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Hey guys!!! Nero here, again! I have so exited news to you – my dear blog friend ‘BUNK THE PUG’ is hosting a contest: “Easter Egg Hunt”! Yeeeeh!!! And guess what … I am a sponsor – wooow that sounds really impressive!


Bunk was asking if I would like to join the fun and I’m always ready for a game! Egg Hunting … that is going to be fun! So we are joining by giving a gift card to our shop ‘TEJESARITA’,  and if you find all the eggs and are really quick, you can win really good prizes!


I am wondering where he has hide those eggs … we have so many birds in my garden, that I think I could find many, many eggs … or is it too early … birdies are still fixing their homes so I guess they are not quilt … I mean quite ready to have eggs. You know that we love birds! When we tried to think what to send to our friend to thank her about the presents she sent to us – it became a bird again!

applique bird

We made this little quilt with bird in the garden because we know that Lori loves nature!

bird mini quilt

And behind the birdie is hiding in the leaves …

Because we had just found our first amazing sea glasses and some shells from the beach, we add few of them, too …

I haven’t been on the beach for a long time, because … hmmm there are often other dogs and I don’t like that … so I just show you what Teje saw on the beach …

art on the beach

Art of nature – I’m wordless!

So now what … I think it’s better you go for the ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ because the contest has already started. It’s not too difficult and you can win some really great things! Go go Go go now!!! I will support and engourage you! GOOD LUCK!!! You find the button also on my sidelist! 

What about sewing? We have done something … finally … we just needed some special colour and of course few other basic materials. Can you guess what we have finished?

I give you a hint: it’s the green! And look we got also a great idea for a patchwork – splash spots!

I shall link at Quilt Story’s  ‘Fabric Tuesday’!

Last time I showed to you the orange-white mini quilt and I was just amazed about your wonderful comments! Thank you! Thank you! You are just the best ever friends! I’m so happy that you shared your thoughts about those rhombuses and teached me that they are ‘drunken squares’ - isn’t that fun! and parallelogramms, that’s greek by the way, that’s why it’s so difficult word!

Now I think I need to rest a little bit after all these human words and maths …

Hugs and kisses! NERO & TEJE

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Welcome Wonderful Weekend! I hope you have lots of happiness and beautiful weather this weekend! I have been busy but now I shall enjoy the weekend with my puppies and other happy things! Not that I haven’t had happy things and moments also all the week!

Beginning this lovely sunny Saturday with pre-washing new fabrics …

beautiful fabrics

… having fun in the garden with my sweet dogs …

… making more blocks …

patchwork blocks

… sss … sewing some sashing …

… colours are almost the same as in the water …

… the beach house after the storm …

… the sweet girl who took me to this little beach …

She is such a darling and we have had so wonderful time together. Now her family is back home and I shall spend more time with my sweet puppies. But look what we found …

sea glass

When my dear friend Lori sent to me sea glass, I was so happy because I had never found any by myself … and look now …

sea glass

You never know what you can find from the beach? … ? …

You can understand that when I found these labels from Jennifer’s Etsy shop, I couldn’t resist them! Next time I may try to do my own design to be the same as the banner and logo … or perhaps I stay on the beach!

… dreaming about new fabrics …

These fabrics are ‘Cosmos’ by Dan Bennet and I saw them in ‘The Intrepid Thread’ Etsy shop. First on my wish list!

Something for weekend happiness :

Little sewing machines made with LEGOS by Riel!

NOTEBOOK with photos by Kati! She used beautiful photos from her quilts!

Make a wall quilt coloured with CRAYONS by Carol!

What makes you happy this weekend? Your lovely messages make me always so happy – Thank You for them! Now I shall go to have a ball game with Nero!


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Hello! I would like to welcome you to join me for lovely walk on a sunny beach … ?!?! hmmmm – that was my thought few days ago, but I guess I wouldn’t have any company today …

I’m happy that I don’t live in that beach house! This is the best I could do to show you what happens outside today. I even got out from the car to get these photos. I hope my camera didn’t drink too much salty sea water.

Here I couldn’t step outside and I know that first day without rain, I am washing my car – salty water is a monster for a car! I hope I could show you a video, because the sea is today so unbeliavable! Beautiful, horrible, amazing, just so fantastic and powerful!

Yesterday morning, just before this storm began, I took few photos. Some of these blocks you have seen months ago. Now I have an idea how they could make a small quilt …

What you think? Can they lead some where or is there going to be only a wall against …

Something else happening on my sewing table, but can’t tell you much about that yet …

These last days there has been going on so much in sewing blogs! I always try to write down somewhere great links i see, to remember them and I have collect several for you.

PINCUSHIONS you have to see!

