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Hello and Thank You for reading my blog! Nero and I have received the “Blog of the Year 2012” Award! Thank you Anna Hergert for nominating our blog! This was amazing surprise and the most wonderful start for the New Year! Anna Hergert is very talented fiber artist, lecturer and writer. You will enjoy her blog with her beautiful works, art and other things!  I am so happy that she appreaciates and enjoyes my blog!

Stars from Shirts quilt

The rules for this award are simple:

1. Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ award.

2. Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there is no minimum or maximun number of blogs required – and present them with their award.

3. Please include a link back to this page ‘Blog of the year 2012’ Award – http://thethoughtpalette.co.uk/our -awards/blog-of-the-year-2012-award/ and include these ‘rules’ in your post (please don’t alter the rules or the badges)!

Blog of the Year Award banner 600

4. Let the blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the ‘rules’ with them.

5. You can also join Facebook group – click ‘like’ on this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award Facebook group (sorry but I’m not in fb) and then you can share your blog with even wider audience.

6. As a winner of the award – please add a link back to the blog that presented you with the award – and then proudly display tha award on your blog and sidebar … and start collecting stars!

THANK YOU AGAIN ANNA!  I appreciate very much this award!


My nominations for this award are following blogs (in no particular order). I follow so many fantastic blogs that this was a difficult decision. I chose these blogs because they give to me many kind of inspiration and enjoy! They inspires me to create, sew, knit and to try to take better photos, write better posts and make my blog better …

* Lori times five – Lori’s blog is just amazing photo journey! She takes us with her to Africa, Alaska etc. Her knittings and decorations are most beautiful and she knows how to show them!

* Helen Philipps – Helen’s blog is full of sweet and adorable crafts! She makes bunnies, little houses, cross stitching, quilting, crochet etc. and always shows them with beautiful, cute items and lovely flowers!

* Stitched in Color – Rachel is very talented sewer and quilter! She loves colours and hand stitching! Rachel creates always something new and she challenge us to do the same. Her blog is full of inspiration but also information – beautifully and well organized!

Thank you ladies for taking the time to show and share your talented work and life!


I want to thank you my readers and followers! You make this worth of it! I love to read your comments and I’m happy to receive e-mails! I hope we can begin the New Year together … in the new address with the same name … with lots of new adventures and celebrations!

Stars from Shirts quilt

Sunny wishes!



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Hello and welcome! My dear friend Avis from ‘Oh sew tempting’, gave to me ‘Kreativ blogger Award’! Thank you so much Avis – I do appreciate!

kreativ blogger award

Avis has a beautiful blog and I love the way she writes with humour! Also she has great ideas and often tutorials! She makes beautiful quilts and I want to make the pincushion she just showed ‘how to make’!

'Crab with the Bag'

To accept this award means that we can share 7 … things about us and to pass the award to 7 other blogs. Avis said so nicely that she already waits what creative blogs I follow and where I get inspiration. So here they are – 7 from so many unique blogs I follow, get support and find inspiration!

* Anne from ‘Quiltefia’

* Christy from ‘Describe Happy’

* Dorien from ‘Just-Do’

* Lori from ‘Lori times five’

* Maureen from ‘Maureen Cracknell handmade’

* Mia from ‘HandmadebyMia’

*Svetlana from ‘S.O.T.A.K Handmade’

With Nero we want to send special wishes and thanks to our dear friend Sage and her mom! Sage is so creative with her writing and modelling! She is a great athletic and the most sweet girl! Some time ago Sage gave to us this award, but unfortunately then we didn’t have time to tell about that. We are sorry Sage and we want you to know that we were so happy for that! Sages exiting blog is ‘The (mis)adventures of Sage’!

'My Dream Quilt'

Seven things about me … this is difficult … I started to remember things that I did, even I don’t … for example …

* During the school time, I was few years in a special music class and played violin. Later I played piano. I loved to play but now I don’t even listen music except in the car.

* I went several years to balet class but I don’t dance at all.

* I was playing tennis but I don’t like sports except swimming.

* I was working many years in the restaurant but I don’t like to cook. I like to make applepie and eat sweet and cakes.

* I was riding many years but then after falling I started to be affraid and didn’t ride again.

