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Hello my Dear Friends! I hope you have had wonderful Christmas! We had quiet and relaxing Christmas this year plus the best weather! Sunshine and warm, perfect to spend time outside! Presents have been opened  and there was something special …

dog painting

… painting of our sweet, little Foxy! My dear friend has painted this and it’s so precious to me! I was so surprised and touched when saw this! My artist friend lives in Finland but she met Foxy many times. I haven’t framed this painting yet, but I hope to get it done with frame like this …

dog painting

Pink for a sweet girl! and more pink … I got the most soft and warm blouse in pink! and pink original Marshmallows!


I won’t take this furry blouse off before it’s warm spring! Today it was almost too warm outside and Nelli enjoyed there, too! She made me company when I took photos …

Nelli the cat

Cats have so funny way to keep all they feet gatherd together! This time of the year Nelli has so shiny and beautiful fur!


I have made more stars. I felt that this is a little boring project because those diamonds are big and also this is not so colourful as I usually make. But now when I started to make the y-seams, I’m happy that the pieces are big and there is not so much to sew. Lucky me I didn’t want to make this pattern in the beginning of my quilting career! It would have been very short career. Y -seams are not too difficult but you have to know how to do it and they need more time,  concentration and patient.

patchwordk stars

I’m not totally sure yet if I should leave those orange/brown stars out or if I shall include them. I have to see when I can see all the stars layed together. Only problem is where to to do that? I wish so much that I could have a design wall!




Now it’s difficult to believe that some years ago Nelli was so affraid of Nero that she didn’t go anywhere near to him. She was always somewhere more up so that Nero couldn’t reach her. Now Nelli is all around and even in the same bed with Nero. She does her best to fit in the gang. She eats Nero’s dry food, she wants every morning piece of cheese like Hanna and Nero use to have. In the afternoon she eats the same food with the dogs, for example rice with some meat. She even wanted a Christmas coocie!


All our puppies has been really good and they got so much presents … some of them have been eaten already …


Thank you so much for all the wonderful presents, wishes and messages!!! I wish you Happy New Year but I hope to see you still this year! Nero just came to me and he wants company, hugging, massage and surely some goodies! I wish you wonderful and relaxing end of this year! I think I go to eat my marshmellows …


patchwork stars


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Hi! I hope you had a great weekend! I met this cutie at the weekend …

The most sweet kitten!

We had a lovely lunch with dear friends at the fish restaurant and there are always many kittens around waiting to get their share.

The most sweet kitten!

This little girl was special; it had so beautiful fur mixed with some long hairs!

sailing boat on the beach

It was still beautiful weather and there were people on the beach … and something else … a sailing boat! We don’t know what has happened to this poor boat!

sailing boat on the beach

Marathi beach in Chania

We were eating under the white roof and on the far left you see the sailing boat. In Marathi there are also lots of fishing boats.

Marathi, Chania

All the morning was sunny and later there came some clouds … still no rain and the warm continues.

fishing boats

Even I’m not fan of sailing (I feel uncomfortable in boats and ships), I like to see boats … it’s fun to read their names … the first one is “My Dream”.

patchwork coasters

From the sewing table … I have made some coasters and I am preparing also tutorial for these. These are like mini quilts and if you haven’t made any quilt yet, by following my tutorial you can easily learn all the basics. These are made with patchwork blocks …

patchwork coasters

… and some more with raw edge applique … green/turquoise to match with this tea cosy

raw edge applique coasters

… and of course also in orange to match with orange tea cosy!

raw edge applique coasters

And now some great links:

*Janice from ‘Better of Thread’ has made adorable block with Santa’s hat and then she made the most fun and beautiful pillow with four blocks! I love that! And she made also TUTORIAL for the block and pillow! I’m sure you love it, too!

* Faith from ‘Fresh Lemons’ has made fantastic star block and pillow with that! Also here you have TUTORIAL!

* If you like to see my Santa’s Hat block from last Christmas, it’s HERE. I made lots of mini quilts/mug rugs with different pictures. I made also TUTORIAL  for the mini quilt/mug rug.

I hope you find inspiration for your Christmas sewings! I’m still trying to cope with my autumn sewings?! I have had beautiful scene on my sewing table and today I have cut also some ‘written’ fabrics …

Fluffy Sheep Quilting

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! Soon it’s my turn at Laura’s Blog Hop with EPP = english paper piecing!


The most sweet kitten!