“Pea pod wristlet” from Megan at ‘Quilt Story’

“Mermaid” and “Boat” from ‘Cut to Pieces’

“Shoe” from ‘Creative Carmelina’


Jennifer from ‘Ellison Lane Quilts’ has made a great tutorial!


Leanne from ‘She can quilt’ has made fantastic mini quilts and today she has her 1st blog birthday and a give away!

Dorien from ‘Made by Do’ has made adorable set of mini quilts – spring tulips and colour circles!


Katherine and Jane are having a ‘quilt together’ with solids and they have made great posts about colours! There are really good links how you can make colour palettes etc.

If you like to see how beautiful the beach was last week, visit my other blog ‘MAHERIDA HOLIDAY HOMES’ ! I hope that one day I meet you here – if you are planning your holidays, have a look on our Holiday Homes and who knows – maybe you come to Crete for holidays!

I hope you have time to visit some of the links because they are really good!

I am linking at ‘Fabric Tuesday’ and they have featured my ‘Parasols’ quilt on the beach! Thank you so much!

Thank you for your visit and all your sweet comments! Hope to see you soon!


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Hello my Dear Friends! Here we are spending this Friday again mostly at home, because it’s rainy, rainy, rainy and rainy! I feel that these last days we have had all for seasons and sometimes in one day!

'Pic Nic' blanket

Weather has been mostly rainy but some days it was changing every half an hour … from lovely sunny moment to …

… storm, rain and unbelievable strong wind. One day the wind was so strong that many trees were falling down not to mention all the smaller things like tables and chairs ‘flying’ around! Sea looked amazingly beautiful – full of ‘white sheeps’ and white dusty going with the wind!

Our little village. Those mountains you see are the lowest and behind in the clouds are the snowy ‘White Mountains’. Our house is on the far left.

Then again some beautiful springly moments …

There is already some flowers giving us hope, while waiting the spring! And so much green grass every where!

Sunny view from our super-market’s parking place!

These creatures had fun playing, before they were hidden again in the old fabric from the rain. For many sweet creatures this cold, rainy season makes life difficult …

… yesterday on my way home, I met these beautiful friends. They were sleeping under the tree. It was soft and ‘cosy’ corner … but it was windy and raining! Fortunately I had crackers with me to give. They didn’t take them from me, even the smaller let me pet her. But after I left they took the crackers.

The beach of Kalathas is on the left side and behind these trees is one taverna. Where you see now water (behind the dogs) is normally a parking place! In the winter the rough sea brings the water far a way from the beach because that place is a little bit lower!

So I guess it’s going to be enjoyable weekend in the sewing attic, because they say that this weather is going to continue … who knows how long.  Finally I am thinking to catch the pink quilt top with the wadding and the backing. And then the fun part begins … quilting!

I would like you to meet my sweet friend MAUREEN! Her BLOG is so wonderful and full of her beautiful crafts and designs! She has today give away for lovely fabrics, so why not to go to say hello to her!

With Nero we like to wish you wonderful weekend! If you can’t enjoy sunshine outside, take some sunny colours – fabrics, yarns, paints – and make your own sunshine!

Thank you so much for your visits and sweet messages you have wrote to us!

Hugs and kisses! TEJE & NERO

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Vof – vof!!! Hi everyone! Great to see you on this beautiful, sunny Saturday! We have made new patchwork picture and we have been cleaning and laundrying because two days we have had surprisingly beautiful weather!

I love to be outside in the garden on days like this … there is always something exiting … something smelling good in the air … someone running behind the olive tree … hhmmmm we had a small quarrel yesterday, because I was chasing Nelli. I was sitting in my normal guarding place and suddenly I saw something moving behind the stone wall. Of course I hade to run quickly there to see if it is a mouse or what … it was Nelli and then she began to run and I was running after her but she was running more and I couldn’t catch her. Then she disappeared to the neighbour’s field. I was strongly told not to do that again if I like to be friend with Nelli! 

This is our latest sunshine. It’s on the self of our small etsy shop if you like to have a small summer view for your home! 

Behind it looks like this …

I guess it’s quite funny small fabric picture! Now I have also a little bit more lightful photo to show you the patchwork flower (also in our shop) …

If you like to see details for this, hop to this post.

So now what … maybe it’s time to continue the pink baby quilt …

This was started just after the blue baby quilt but now it has been waiting on the side. While geting new ideas and inspiration, it’s a good moment to finish this. Perhaps even quilt it outside if the weather continues like this!

Yesterday there was a wonderful surprise from the post office! A present from far away from Leona! Leona writes a lovely blog and she makes amazing quilts! Visit her to see her beautiful craft in “Leona’s Quilting Adventure”! Thank you Leona, I love these fabrics and the pouch that you have made so perfectly!

