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Vof vof my dear friends! It’s Nero here! Finally it’s Christmas and I can soon open my presents! I wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Merry Christmas

JOULU means Christmas in Finnish. My idea came a little bit late and there were not enough days for CHRISTMAS. I hope you don’t mind … I’m sure that next year I have it in English and who knows what other language!

Nero's Christmas Calendar

With this little J I wish you JOY!

Christmas Card

Special and fun Christmas Card from dear friend. Thank you so much!

And my Moomin friends went for a Christmas drive! That would be the best thing to do in Christmas – to go for a reindeer – drive!

day 24

And finally we have opened all the doors in my Moomin’s Christmas Calendar …

Moomin's Christmas Calendar

I’m so happy that you have joined my Christmas Calendar and count down! Your sweet messages have been the joy of…

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Hi Dear Friends! Yesterday we visited Finland so today I welcome you to Greece!

day 7

Wear your flip flops and let’s go to the beach …

flip flop fabric

I wish I had all those funny flip flops because I wear them at least 6 months an year!

At Moomins it snowing …


Did you see yesterday my little blue-white star cushion? You know what I found today? Amy from ‘Diary of a Quilter’ showed yesterday the most beautiful pillow with the same star but in red and white! She used the star to make a mini quilt or a pillow (as you like). It’s adorable and she has also great tutorial, so LOOK HERE! I shall absolutely make red-white star!

day 7

And News! When I started my blog I was first thinking the name ‘Nero’s News and Needles’. With my sister’s help I decided that post and patch sounded better. Name can be sometimes difficult to…

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Nero’s & Hanna’s Christmas Calendar starts in our new blog!

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Vof vof vof!!! It’s Nero here! Welcome to our Christmas Calendar!!!!!!! This has been my special project and I’m so excited to start! I wish You Good Month and Happy 1st of December!

Christmas Calendar 2013

So – are you ready to start the count down? I am and I’m so happy you are joining us! Here we go …

1st of December

I thought it’s nice to start with cute little Angel in Christmas colours. Don’t you think I have done great job for a boy … and a furry-boy especially! Everyone here is now so busy that I had to take over the sewing and fortunately Hanna, my secretary helps to write the numbers.

pin cushion

I shall show you also every day something from my …


… Finnish friends …


Yeeeee … they are Moomins!!! We have a Christmas Calendar with Moomins!

Christmas Calendar day 1

They are just the best! This time the calendar gives us little cards to play later the memory game –…

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This and more “Christmas & Seasonal” tutorials in my new blog! http://www.nerospost.wordpress.com

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Hi! Welcome to to the 1st part of my ‘Christmas – Seasonal’ Tutorials! … and it’s not even November yet! Today we shall have fun with little trees!

Embroidery Hoop Decor - tutorial

Catch your scraps and let’s start! Take a piece of fabric for the base. Take the inner piece of the embroidery hoop.  Draw a circle about 2.5″ – 3″ bigger that the hoop. Cut your fabric circle. I didn’t use those coocie molds but instead of the trees we can make some other shapes.

decoration tutorial

Then cut the same size circle from a thin fabric for the backing. For the backing you can use some other thin material, too. I used something which is like those disposable sheets. It’s thin and covers the wadding so the sewing is easier.

Now take a piece of wadding or fleece and draw a circle inside the the inner hoop. (The wadding is smaller so that it doesn’t go between the two hoops).

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Fabric give away!!!

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Hello and welcome! I have made my first … and second order with the gift certificate I won from the PINK CHALK FABRICS! Thank you again so much!

Fantasy Forest

Fantasy Forest

Woodpecker was the one who got me in to this and the ‘Fantasy Forest’ brought the 1. prize home! I was very happy to get to know better Carrie from ‘Pink Chalk fabrics’ because she is so sweet and helpful. I made my first order and tried to keep it reasonable. Then of course I regreted because didn’t take some fabrics I liked and I asked her  if I could still add something to my first order. Carrie compined the shipping and now I just have to wait.

But the best thing is that I have something for you, too! Carrie gave me $20 gift certificate to share with you! So now one of you will be in same difficult position as I was – what…

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Hello Dear Friends! I am happy to show you finally my version of the ‘Forest QAL’ – quilt that somehow chose it’s own way and became ‘Fantasy Forest’ …

'Fantasy Forest' by Teje Karjalainen

‘Fantasy Forest’ by Teje Karjalainen

First I want to thank Julianna from ‘Jednoglec’ and Joanna from ‘Shape Moth’ ! Thank you so much for hosting this Quilt along and sharing these fantastic patterns!

Forest QAL

This story began in March when Forest QAL started with the first block of Woodpecker. If that hadn’t been the first block, I don’t think I had ever made this quilt. I liked that block so much that I had to try if I can make it. This was my first ever foundation piecing block and it became almost the last, too. It took all my patient and several days, but there it was the ‘thank’ at the end. I learned and got hooked!


I had been thinking that it’s waste of time to…

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Vof vof Friends! It’s Show time!!!! ‘Bestest Show on Earth!

This fantastic show takes place at ‘Lily Pad Quilting’ and it’s all about PETS ON QUILTS!!! And here we are having fun on our quilts … welcome every one to join us under the palm tree!

Pets on Quilts Show 2013

It’s a hot day, but we thought why not have our quilts in the shadow under the palm tree. If you visit us first time, I’ll tell you that we live in Greece in Crete and summer is hot here. Our sewist is from Finland but she has lived here long time and hb is from here. Summer is also very busy time, so I didn’t write so much lately but soon it’s autumn, my favourite season and then I shall write you often … I have always so much to tell and show!

'this dark blue star is my favourite'

‘this dark blue star is my favourite’

We got these quilts in spring – because we can sleep on them…

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