For this blanket I have used acrylic yarn with 7 colours. The blanket weighs about 800 gr. First I bought 100 g of each colour (turqoise, green, ‘gold’, blue, grey, purple and white). Later when I started to gather the hexacons I bought 100 g of three colours more.

When I started this, I thought that I shall sew the hexacons together. But during the work I saw that it would be better with one more colour to gather all the hexacons. For that I wanted dark grey, which I couldn’t get, so I needed a new idea… I took more blue, grey and purple and with them I made ‘flowers’. I made all of the hexacons ‘flowers’ with 7 hexacons and then sew them together.

Some  extra hexacons were needed to fill the place between the flowers. The border around is 2 rounds. Later in this post you will see how much there was yarn left. White yarn I have used just a little bit to give some light. All together there is 127 hexacons.

This was really lovely to work with! I enjoyed making the hexacons and see how different colours match together! For the next blanket…I don’t know yet exactly how it is going to be… but not hexacons…it’s going to be with granny squares and in fact I’m looking forward to start it…

This blanket began from this…

…it was about 15 of September and I was thinking to make it slowly slowly all the winter…but finally it’s finished just for the Christmas!

The yarn there was left, asked me very clearly to become something…

…it’s a scarf! But this time I make it thin and long. Most of my scarfs are too warm and I can’t use them often. So this one is thin and not wool and I hope I can use it all the time! My winter coat is dark purple so this is perfect for that with the purple but also to give some bright with the great turquoise!

…and still one with snake…

By the way – I finished all the windows – but it’s raining again…

All the time when I’m writing this, I’m thinking if I can show you one photo or not. Yesterday I was sitting here with the computer and Hanna came to speak and sing to me! She does that every day, first in the morning when she’s so happy to wake up and start the new day…then in the afternoon…in the evening…

So yesterday I was trying to take photo of her but it was just impossible! She came too close because she don’t like to be in photos and she was moving… after all this explaining I guess I can show one of the photos which made me laugh!

Even the most sweet and kind dog hides inside ‘the wild animal’!!!

It’s time to say bye bye…I hope you enjoy your Christmas preparations, your crafts and bakings…and I hope that you have time to relax and enjoy your family and furry friends!

See you soon!!!



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Hello… I’m excited…I think I have something nice to you today my Lovely Friends!!!

Lots of light at least…in fact so much that I couldn’t see well ‘what I was doing’!

In the morning I was around this area. Here is something old and interesting…

…it’s leather! In this area, just next to the sea were in old times lots of leather fabrics. In fact there are still few working. But  many big, old buildings are now closed and only reminder is some forgotten leather stacks outside.

This place reminds me my sister, because we were once here together! Hello Dear Tiia!!! She is working with leather so I had to show this place! We looked how the leathers are – I was thinking perhaps I could create a cover for a garden table or something else were the quality doesn’t matter – but unfortunately they are not good enough for anything. They are like hard paper which brokes easily.

 Nelli was not with us even this sweety here looks very much like her.

This was my morning ‘walk’. It was again one perfect sunny day and we went for drive with Jorgo and his red scooter!

Then back home…hungry… some lunch…and after that every one likes to have a nice nap…

…and what could be better place than under the palm tree with your beloved blanket…which is not quite ready yet…

…and your dear ‘sister’ next to you!!! Life is Wonderful!!!

– “Sorry but I think I need to go…something is happening in the B.B.Q!”

– “Yes..you better be going to check out…”

– “I love this ‘Nero’s blanket’! Please make a pink ‘Hanna’s blanket’ for me! …I think I have to go, too!”

…they were both ‘flying’ to the B.B.Q!

In the afternoon we left the house with Hanna. We had some shopping in the super market and medicin for Hanna’s eyes (I think something in the garden has irritated them). And then we were ready for a walk! We drove a little bit outside from our village and stopped to admire the amazing calm sea!

Sun was so strong that I couldn’t see what kind of picture I was taking! All the blue shadows behind are mountains, except the small darker in front – that’s an island.

Hanna was smelling something…she has for sure blood of hunting dog! She uses very much and well her nose, whereas Nero doesn’t work so well with his nose. Once I made just for fun  ‘trace’ with drops of sauce,  and the price at the end was a sausage! Hanna was running straight to the sausage, keeping her nose all the way on the ground! Nero was running around the garden, here and there and finally happened to find the sausage!

We had so lovely walk! Now it’s time to go back home – there is some Christmas secrets waiting…

On our way home,we stopped to say hello to these great fellows! I love to watch them! And they have so lovely colours! You know…one morning last winter we woked up with very loud noise…there was perhaps 100 hundred goats walking and eating very close to our house! It was amazing sight – so wonderful!!! If I find the photos I took then, I’ll show to you!

Christmas Secrets!!!…hhhmmmm…this is all I can show…

But I can show you something else what I found in the morning – A  lovely place for our Christmas cards! Visit here !

Still I had one walk – now with Nero. He was so happy and exited smelling all the news from the neighbourhood!

Now it’s evening and time to sit front of the ‘telly’ with ‘Nero’s blanket’. He is already dreaming…

I hope you had wonderful moment between your Cristmas preparations! My sister told me today that in Hampshire it was raining and the snow is melting away…still it’s cold and surely many of you have lots of snow!  I try to send you some sun, warm and  lightness  with these photos!


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Hello my dear friends!


 We have still hot summer here…no need for a blanket…but  Foxy is ready for a winter with her new warm blanket!

This was my first try with ‘Granny-square’ blanket and I got  inspiration for this from my dear first blog-friend Rachel (Country&Cosy). Sorry Rachel I didn’t learn this yet… You find her lovely blog from my Favorites! She has helpped and encouraged me to begin my blog!

I know Foxy…I liked the blanket also more without that ‘around part’…. or perhaps those colours are wrong….

There should be more light colours… anyway the blanket is nice but not the best…sorry Foxy… I had decided to use only left overs for this first one… next time we shall do it with lovely, happy colours!

When I was out, Foxy came to see what I am doing and jumped by herself up to the chair. I think she likes her new blanket!

All those ‘orange’ suns and flowers are the best part of this ‘Autumn Sun’ -blanket – vov it found a name! My first handwork with name!

Some lines in the frame are with one colour and in some of them the colour is changing.

Now I don’t have any left overs! At least not from these yarns…don’t worry…my store is not empty yet…

I like to thank you for all your lovely comments and wish you wonderful weekend with this beautiful  ‘painting’ on the  evening sky!


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