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Hello! I have missed you my friends but my days are really busy now … still some weeks and then it starts to turn to autumn. I have so many ideas in my mind. I have found some time to visit your blogs and have seen so many beautiful quilts and other lovely ideas! I would like to tell and show many things! But today I changed my plans and after thinking better I’ll show you the small quilt ‘Baby Squares’!

baby quilt

This quilt is going to be a present from my friend to a baby girl. I made this a little bit more simple that ‘Baby Stars’ to be able to finish it befaure autumn. Colours are this time more read and orange with some light pastels and the binding bright orange.

baby quilt in orange and white

I thought that you have seen so often my quilts with the same backround at home garden, so one day I took this quilt with me to ‘Maherida’.

quilt with sea view

It is so beautiful place among the olive trees and the sea view. There must have been lots of wine-growing, too, because they still grow from every where.

quilt in an olive grove

You see the bright green on the left side?

baby quilt with squares

I like so much these old wooden gates! Unfortunately we had to take them away and make a new gate. It wasn’t possible to fix them to work. But the new wooden green gate looks also very good and goes well with the garden. I managed to save these old ones for decoration!

Baby Squares

Today except this baby quilt, I have Nelli with me! All our friends have been loosing their fur and I brush and brush and brush … every evening!

One day I thought I need to brush Nelli, too. Our vet told once that it’s good to brush cats, too. Other wise they get too much hairs and hair balls to their stomach and may have problems. For my surprise, Nelli really enjoyes brushing!

brushing cat

Very quickly I had all this hair in my hand and thought to show it to Nelli …

… she thought to taste it … then I made felted ball with her hairs …

It’s very easy to make, because at least Nelli’s hairs felt so easily in a warm hand.

felting with cat hairs

… and again she tasted … I guess it could be an instinct when she smells her hairs, she feels they need to be ‘cleaned’. But maybe she couldn’t understand why that ball smells her because she started to clean her leg …

If you like to see where I have used few felted balls made from Nelli’s hairs, click HERE!

Now I would like to give you few great links to visit:

Ayumi from ‘Pink Penquin’ has made my favourite patchwork block – super beautiful – just amazing! I want to make a wall quilt like that!

Svetlana from ‘s.o.t.a.k handmade’ has made beautiful name tags and has written so funny post about them!

Carol from ‘Naturally Carol’ makes beautiful pillows and aprons, but now she has made a cake that looks so delicious! I’m just waiting to be one day at home to make it!

sunny baby quilt

Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet and always wonderful comments! I’m so happy to welcome also many new friends and followers to my blog! I hope you enjoy your visits!


PS. Still I want to tell you that we had today some clouds! How beautiful they are after 3-4 months bright blue sky! And what a relax for eyes! Also wonderful wind is blowing and it’s the most lovely weather!

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Hello my Dear Friends! I have a great day at home! Even lots of works are waiting still it’s so nice  not to go anywhere! Long time I was waiting to show you my latest quilt, but it was a secret so it had to wait till the little baby was born.

'Baby Stars' quilt

My dear friend is now grandmother for a sweet baby boy and when I returned from Finland with beautiful fabrics, I began this quilt. Still I had to wait if it’s a girl or a boy. For the girl I would have made orange binding and for the boy this green.

Because we didn’t know if it’s going to be a girl or a boy, I chose colours to be nice for both. I new that mom likes orange and green and they had used yellow for the baby-room. I saw that I do need more yellow fabrics for my stash!

baby quilt

I have seen so many beautiful quilts with different kind of star patterns and I really love these wonky stars! I had made few just to try these happy fabrics and then I realized they would be nice for this quilt. I have had in my  ‘to do list’ a quilt with this kind of squares so here they are now.

patchwork stars

When I made these stars, I cut first stripes and then squares from them. There was some stripes left, so first time I used a little  colour also for the backing …

Now I understand better how you enjoy making the backing also like an other quilt. I only wish my fabric stash could be big enough for that! By the way, did you know that you can click photos to see them bigger.

Quilting by hand is one of the best parts! And again I was able to use different colours – even more fun! I have always loved stitching – every where – in bags, shoes, cloths any where!

Now the new born baby boy, my dear friends first grand child, has this quilt and all the family were happy and liked ‘Baby Stars’! And … I have a custom order for an other baby quilt … for a girl! I think I shall make it similar with this but perhaps not stars …

I think I could use few butterflies for the girly quilt! I have been also very lucky to sell the blue baby quilt ‘Ripples’ and two pillows from my etsy shop, ‘Jumping Dog’ and the ‘Pic Nic’ pillow! Thank you so much for the wonderful buyers!

'Baby Stars' quilt

Lucky Lucky Lucky me … again I have win! I won a jewellery from Emma’s give away! Emma is very talented artist and writes a beautiful blog ‘silverpebble’! She has etsy shop full of the most cute and beautiful creations! Thank you so much Emma! Emma was also featured in the latest ‘Country Living’ – the magazine we all enjoy so much!

