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Vof Vof Vof!!! Tomorrow it starts, the Christmas celebration! I have been out and tried to see if Santa is coming …

Nero with Santa hat

I wear my Santa hat so he can see me from far away! I asked Hanna to help me and look to the other road – we don’t want to miss Santa.


Nero, do I really need to wear this hat? It’s too big and I have just fixed my hair! Okey, I’ll do my best because I want to meet Santa, too …


Hey, Nero, come here … please help me! Something has stucked to my fur … huge snowflakes … I don’t know if I like this  …


Relax Hanna, I’m here! Everything is fine and we are ready for Christmas party … you see what Santa has already sent to us …

Finnish sweets

… and we have doggie goodies, too (I ate half of them, but don’t tell Hanna)! Teje has started her traditional Christmas puzzle …


… one sleeve = one star … someone is loosing his shirts, I hope Santa brings him new shirts …


This will be puppie-friendly quilt. Teje said that she uses only strong fabrics because anyway I’m the one who makes the bed every morning. This beautiful design is from Kaffe Fassett. She tries to follow the pattern this time …


Our dear artist friend has made this quilt and she was so kind that she sent her templates to us. Here is her wonderful quilt with her beautiful, sweet puppy …


We have put Christmas lights and cristalls to the windows …


Now we shall go for the last food shopping and then we can just relax and enjoy this magical time! Look,  there he is! I’m sure I saw Santa …

Nero the Shephard

… oh and my hat had felt down! If he didn’t see me? Hey Santa, I’m here and I have been really good boy all the year!


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and beautiful Christmas cards! We sent our cards three weeks ago but it seems to be that everything we sent that day, has disappeared in the post. We are so sorry if you haven’t received our Christmas cards.

We wish you the most wonderful Christmas time and all the best, health and happiness for the New Year 2013!!! We hope to see you before the new year! Hugs and Kisses!




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Hi everyone! Hopefully you don’t have stress with your Christmas schedule and preparations! I haven’t done any so I thought I could share my earlier Christmas makings because there is still one week to bake coocies, make decorations, sew something …

Christmas decoration

Last two Christmases I have made many needle felted decorations with dog hairs. When I brush Nero and Hanna, I collect the ‘wool’ from the brush. You can make also yarn from that and my mom used to do that. I makes the most warm yarn! But to these balls now …

needle felted balls

You know my sweet Golden Retriewer friend London. When I have been taken care of her, I kept some wool to make Christmas decoration to her mom. I made something very simple and natural. Few branches from cypress, ribbon cutted from fleece, paper ‘ribbon’  and paper cord … two woollen balls … almost like snow balls …


I add also very thin metal wire for hanging and if you like you can add beads etc. for extra festive look. Next photos show one that I have made with Nero’s wool and the materials you need (needle for needle felting and those very light balls). You can make also hearts, wreaths etc.

needle felted Christmas decoration

needle felting with dog's wool

Crochet snowflakes are different project – great one – for those you can find good tutorial from Lucy at ‘attic 24’.

Last year I made little, white Christmas tree which became very famous and loved. It is really cute and easy to make. You can read all the post where I show how I made it HERE.

small white Christmas tree

This year I have been sewing a lot, but not Christmassy things. Last year I made lots of mini-mini quilts, mug rugs, Christmas mats and tutorial how to make them.

Christmas mug rugs

One small decoration I made suddenly and with a moment’s inspiration, was this felted cover for candle glass. HERE you can see how easy it is to make.

felt cover for candle glass

And then lets start to bake … oh I can smell Christmas … my ‘must’ bakings are Ginger Coocies and Christmas Stars. I do hope I shall make them also this Christmas!

ginger coocies

Here you can see the recipe for Christmas coocies and here how to make Christmas Stars.

Christmas baking

Oh how I wish I had now those stars with my afternoon coffee! I have bought all the things I need to make them, so perhaps I shall have tomorrow baking day instead of cleaning!