… and few other things …

* When I was 11 years, with my friend we started a business to make hats. We sold them to our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. They were very supporting!

* I love slowly mornings and I was lucky to work many years from the afternoon till night. Best way to begin the day is having coffee with sandwich and reading your posts!

'Quilts on the rocks'

I like to tell you that Avis is making something that she keeps it secret from me! I’m really waiting to see what she is up to!!! Thank you my friend again for this special award!!!

I hope you enjoy visiting all my friends and reading their wonderful blogs! They are so creative and so often I say aloud ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaah’ when I see what amazing ideas they have and how talented they are!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a lovely weekend and Happy Easter for you who are having Easter now! We celebrate Easter after one week!

Hugs and kisses! TEJE & NERO

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Vof Vof! Welcome all my friends!

Hey – I am making a baby quilt! Any one out there who likes bubbles?!

There was some ready cut squares in the sewing room with these different blues and yesterday I sew them together and there it was, a top for a baby quilt!  But I love bubbles! When I was little boy, I had all my nose in my drinking water and then I blew! Wow that was fun! So I took my baby and made lots of bubbles …

Nelli was looking over and told to me where was still bubbles missing …

What you think Nelli? Is there enough bubbles? I sew all of them over the top with a simple straight stitch.

For the backing I shall use soft, sea blue solid …

I have finished the Beach mini quilt. Still I need to cut the wood stick and then I can show you how easy it is to hang. Till then just quickly one photo over the stone wall . I couldn’t miss this year’s first “{sew} Modern Monday” so meet you at ‘Canoe Ridge Creations’! And tuesday I’m linking with ‘Fabric Tuesday’ at Quilt Story!

And now some really exiting news! Few days ago I got great post from Thunder and Storm from “2 brown dawgs”! They gave to me ‘Collies Choice Award’!!! Wow – was I a little bit surprised! I am very honored and happy for that!

This award was started by ‘The Collies of The Meadow’! They have the most beautiful collies, you will love them! The rules are simple, we have no rules other than the blog we/you give this award to be to us/you personally amongst the best being written.

Thank you so much “2 brown dawgs”!!! I am so proud and happy for this special award! Please pay a visit to say hello to Linda and her beautiful dogs!

I would like to pass this award to my dear, sweet  friend Sage , who is really beautiful and clever girl! She writes about her doggie adventures in her own blog “The (mis)adventures of Sage”!  Sage is very special girl and she is also so kind! Last week she went to she her friend to the hospital and now she is thinking to visit there more often to give joy for the people!

Now I guess I need to send this perfore it disappears … the truth is that I want to go to continue that baby quilt … I hope you don’t mind! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments! I am so happy to have so many dear friends here and like to welcome all the new friends!  Lots of warm hugs and see you soon!

PS. Leona at ‘Leonas’ Quilting Adventures’ has  wonderful presents to us! She has a give away to celebrate her over 900 followers! I’m quite sure you wouldn’t like to miss that!


Ps. You see we are really good friends with Nelli!

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What a lovely summer morning! Coffee is ready and I’m happy to have you here with me and Nero!

Vof vof – we have made a potholder – how exiting! If I don’t look very interested it’s because I feel just too hot. Can you believe that someone can be very happy for a new potholder?

I was thinking few days about potholders made by jean fabric. Last night I slept so well because I had finished this, but the night before all the night I had figures going around in my mind … I could put there a bird, a fish, a butterfly … what else …

Today I want to thank you ‘Just Ramblin’ for the unique award you gave to me and Nero! We are very honoured to have this award and do appreciate it! And mostly we are so happy to see that you, our dear readers, enjoy our blog!

This award is to celebrate your blog as it comes across to the reader as heartfelt and genuine – HERE is the post that explains the reasoning behind this award! ‘Just Ramblin’ is a wonderful blog and worth of visit – ‘Miss Stella’ makes you happy and gives you a big smile with her sweetness and lovely stories!

I think we could celebrate this together, so we shall make a trip …

… but before that I like to tell you about online Quilt Show there is in August! It is a ‘Pet’s Quilt Show’ 15-19-8.2011 hosting by “SewCalGal” and you can read all about that Show from HERE!

