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Vof vof vof – it’s me Nero here! How great to see you – I have many things to show to you and also some great links at the end! Want translation? Vof is my language and means Hi! Wips = works in process and Wifs = works in finish – now you know some doggie language! In the morning it looked like this on our sewing table …

Sorry, but is someone messing up with my post? This photo just didn’t want to come here and now it doesn’t want to turn?

I don’t really sew, I just tell and show. Teje did some preparings in the morning and then there was SUN so out we ran to take photos. I have been waiting so many days to show you our new fabric baskets! Voila …

beautiful sephard

You can’t see them well? I thought you would love to see my beautiful face first. Okey, here you are, a closer shoot …

You see we were quick enough to catch Hanna in the photo. She is so good avoiding portret photos. Those fabrics with letters are so great for this kind of projects. They are not too hard but still more firm than normal cotton. Exterior has fleece and thin cotton and then there is also lining with that great red ‘kitchen’ fabric! We didn’t quilt those outside pieces but we shall try that, too. It will make them even more steady.

fabric baskets

Our knitting project is going so and so. Three pieces (two sleeves and one front) are 3/4 ready. But I’m (she is) so lazy to start to think how to make the curves on the sleeves and other pieces, so she just starts the next piece … and at the end she has all the pieces at the unpleasant stage. Very soon she needs this jacket so hurry hurry!

fabric baskets

This blogging is really so much fun and teach us so much! I don’t speak many laguages – only ‘doggie’, some ‘finnish’ and a little bit better ‘greek’ – usually I let them believe that it’s all greek to me. But anyway Teje learnt one new word last week: gab! You see I have that! She was writing the post title big bag but she is typing so many mistakes and wrote gab. Then she thought (she likes words and letters) that it looks funny word play and left the name: BIG GAB BAG. It is that green/white/black tote bag. She didn’t think even a moment that there exists a word gab. Then she saw that you used it also in your comments and she took her green, magic book filled with words and there it was! Lucky her that it didn’t mean anything terrible! Great word and I’m sure she never forgets that. To our Finnish readers I like to tell that the book says it means ‘lorpotys, puhelahja’ (please add in your mind those sopts over o). I hope the book has it right!

my puppies

… here I am just gabbing! I wonder can I say like that? But I have an other question to you. Have you seen quilt card? If not, it looks something like this …

Christmas card

I have to confess that this is also a little bit wip because we put that tussel quickly with a safety-pin just for the photo. Now I/she needs to sew it there. This was idea of a moment when she saw those wonky triangles and they looked like a tree.

Christmas cards

Beautiful Christmas basket! This basket is funny because it’s full of grass. One day Teje thought to pick this ‘antique’ basket from the ground and what she saw – lots of cute greens growing through the bottom …

Hanna is always some where near! I think quilt cards are wonderful way to send Christmas greetings to your friends! If you like to make some but you are not sure how, look our tutorial for mini quilt – coasters.

Hmmm, what else … aaa jes I said about links … I have seen again so many fantastic things to make and sew and some great tutorials! Have a look here:

* Pocket wall organizer made by ‘Sew Lux’ – this is beautiful and practical way to keep your Christmas cards, notes etc!

* Box bag made by ‘Truly Myrtle’ – this is great bag to keep your projects, make-ups etc. You can use fabric or piece of your old favourite pullover!

* Wonky pinwheel block made by ‘Green Leaf Goods’ – this is beautiful and fun patchwork block and I’m sure I shall make many of these!

I’m sure you enjoy all these great tutorials and beautiful blogs!

Something she has managed to do today. I go to have a nap with my girls and send Teje to her corner to continue … who knows what these are supposed to become (?).

We are linking with Lee at ‘W.i.p. Wednesday’!

We all from ‘My Post’ = Nero’s Post, send you armfull of hugs and thank you so much for joining our EPP adventure! Do you read Laura’s blog ‘Quokka Quilts’? Laura is hosting the EPP Travellin blog hop and we were so happy to join that! If not, you could stop by! She’s is so sweet and fun, too! She gave us a good laugh with our Greek feta cheese! Have fun and take care!



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Hi! I hope you had a great weekend! I met this cutie at the weekend …

The most sweet kitten!

We had a lovely lunch with dear friends at the fish restaurant and there are always many kittens around waiting to get their share.

The most sweet kitten!

This little girl was special; it had so beautiful fur mixed with some long hairs!

sailing boat on the beach

It was still beautiful weather and there were people on the beach … and something else … a sailing boat! We don’t know what has happened to this poor boat!

sailing boat on the beach

Marathi beach in Chania

We were eating under the white roof and on the far left you see the sailing boat. In Marathi there are also lots of fishing boats.

Marathi, Chania

All the morning was sunny and later there came some clouds … still no rain and the warm continues.

fishing boats

Even I’m not fan of sailing (I feel uncomfortable in boats and ships), I like to see boats … it’s fun to read their names … the first one is “My Dream”.

patchwork coasters

From the sewing table … I have made some coasters and I am preparing also tutorial for these. These are like mini quilts and if you haven’t made any quilt yet, by following my tutorial you can easily learn all the basics. These are made with patchwork blocks …

patchwork coasters

… and some more with raw edge applique … green/turquoise to match with this tea cosy

raw edge applique coasters

… and of course also in orange to match with orange tea cosy!

raw edge applique coasters

And now some great links:

*Janice from ‘Better of Thread’ has made adorable block with Santa’s hat and then she made the most fun and beautiful pillow with four blocks! I love that! And she made also TUTORIAL for the block and pillow! I’m sure you love it, too!