Look how beautiful colours in the morning sun! And the thread is woollen from Aurifil! I am exited to try that!

If you are new with blogging and don’t know how to add your link or flickr photo in a link party or some where else, you can find great advices from ‘Stormy Days’! I’m linking at ‘Love affair with my Brother’, ‘{Sew} Modern Monday’ and ‘Fabric Tuesday’.

Vof – you see what I meant … there is again something in the tree! … okey I know it’s Nelli and she knows that I can’t climb to the olive tree! 

I go to continue my jobs … hang the laundry out, finish the ‘black eye bean’ soup and who knows what I shall find from the bushes! Wish you a wonderful weekend and hope to see you soon!

Hugs and kisses!!! 


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Hello Dear Friends! Few words for Friday! Today I remembered that I haven’t showed to you my winter coat and soon the winter is turning again to spring!

crochet coat

I have made this crochet coat/jacket some time ago and I use it in winter here in Crete. In Finland this would be great for spring and autumn. But believe it or not, I need here also some times my feature winter coat!

Oops … now I noticed that the sleeves are not turned like they are meant to be. You may see ‘a line’ where the right sleeve is normally turned (about 2″ from edge). Sorry, but I can’t take a new photo now.

The yarn, I have used is very thin for machine knitting, so I have used 3 of them together. There is white, brown and one mixed colour.  I didn’t have any pattern, just took some measures from an other jacket. All the pieces are very simple shapes. This is very thick and warm and only for outside use. Sometimes I have been thinking that a linen would be great … but I guess I feel it’s too complicated for me to make it. Then this could be used also even when it’s windy weather.

crochet coat

This day began with beautiful sunshine and blue sky! Shadows were still deep and dark when I was out with the dogs taking these photos. Now it’s turning to very strong wind and from the evening againg rain is expected. It was great to have two days brake from rain! Ah, almost forgot to tell you that two days ago in the morning we had zero 0! degrees!!! The front window of the car was frozen! That was Really Unusual!

cretan cats

This week I am visiting often my new ‘golden’ friend and I meet this gang every day. An other time I will introduce my friend to you. These fellows here have also some kiddies around …

cretan cats

… some one is brave enough to pose but some one preferes to hide!

I wanted to tell you about my blog friend Lori! She is very talented photographer and she makes beautiful things, knitting etc! Do you know what is knitting doll? I dind’t – it’s also called knitting nancy, knitting spool, french knitter …! Find out at Lori’s blog “Lori x 5″! Lori has two give aways open till sunday!

If you haven’t entered my give away yet, you have still time! I have made it till Sunday 22.1.2012!

Other reason I wanted to see you today, is that after a long time I want to join Andrea’s, Linda’s,  Beth’s and Annemarie’s great link parties! Please visit them and find lots of friends with their wonderful blogs and crafts they are sharing!

So now it’s time to have a cup of coffee and visit You and then I’m on my way to that sweet girl who is waiting for me!

Thank you so much for all your comments! I have enjoyed reading your lovely messages and I was so happy that you liked to share your favourite colours and cloths!

So the give away is open till Sunday and that means that propably next Tuesday Nero has picked the winner! Good Luck to all of you! Remember to visit Lori, too!


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Hello my Dear Friends!!!

 I’m so happy to see you again after the short break we had here in ‘Nero’s Post and Patch’! We had sort of ‘holidays’ and now we are slowly getting back to our normal rutins …  if there are some.

Our dear friend from Finland was here and all we girls spent some relaxing days in ‘Maherida’. There it is so pieceful – most of the time you can hear only the sound of the sea!

The weather was just perfect – not too hot, not too cold – bright sun – blue sky and sea!

Two weeks ago, just before our holidays, we had one really hot Sunday. It was a good day for sewing and I took my hexagon blocks and begun the puzzle for the ‘sewing machine cover’.

I gathered the blocks, some left over scraps and other patches. Then I cut the white fabric to the right size to be the base for the cover and begun to ‘fill’ it …

I took some dark blue also to have something stronger with all those bright colours and white.

I didn’t have a plan in the beginning – just tried the patches with different ways to find how I like them. Most difficult part was the center. There is going to bee also a hole for the handle.

For the moment the pieces look like this. I though the stitching would be done till now, but more likely tomorrow. And of course I had to take these to the sun …

When I was sewing, all the family was inside enjoying the cool air of the air-condition. My dear Hanna had find the most comfortable place to sleep …

Last two weeks went so quickly even we were relaxing and having lazy time. Still there happened almost too much. We had lots of laugh but also tears – lots of fun but also worries. I shall tell you more in next posts - for example about this BABY!