About our trip … we shall go to ‘Marathi’! There is a beautiful sandy beach and the best fish restaurant! It’s about 10 minutes drive from my home – we can have a swim first and after that we shall enjoy delicious sea food!

Before we go, Nero wants to say something … Vof – can you see in this photo a small monster? If you like to learn more about that, I shall tell you in my next post!

Also we like to thank you so so so much for all your visits and most lovely messages – we love to read your thoughts! Please write often!

And now – we are on our way …

… make the magic click HERE and we shall be in ‘Marathi’!

Have fun and see you soon!!!!!!!!!


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Hello my Dear Friends and welcome to visit Nero and me! I know that today my post looks mixed…but please don’t mind…everything leads somewhere…

I needed new photo of lemons so I was around the garden with Nero, Hanna and Foxy… we watered some flowers under the roof where the rain doesn’t reach, changed their places…and I saw this ‘leave’ which I haven’t shown you well yet…

I made this ‘plate’ with my friends in autumn. It’s made with concrete and natural leave! It was really interesting work and I’m waiting to make more in spring. My friend has made many bigger like this,  for her garden. When we build our house, one stoneman made that bird while having a lunch brake!

That plate just happened to have the same colour with the next photo I took yesterday…

Beautiful photo! But did you ever think I would need these in Crete!

Most of the days in Hania, the sun is shining…yesterday wasn’t one of those…

 I was wearing all my pullovers and woollen socks! Don’t you think this is the perfect weather to curl up in our armchair, under a quilt and start a new knitting project!

This is the view from my sewing room. I was doing there something to be able to show you how I imaginate my new knit wear. I need desperately new jacket. I went to my ‘yarn store’ to find out what to choose and ended up with these…

I made the small testing piece to see the texture and count the size.

This is my Treasure and Inspiration!

It is my grandfather’s paint box! My Mother had got it from him and later gave to me! I have it front of my cutting table where it reminds me how we should try to be creative and enjoy making something colourful and beautiful by hand!

The thing is that last few days I have been thinking paints… I shouldn’t because I want to concentrate for sewing and if I start to paint, I’ll have that too much in my mind. Anyway… I thought to make just small colour thing for my knitting.

I made again my usual mistake…I couldn’t stop playing with those delicious colours and then I loose the beauty of them…I have to work more! But even I’m not so happy with this I put it here to show you how I plan to share two colours.

This I have made last winter with water colours. “Iceberg”. Here I tried my best and I think for my experience it’s quite nice. I haven’t worked much with water colours.I like them very much but they are really difficult!

Now the first front piece for the jacket looks like this.

A while ago dear Jane gave me award ‘The Liebster Blog’. You can read about the award also here. I would like to give this award to Julia from The Knitting and Sewing corner, to Fiona from Handmade by Fiona and to Benta from Slik Stitches! Julia, Fiona and Benta have wonderful blogs and they make beautiful crafts! Also they have a shop in internet! Please visit my friends and they lovely blogs!

I could continue to write till the evening…but more again next time! Still I haven’t put a name for this post and I know the name for my next post! Would you like to hear it now? …

Nero’s Adventure with fabric ‘puzzle’!!!

Till then – thank you for your lovely company and have a wonderful time! I hope sun is shining to you!


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Hello and Welcome to Summer Street!!! I know all you are waiting SPRINGSUMMERSUN and HOT…walk in the summer street in the city or on the SAND by the BEACH!

Now is just the right time to make or take ‘SUMMER STREET’ bag!

I had this wonderful fabric from Dutch ‘Van Heek’ and it was asking to be a bag. I needed medium size bag after I had made my big shopping bag. Usually when we go to town for small shoppings we end up carrying different plastic bags and I thought it would be nice to have a beautiful bag where to put all of them. Then our sholder bag is not getting too heavy and we ‘old people’ don’t forget half of the shoppings around!

I made four bags…one for me and these three for my shop. It was at the end of last summer. Then I was very late opening my tiny shop and the Christmas season begun, so I let them to wait for a while. Now they are on the self of ‘TejeSarita‘!