Every Friday I’m happy to join linky parties at ‘Natural Suburbia’ with Linda , ‘Felicity Quilts’ with Felicity and at ‘Wisdom begins with wonder’ with Andrea! Thank you ladies for hosting lovely parties!

my sweet puppy

When I was looking for these Christmas photos I ran to one with Hanna. I just have show you her sweet face and with this Hanna’s relaxing moment, I wish you wonderful week and do try to relax even I know you are very busy! Thank you so much for visiting my little blog and for leaving always so appreciated and enjoyable comments! See you soon!



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Hello Dear Friends and Welcome! I’m happy you found a moment to visit us – everyone is so busy these days. I almost gave up with all small projects and started to make a new quilt. I have been thinking to make a quilt as my ‘holiday’ sewing. But then standing in my attic and thinking what I could/should do, idea came. Not exactly new but nice. When I said to my father earlier that I made a fabric basket, he said smaller could be for eggs! That sounds cosy – to have our fresh boiled morning eggs in a FABRIC BOWL!

fabric bowl and mug rug

Yesterday I cut pieces for two bowls and I left my sewing table like this as you see in the first photo. Starting in the morning I thought you should see the whole truth, one of my ironing mountains. You see it on left corner? All that is not from the floor! There is a chair under the mountain but on the far left there is an other similar chair. Did I really need to tell this …

fabric bowl 1

Fabric baskets, boxes, bowls look quite simple to make. And they are someway but there are many steps to pass till they are finished. First I have cut the squares from 4 different materials. Then I have quilted the outside pieces, trimmed them again.

fabric bowl 2

Then I sew all the four sides with the bottom piece. I press with iron those seams because later it’s very difficult. Then I sew the sides together. Then there is the lining to be sewn. When those two boxes are ready I cut the binding and pin it on it’s place. I sew the binding this time first from outside and then from inside.  Then I cut three more squares … quilted them … made the binding … to be a mug rug/potholder/plate for the bowl … as you wish …

breakfast set

Both of these fabrics are from Ikea. If you like to see what else I have made with those fabrics, here is the TABLE CLOTH I made in summer and several PLACE MATS made earlier (this post has Nero’s view also).

fabric bowl

I was looking my earlier posts to see what I have made with Ikea fabrics and they happened to be with some great Christmas posts – I think you would enjoy them. With red-white fabric I made the ‘Peppermint’ bag and in this same post Nero is having a lesson with his School bag! There I show you also one idea how to hang and show your Christmas cards!

With the same red-white fabric I made a zipper pouch and with green-white-black and other zipper pouch. In this same post Nero features fluffy knitted scarf and I show our Christmas tree, decorations! This post is exactly two years ago and Finland had just celebrated the Indipendense day, as it does again today! Congratulations Finland!!!

fabric bowl

Wonderful Christmas things are now every where. MIA from ‘Handmade by Mia’ and PENNY from ‘Planet Penny’ are sharing everyday something Christmassy! They have always so great ideas, beautiful decorations and something to give us lots of inspiration! Don’t loose their Christmas Calendar posts!

fabric basket

Today we have had half day rain and half day less rain, changing every half an hour, a little bit sunny moment between. I was really lucky to be outside with my eggs and mandarins when the sun showed out! Fabric baskets and bowls are great because you can fold them lower if you like. For me this bowl looks more ‘elegant’ and beautiful when it’s not folded …

fabric basket

Today I’m really happy with less colours! White, black and of course a spot or two orange, looks good! Now I go to continue with green and white and later red and white.

You remember the ‘Travellin Pic Stitch’ blog hop  where we made english paper pieceing blocks? Now it’s voting time! My block is in the European linkup and the number is 1 – I do hope so because there are fantastic presents to win! So if you liked my block and post, could you please vote at Laura’s blog  ‘Quokka Quilts’ HERE!

Thank you for visiting and writing such a sweet comments! I wish you already wonderful weekend and have fun with your Christmas preparations!