Also I like to say big thank you for Maureen, who is one my favourite bloggers! She makes so unique,happy and colourful crafts! Her blog is ‘Maureen Cracknell Handmade’ and I won fabrics from her give away! Thank you Maureen! Only thing is that I won them just when I was shopping fabrics in Finland and still they haven’t arrived here … I’m so affraid that they have got lost! But I hope the best and perhaps they still come because Nero got also once his Christmas present from Ronja (from Finland) after 2 months!

Summer is the most busy time here in Crete! It’s the hot holiday season and fortunately we have lots of lots of tourists even the economical situation is difficult for us who live here. Some people say that they are affraid to come here, but everything is like it used to be. There are no difficulties for tourists, everything is working like always and Crete and Greece is one of the best holiday places! Beautiful beaches, friendly people, the most delicious food, lovely nature, warm (hot) weather and so much sunshine!

So you can guess that I am also very busy and unfortunately can’t see you so often. I don’t want to say that I shall take a brake from blogging, because I miss you a lot. So I do my best and now and then I hop here … or I think it’s better I’ll ask Nero to do that! He has again ‘adventure’ – now he has an infection between two toes. I think something has scratch there and then it got worse. No we have ‘therapy’ moment every morning and evening. Washing, betadine, bactroban, clean white cloth, clean sock, some tape to hold them, lots of ‘nami nami’ (Nero’s sweets) and antibiot. He is such a good boy when I have to take care of him, but in the vet he tries to eat his vet!

surprised cat

I leave you with Nelli’s surprised face, because this really describes my latest weeks!So many things has happened … oh I miss my slow boring (why I said boring, it’s never boring here with 3 dogs and a cat and so much sewing) winter life!

Could you guess from this link, who was eating from Nero’s plate last Sunday afternoon?! Yach!!!

Thank you so much for being the most wonderful friends and readers! I wish you the best ever summer and happy holidays! I shall visit you often … perhaps too tired to comment every time … but I’m there some where …


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Hi and welcome all my dear readers and new visitors! Monday morning and new week front of us … hopefully full of exiting, enjoyable things waiting for us! I had a sentence: ‘summer is for colours – more or less’ in my mind and now it’s time for less colours …

making a bag

I feel that I have so many photos and things to show you and always many of them have to wait ‘better’ moment (still many from Finland, too). But because I haven’t shown you much sewing lately, I thought you would like to see what has been bothering my mind many days. Finally yesterday I took these materials to my cutting mat …

sewing materials

Natural colours and of course white, this time in vintage crochet and Aurifil wool thread n:o 12. I got this lovely thread from Leona at ‘Leona’s Quilting Adventure’ but I haven’t tried it yet. Do you know if I could quilt with that thread by machine or is better just for hand quilting? And those little thimbles – they are my treasures! I got them from my godmother and the dark one was my grandmother’s! It’s silver and has a Lily on it!

sewing materials

I haven’t learnt to use thimbles but I would like to find a leather one – I have seen them in some blogs and they look more practical and comfortable.

New crab bag is already in my shop and inspired by those sweet, little crabs I made a treasury list : “Hey, there is a crab!” with crab things! I’m sorry if I can’t make this link work. You can find treasury lists always on a shop owner’s page. I found  crabs on fabric, painting, decoration, wall art, pouch, bib, cards, bag etc.

 I don’t remember if I have told to you, why I named my shop TEJESARITA. I have two names Teje Sarita, as usually in Finland, even mostly we use only the first one. Teje was too short name for a shop and also if you google it, you get millions of results because Teje was Tutankhamon’s grandmother in Egyptian history!

'2 in 1' make-up bag

little bag

In the morning I came to my blog just to find out that I had huge amount visitors! Really a lot! And of course I was curious to learn how they found my blog and the path lead to this wonderful site: ‘Sewing Craftgossip’! They had featured my ‘2 in 1’ make-up bags HERE! Thank you so much! If you like to make bag like this, you can find my tutorial HERE!

crab bag

Then I would like to tell and remind you about the ‘Quilting Bloggers’! That’s the great site where happens a lot – quilting, weekly themed contests, give aways, voting, presents etc.! You can add your quilting blog there – the more the merrier! Find out who else is blogging from your country!

If you are a crochet person … or a mice peerson … or just love cute funny creations, you need to see what Penny has crocheted! I’m totally in love with her mice!!! HERE and HERE!

Sometimes I have more time to surf in etsy and sometimes less. Today almost the first thing I saw, was the most loveable Foxy! It’s an i-phone case and bag! That shop is full of most beautiful animal themed bags! I would love to get a Husky or a Wolf and of course that Foxy! Look HERE!

I shall join the link party ‘Fabric Tuesday’ at Quilt Story and ‘W.i.p Wednesday’ at Freshly Pieced!

I think here you have enough reading for today, so I’ll save the rest for the next time.