* Faith from ‘Fresh Lemons’ has made fantastic star block and pillow with that! Also here you have TUTORIAL!

* If you like to see my Santa’s Hat block from last Christmas, it’s HERE. I made lots of mini quilts/mug rugs with different pictures. I made also TUTORIAL  for the mini quilt/mug rug.

I hope you find inspiration for your Christmas sewings! I’m still trying to cope with my autumn sewings?! I have had beautiful scene on my sewing table and today I have cut also some ‘written’ fabrics …

Fluffy Sheep Quilting

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! Soon it’s my turn at Laura’s Blog Hop with EPP = english paper piecing!


The most sweet kitten!

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Hello! Welcome all our friends and new visitors – welcome to Nero’s Post and Patch and to Greece! It’s show time!!! ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’ starts today! Big Thank You Amy for organizing and hosting this festival! Amy from ‘Amy’s Creative Side’, makes amazing work organizing this festival every spring and autumn!

'Butterfies' quilt

I’m joining with my ‘Butterflies’ quilt and this time I had the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’ in my mind all the summer … or some where in my back thoughts … because I started to make these blogs in spring and thought that this could be just ready for the festival. Summer is busy season here and there is not much time for sewing, but I did make butterflies!

butterfly applique

In spring I visited my home country Finland, and returned luggage filled with colourful fabrics! I just had to see how they look sewn even I didn’t have time or plan for some project. Now and then I make some crochet butterflies and I wanted to try how I could make butterflies with fabrics.  Beginning of this butterfly quilt is here …

raw edge applique

I draw and cut wings from hard paper, cut them from fabrics and sewthem with raw edge applique on the white squares … and more and more butterflies …

butterfly quilt blocks

This was the perfect project for my busy summer! It was so fun and relaxing to see these cute butterflies in different colours and prints! But I had to make a plan. What to make with these? I don’t have much free wall for a wall quilt and I didn’t feel like making a throw quilt with these. Then I realized that over the bed is just perfect space for a wall quilt. I had to stop making more butterflies, because the size had to be this …

butterfly quilt

Now one day Amy had posted about the coming ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’ and I couldn’t believe that it’s already autumn and time for an other festival! I had to continue and I decided to add here a border to make it like a butterfly collection. I had used the same border and white binding in my ‘Patient’ wall quilt and I really enjoy watching it. So the same was made here …

'Butterflies' quilt

I have made the butterflies with raw edge applique. I love that method because I can make any kind of shapes very easily and it gives beautiful alive and shabby look for a quilt! I have made many quilts, pillows and fabric pictures with raw edge applique.

raw edge applique

Other thing in quilting that I really enjoy is hand quilting! For me it’s like a part of painting process, it makes the last details and gives beautiful deepness and shadows to the quilt! Today I was really lucky because after three days rain we have blue sky and sun is shining! I finished this quilt just before yesterday, then washed it yesterday and dried it inside and wasn’t sure if I can give you sunny photos. Yesterday there was sunshine for a while and I took the quilt and camera … opened the door just to see that it was raining … with the sunhine!

hand quilting

When I started to write my blog two years ago, there was this quilt festival and I remember so well thinking if I’m ever able to join. And here I am now for the fourth time! This time I thought it’s my turn to show and tell about my quilt because till now my furry friends have helped me. First time Nero showed his ‘Nero’s Garden’ quilt, then he showed ‘Orange Stones’ quilt and last spring Hanna showed ‘My Dream Quilt’.

This time Hanna was joining only by keeping me company, as usually, with photographing. We live in Chania in Crete, the most loved place by tourists. But now it’s the end of the season and the last tourists fly home …

All the summer the sun is shining and it’s so straight over us that there are not much shadows anywhere during the day. But now there is beautiful warm autumn light and shadows …

'Butterflies' quilt

I hope you have lots of time to visit all the quilters who are joining ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! This is something really special because you can see so many fantastic quilts, find wonderful ideas and get lots of inspiration!!!

I’m sure you think that I have a quilt on our bed – of course … but unfortunately not, because someone else is there when they think we don’t see … ‘Butterfly’ quilt is going to replace those paintings for a change …

That small footstool is for Nero to look from the window. He has arthritidis in his back legs and like this he can look out more comfortable. Nero, when you wake up, could you please sow some spinach and cabbage to the vegetable garden because I’m on my way to the quilt festival !

'Butterflies' quilt


‘BUTTERFLIES’: designed and made by me

Quilt size: 27″ x 56″

Special technics: Raw edge Applique

Quilted by hand with ‘Perle’ cotton n:o 8

Category: Applique Quilt, Hand Quilted Quilt

Nero’s Post and Patch # entry n:o 112

Thank you so much for your visit – I hope you enjoyed your visit to Greece and perhaps had a moment to look around Nero’s and my blog! We wish you wonderful weekend and lovely autumn!


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