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… Barbecue, Butterfly, Beautiful, Pinwheel …  I started to look words to find a name for this post but they were too many! Today all my items starts with B or P! But first I want to wish you the most beautiful December! And now let’s go – with my new boots …


I love this photo! for my surprise this very close up photo came out so well and sharp as you see. I have saved these boots for a while … then I made a block but the idea stopped there …. till yesterday …

needle book

Sweet little book with boots – needle book!


And there are the tickets, too! This fabric is Punctuation by ‘American Jane Patterns’ Sandy Klop for modafabrics.com and it’s sooooo goood! This lovely fabric has 4 different green prints in same & blue and orange tickets and boots on the selvage!


Because I finally managed to make this needle book, it was easy to continue with some other special fabrics. What about Moomins? Do you love them?

needle book

Here you are ‘Moomin’ pink and sweet needle book. It insisted to become so cute and girlish – I hope I’m not the only one who loves girlish things!


Pink ‘Moomin’ needle book is in MY ETSY SHOP and I have just finished second Moomin needle book with green fabrics. Our friend Mia from ‘Handmade by Mia’ asked what we wish to get from Santa. I said boots and ment real, great boots! So I guess my little boots are on their way to my shop, too.


Butterfly! These crochet butterflies has really got so much attention! I made the red polka-dot zipper pouch and this green was on it’s way. Now finished and in my shop. A while ago I received wonderful e-mail from a sweet lady who asked if I could make some butterflies to her – I was so happy that she didn’t hesitate to ask when she got a lovely idea to use these butterflies on a craft she was making! I haven’t forgot that many of you would like to get pattern for this butterfly. I hope I have time to do it in winter. The pattern is not mine so it’s a little bit difficult issue. I have tried to contact the blogger where I found it, but I think she has stopped her blog.

zipper pouch with butterfly

If you remember I made one fabric basket with written fabric with lovely red checked fabric. Now I have made the smaller one and it’s also in my shop.

fabric basket

And more and more Bees … they are brooch …

pinwheel star brooch

I ordered brooch pins from etsy and they came very quickly. So now I have been able to finish some brooch with these pinwheel stars. Also in my shop now …


Did I say any other word with B? Yes, B.B.Q … here your go, fishes from grill two days ago and yesterday we had B.B.Q. with pork chops and ate outside wearing t-shirts! First of December, isn’t that great! Today has still been very warm but too strong wind to sit outside. And you know what they say for the next weekend? Only +7 for us and for more north under zero!


As you can guess, I have seen again lots of fantastic ideas and sewings! Here are few links to give you inspiration:

‘Rainbow Hare Quilts’Janine has made a beautiful quilt ‘I saw A Fish’!

Beautiful Christmas ornaments made with felt by ‘PurlBee’!

‘Sew French’ has always something inspiring to see! Now it’s a Christmas tree skirt!

I’m linking at Quilt Story’s ‘Fabric Tuesday’!


My garden doesn’t has lots of flowers but now there are beautiful rosies! But for an other B as Beautiful I wanted to show you my beautiful Nero. You see where he enjoys himself?!


Laura’s blog hop with English paper piecing has reached the end and the linky party. ‘Travellin Pic Stitch’ was my first ever blog hop and also I tried first time English paper piecing. Both so much fun – mostly the blog hop! I hope Laura has soon again new great idea as this was and invites me, too! When I crapped the plate with feta and centered it on my block, I didn’t realize that it could be fun; I saw only the colours. I had a good laugh with Laura’s funny words for my feta cheese block!


Time to go … I wonder what you are doing in the beginning of the December? I have made some cards to write and some sewing ideas are waiting in my thoughts, fabrics on my table … and some special fabrics are on their way to me! Can’t wait to show them! Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comments! I hope I inspired many of you to knit and to start to knit! Hugs to all of you from all of us here!


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Hi! I hope you had a great weekend! I met this cutie at the weekend …

The most sweet kitten!

We had a lovely lunch with dear friends at the fish restaurant and there are always many kittens around waiting to get their share.

The most sweet kitten!