This bag is very similar with the big shopping bag and ‘Marimekko’s  big bag. Only I have add a lining and pocket inside. Few detail photos…

We have these days summer (almost) in the morning and later clouds and in the afternoon some rain. This winter till now it has been warm and it hasn’t been raining much. Still I’m waiting the spring like you all…till then let’s enjoy our passion with crafts at home!

My dear friend Jane from ‘Jane’s Journal’ has given me Award!!!

Thank you Jane very much!!! I’m so happy you was thinking me and awarded me with this lovely award!  I do appreciate!!! “Liebster Blog” Award is for the new blogs with less than 300 readers and it’s ment to help new blogs to find more readers and get better known. I think most of the bloggers have opened also a small shop in the internet. All the blogs I was thinking to give this award have received it, so I have to think a little bit more and I’ll get back to that soon.

I’m really happy how much wonderful attention my little ‘patch dog’ got from you! I like it very much and it gave me inspiration and motivate me to think new patchworks and quilts! If you love this dog, you are going to adore THIS!

I’m a big fan of Anne! She writes wonderful blog ‘Film and Thread’! I enjoy always so much her crafts and works and the most beautiful and fun fabrics she is using! You just have to see her ‘Dog Quilt’!

These are  some of the goodies I got last weekend! Thank you so much all my dear friends! Now I can finally eat the chocolate! …hmmm I have eat already some but tried to save few for this photo! “Fazer’s Blue” my chocolate favorite! And if it has a  book about yarnshop to keep company – what could be better for a lovely, relaxing  moment!

Before I leave you to enjoy your weekend, I like to remind you to dream about summer walks…or drives…

Thank you for visiting me today and have the most wonderful and sunny weekend!!!

Ps. this adorable bike is from “Old Bike’s Exhibition”.


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Hello!!! Finally we have reach the end of this year and it’s so exiting to begin the new one!!! I hope it brings your wishes, healthy and happyness!!! How fantastic to have again the hole year front of us to create new crafts and learn new things from each others!!!

I had in my mind sewing and knitting things for this post but then I found the inspiration for the special post which has been waiting for a while…

Just before The Christmas my dear blog friend Carol dominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award!!!

Thank you so much Carol! Carol is so sweet person with lots of talent and creativity! From our first contact I felt like she had been my friend long time! Carol writes wonderful blog with beautiful photos and I love the crafts she makes with lovely and sometimes funny fabrics! I’m so happy to have you my friend, Carol!

My first dog was this beautiful, stylish and most lovable Afghan! She was adorable and we shared very important time of my life. I shall always miss her…

I may wake up at night and make plans for my crafts…I think you do the same…

I like to write and type and I had office work for several years….

My favorite Christmas taste is Rice Pudding with Blueberry soup!

I love stitches – in bags, shoes, quilts – where ever!

I don’t like cold and snow…but I miss Finland…

I don’t like mathematic…I do know to count till 15…I just couldn’t leave any of them…

I want to give The Stylish Blogger Award to these lovely 15…16 bloggers  (they are not in any particular order):

Julia – Julia Crossland

Jane – Jane’s Journal

Jacquie – Bunny Mummy

Julie – The knitting and sewing corner

Marion – Marion’s buntehandarbeitswelt

Dorien – Made by Do

Mia – Mia’s Handmade

Emma – Sylvie’s Garden

Bellaboo – Bella’s Country

Anne – Film and Thread

Anja – The sky from my window

Olive – Olive’s paraphernalia

Val – Bella Bag

Angie – Le monde de Sucrette

Sage – Sage’s adventures

Love Stitches

Visit these wonderful blogs and find lovely things, great ideas and lots of inspiration!!!


There are 4 duties to perform to accept the award:

1. thank and link back to person who awarded you

2. share 7 things about yourself

3. pay it forward to 15 recently discovered bloggers

4. contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

Thank you Carol and all my friends and readers for visiting, writing commenst and encouraging me!

I know you love colours! So, for some colour to this Stylish post I’ll show you my ‘Ocean’ bag!

I love bags…and I love to make bags…and believe me I have made quite many in my life! Now I’m so happy because I can make them as many as I like and share them in my Shop!

I wish you The best ever New Year!!!


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