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Hello and Wonderful Wednesday to You! I’m happy happy to meet You!!!

Few last days I had a lack of energy and enthusiasm. Then yesterday I visited Megan  and I found out this: ‘lack of energy’ = ‘lack of creating’ ! and the following is that we need to do what we enjoy! From Megan I find always inspiration and ‘need to sew’! Every Monday she is hosting “{sew} Modern Monday” and there is more blogs to find inspiration!

As you can see, my inspiration had to wait for a while…because I had forgot to wash these patches….oh no! I was so ready to make the blocks for my bag! Because I had to wait, I was quilting ‘Nero’s Garden’ patchwork. I hadn’t done anything for that after I showed it to you last time. Some times I feel guilty just sitting and sewing and feel I should do something more important … who knows what that could be …

Long time I was supposed to tell you about some materials I use. First I show you where I keep some of them.

This old tiny box is very dear to me for two reasons: I found it from my mother’s sewing things and it has so sweet picture of dogs! It has something inside …

I’m wondering what you keep in your cigar-boxes after smoking the cigars…

These boxes have also their own place under my cutting desk…

My cutting table was a computer desk and that keyboard self is good place for these boxes. On the right side, and easy to catch with my right hand, I have boxes for patches and scraps and other threads and … and … other small things.

I try to keep these cases for different projects … but there is never enough cases so they like to mix up.

Ice cream boxes are so handy. Yes –  the plastic boxes are from ice cream – I do love ice cream, but these are from the restaurat we had. Hmmm…how great  that summer is almost here … and it means lots of ice cream!

For inspiration and ethusiasm, I love to visit also Lee. She is linking every Wednesday “W.I.P” = work in process! She had quite exiting news today – about this projectselvage!

Back to materials … this is a thin blanket from Ikea … very good for many purposes and very good price! I needed many of these last autumn when we had 16 friends at our home. Then I realized also that I could try if they work for my patchworks. I have difficulties finding materials and I need to use my imagination.

This blanket has a cover from ‘non-woven fabric’ (I hope the word is right), because it’s ment to use with the fitted sheet.

For the ‘Finnish Forest’ blanket I used it as it is, because I wasn’t sure if I’m able to handle the wadding without the ‘cover fabric’. It was a little bit thick to stitch.

This was a good way to catch the patchwork top, wadding and the back fabric all together. These clicps are to catch  the table cloth on the table outside.

When I made the ‘PicNic’ Blanket, I thought it’s time to try to take the cover ‘fabric’ away and use only the wadding. It looks like this – very soft and light – quite slippery – but easy enough to work with. The thickness is not the same every where, so if you want to make really perfect job, perhaps it’s better to use the wadding which is made for quilting.

I’m still in the beginning of my quilting career, so I’m happy for this material – and there is no other material for the wadding for the moment. The thin ‘fabric’ covering this wadding is very easy to take away because it’s catched with long stitches.

Here once again ‘PicNic’ Blanket. I’m a fan of pinwheels and I like these happy spring colours!

This was about my materials today…if you are not exhausted yet, I would like to cook with you. I’m cooking today ‘black eye beans’ and it’s great, very easy and so delicious food! I’m not so much ‘kitchen person’ so it would be nice to have your company!

First we boil the beans to be a little bit soft and we throw that water away.

Then we start with olive oil, onions and garlic…

… we add carrots in small pieces, smashed tomatoes, tomato puree, salt and pepper. We boil these for a while and then we add water, the beans and olive oil. We continue to boil till the soup is ready. When eating, we add some lemon!

Καλη ορεξη! Good appetite! Hyvaa ruokahalua! Bon apetit!

If you are still here, I’m really happy!!! I wish I could say at least you are not hungry, but perhaps you are even more! I don’t keep you longer…just want to thank you for your company which means a lot to me and thank you for all your sweet messages!!!

Sunny wishes!!!



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