I wish you wonderful week! Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! Every day I see Nelli sleeping in different places so I leave you with her yesterday afternoon nap – under the geranium!


sleeping cat

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Vof -vof everyone!!! I hope you are fine and happy! We are fine and yesterday Foxy went to see our vet who told that her heart is fine and there is no sign about ‘those days’ …. hmmm … I think we have to stop pretending ‘that’, and start to act ‘normally’ again. Foxy’s teeth are full of stone but she is too old for tooth-cleaning, so I guess I need to buy some peppermint to her to get fresh breath! Because I know you are waiting to see what someone bought from Finland, I show you first some cool turquoise …

beautiful turquoise fabrics

You can recognize these adorable prints! Two fabrics from down don’t write well in their selvages – if you know what they are, we would be happy to learn. I love those prints with balls!

 And then how about some yummy orange …

beautiful orange fabrics

Wow, they are delicious!  But here comes something that I’m sure you love …

beautiful green fabric

… you see this fabric has ‘4 in 1’ + those fantastic tickets!

… and something as sweet as these but in pink …

beautiful pink fabric

… this would make the most beautiful quilts for little girls or perhaps even for boys …

But all these you have already seen hanging on clothes-line, so I’m sure you would be happy to see something more …

sewing supplies

White felt for needle books, pins, ripper for frogging, great (very expensive) buttons and thin blue fabric. I love that blue fabric! It’s very thin and light! First I didn’t take it, but last day I went again just to pick that piece. It’s perfect for a cool summer blouse or a ‘home-dress’ and I have an idea for a scarf … if that will come true, you are the first one to see it!

… and did you think that I could have returned home without any ‘Unikko’?!

'Unikko' oil cloth

I saw this piece of oil cloth in a shop that I have showed to you earlier … where I was looking for a present … I just had to pick this! It may become a tote-bag, make-up bags or even place mats. Beautiful and good quality!

What else … for an other experiment …

'Unikko' paper napkins

You may guess that the decoupage glue and the paper napkins have something to do together but what about the crochet hooks? They don’t include to this group. I needed bigger hooks and this set from ‘Novita’ was happy enought to jump in to my shopping basket!

For a long time I have wanted to try that decoupage technic – world is just full of beautiful, funny things made like that! Okey – I learnt that you don’t need necesserily this special glue, but I’m happy to make my first try with this.

But before that, I’m busy with many other things like making more bags …

making crab bags

New crabs are coming! Stripe bag and the red-white bag are already in my etsy shop ! I’m very happy to tell you that I have sold one bird bag and also the ‘Pink Birds’ baby quilt, ‘Patches on the beach’ small wall quilt and some place mats! Wow that was really wonderful – thank you so much for buying from my little shop! So, you see I really needed new materials?!

Oh boy, I am so tired! I haven’t been sleeping much these last two weeks and I have lost some weight because having a sweet little girl under your nose, you can’t think of food! Now I am really enjoying my good and loooong nap and delicious chicken dinner!

Nero's dream

Nelli is also very happy because we have fixed the summer couch outside … perfect place for her to sleep and to see what happens around.


Thank you for stopping by and reading my ‘Post’! We have been so happy about all your wonderful comments! Thank you, thank you!!!

Lots of big hugs and wet kisses!


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'Candy' mini quilt

Miaaauuu!!! Finally I can have a word or two here! Welcome everyone – especially cats!
As you know I’m the official quilting assistant and sometimes I just don’t get it … you see … she says that she is going to make a quilt with candies?!

quilting cat

… something I know about quilting and certainly you can’t make a quilt with candies! What a relief, she has some fabrics here, so I guess she is not totally hopeless …

quilting cat

… if she thinks that those are some kind of candies – may I laugh! But hey, what’s there? Ok, if you use your imagination, there might be something that reminds candies! I see better fishes!

mini quilt with candies

She says that this is going to be ‘Candy Cat’ quilt and it’s a doll quilt. A doll quilt?! What is this now – we don’t have any dolls here! If you don’t count me … I guess I could use that on my bed. I have to check it first when it’s finished.

I think these reminds me a little bit more candies …

But now I’m ashamed … how I didn’t see this before. Look now – she has been so busy running around with other cats and dogs that she didn’t trim well the blocks and now the corners don’t match well! She has still so much to learn about quilting.

Hmmm, she is quite beautiful – but she is not ‘Nelli’, right?! Oooops – I can do that … I just don’t want to …

I guess I said enough for today. Hope to see you soon again! Licks and hugs from me!


* Something beautiful and touching we have seen and want to share with you:

‘Bluebird Sews’, ‘Cut to pieces’ and we are linking at Lee’s ‘w.i.p. Wednesday’, ‘Sew & Tell’, ‘Wisdom begins in wonder’ and ‘Creative Friday’!

We are also so happy to link at ‘Love Affair with my Brother’ where Hanna and ‘The Pink Birds’ quilt were featured! Thank you so much Sunni!

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