This little girl was special; it had so beautiful fur mixed with some long hairs!

sailing boat on the beach

It was still beautiful weather and there were people on the beach … and something else … a sailing boat! We don’t know what has happened to this poor boat!

sailing boat on the beach

Marathi beach in Chania

We were eating under the white roof and on the far left you see the sailing boat. In Marathi there are also lots of fishing boats.

Marathi, Chania

All the morning was sunny and later there came some clouds … still no rain and the warm continues.

fishing boats

Even I’m not fan of sailing (I feel uncomfortable in boats and ships), I like to see boats … it’s fun to read their names … the first one is “My Dream”.

patchwork coasters

From the sewing table … I have made some coasters and I am preparing also tutorial for these. These are like mini quilts and if you haven’t made any quilt yet, by following my tutorial you can easily learn all the basics. These are made with patchwork blocks …

patchwork coasters

… and some more with raw edge applique … green/turquoise to match with this tea cosy

raw edge applique coasters

… and of course also in orange to match with orange tea cosy!

raw edge applique coasters

And now some great links:

*Janice from ‘Better of Thread’ has made adorable block with Santa’s hat and then she made the most fun and beautiful pillow with four blocks! I love that! And she made also TUTORIAL for the block and pillow! I’m sure you love it, too!

* Faith from ‘Fresh Lemons’ has made fantastic star block and pillow with that! Also here you have TUTORIAL!

* If you like to see my Santa’s Hat block from last Christmas, it’s HERE. I made lots of mini quilts/mug rugs with different pictures. I made also TUTORIAL  for the mini quilt/mug rug.

I hope you find inspiration for your Christmas sewings! I’m still trying to cope with my autumn sewings?! I have had beautiful scene on my sewing table and today I have cut also some ‘written’ fabrics …

Fluffy Sheep Quilting

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! Soon it’s my turn at Laura’s Blog Hop with EPP = english paper piecing!


The most sweet kitten!

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Vof Vof Vof! It’s me Nero here and I am really happy to see you just before the Christmas!

Nero's Christmas wishes!

I have been around in the garden to show you how it looks here in the winter time!

Behind me it looks like this …

… I can see snow up on the ‘White Mountains’ …

… beach is empty …

… in my garden it’s very green …

… yesterday it was raining …

… olive trees …

… rosemary full of tiny flowers …

 … with Nelli we like to sit front of the door …

 … and with Hanna we run to our hill to see if Santa is coming …

I have heard that tomorrow is the big day when Santa Claus begins his trip from Finland. If you look from the window in the evening, you just may see him going from home to home with his big sack full of presents … I wonder if he can be here tomorrow …

Would you like to join me for a Christmas coffee? I made special Christmas cake for you with red whortleberries, brown sugar, youghurt, cinnamon … !




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Hello and welcome! I hope you are fine and enjoying yourself with all the lovely Christmas things … baking … knitting … sewing …

My Dream Quilt

'My Dream Quilt'

I have finished the top for my dream quilt … almost … I think I shall add still turquoise border to have exactly the size I want.

… keeping the rows and lines in order …

… something left … in ice cream boxes … more left overs …

I have very big wooden tray from our old restaurant and it is perfect to keep my work in process.

I was so lucky to have still today lovely sunshine to take photos for you! Funny thing is that some water drops felt at this moment … but from where … there were now clouds over me?!

Yesterday I went to ‘my’ local crafty shop and found exactly the right turquoise thread I wanted. This one is from Bolos in Greece. Also this magic marker pen I have found from the same shop. It’s so great for my scrappy works – you just draw and after a while it disappears! That shop is very small but you just can’t imagine how many things they have!

So … I want to start to quilt this during the Christmas days … but HOW? It was so easy with the hexagon quilt – just to follow the lines but with this one I ‘m not sure. I have something in my mind but I don’t know if it’s going to work. I would be really happy if you could help me how to quilt ‘My Dream Quilt’!

I am linking with Heather and Megan at ‘Fabric Tuesday’ – from them I won these beautiful fabrics!

We are doing our best with Nero to get some Christmas feeling. It’s so nice to see your Christmas and winter photos with snow and lots of lights! Have a lovely last days before the Christmas!


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