I hope you are having a great time, wonderful weather and you are enjoying the summer and holidays!!!

We have had lots of ‘brakes’ with the internet, but still I have read most of your posts. So great to see what you are doing during the summer! Still there are problems with the comments as you know. Some blogs are like before, but somewhere it just doesn’t except any id. Let’s hope that will be fixed soon and we can change again our thoughts.

Now I shall be on my way to visit you! By any chance some cake with the coffee?


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Hello and vof-vof our Dear Friends!!!

Today we are here all together to talk about summer. Now it’s really hot – + 32 in the shadow – I don’t dare to think how much in the sun. This is a holiday time and our dear friend is coming here in few days from Finland! I heard that I am going to the beach with her! Now there is a difficult decision to make …

… should I take my blue sun-hat or the other one …

… turqoise is so beautiful and goes well with my pink towel – but I think the other one covers my eyes well …

… I don’t know … I take both of them! I have packed also my ‘travel set’. When Nero was young and had to eat special food, he got this great present. Now it’s just perfect for my trip!

This set has place for everything – food, goodies, buiscuits and water!

Oh boy – it is sometimes difficult with the girls …

… what’s the big deal if the hat is blue or pink! If it gives me shadow when the sun is too shiny, it’s good enough!

Aaah, that’s much better! Did you notice that my other ear is not so up … I was again fighting with the vet. This time there was Mr. Kostas and he don’t mind even I fight and we fixed my ear without me sleeping. It was a bad moment but then I was feeling so well and I didn’t feel sleepy the rest of the day like usually.

Now I’m feeling great and I shall enjoy my holidays under the shadow tree next to the pool! My dear girlfriend Foxy is going to keep me company …

… it’s nice to walk around in the garden but it is sooooo hot …

… isn’t there any sun-hat for me? I want to go home to my lovely, comfortable arm chair!

Hello … some people talk, too. Last time I showed  you some hexies. I really like them and now I have finished few blocks …

I made them a little bit wonky and didn’t measure the patches. I was thinking if someone could guess what I thought I could make with hexagons … I have been thinking so much how to make my ‘Dream Quilt’. Since I won those beautiful fabrics, it has been in my mind.

It is difficult to choose how to make that quilt because there are so many fantastic choises and also the fabrics are too beautiful to cut very small pieces. So that’s why I think I could make something like this …

If you like hexagons and want to see great tutorial, visit my last post to find a link to Jaybird Qilts! You can make so many different kind of hexacons and in an easy way!

Those two first blocks I’m going to use to make a cover for my sewing machine. For a long time now this special tea towel has protected my machine from the dust …

My sister used to live in this beautiful, small village and I was lucky to visit her there! Once she sent to me this lovely tea towel, which is like a painting. One day I shall create something with this; perhaps a wall quilt. You can visit my sister’s website here!

I’m having busy time during the summer and as Hanna said, we are going to have summer guests. First comes our dear friend from Finland, who gave home to Hania and Obi! So I thought this is perhaps good time to have a small ‘blog-holiday’, too. Perhaps I miss you and I’ll be back soon – but if there is not enough time,  I’ll see you in two weeks.

We wish you sunny, happy, joyful, relaxing, creative holidays and send you our warmest hugs and kisses!!!

See you at the coffee shop on the beach!!!


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Hip Hop my Sweet Friends!!! I’m very happy to meet you after some (again) busy days! Now it’s really summer here, +25 – +30 degrees and  all the day sunshine! We have had lots of work with the swimming pool and now it’s finally ready to jump in!

Most of my mornings are gentle and slow even the rest of the day may be too busy. I love the moment with morning coffee and the newspaper. If there is no Finnish newspaper, the book  will do also. Especially in winter time I have my morning coffee with you my blog friends!

Lately I have had hexagons in my thoughts. But I can’t begin to sew them by hand – it’s just too slow project for the moment. I was thinking if I cut a hexy and put white around to make it square … Sometimes when you think something, you find that there are others with the same thoughts! I was so happy to see the hexagons that Lee from Freshly Pieced made and she has a tutorial, too!

I began from this … it looks still like this because after cutting these three days ago, I didn’t have a chance to sew them … but I had some time to ‘study’ at the computer and lucky me again, I found Julie from Jaybird Quilts! She has made fantastic tutorial for hexagons! Before I couldn’t think how to make them … and now it’s a piece of cake!

These I cut after reading the tutorial of Julie, which has 7 parts and different kind of hexy-blocks! By the way, did you know that you know Greek? ‘Eksi’ is 6 in Greek and from that comes hexagon. ‘Tria’ is 3 – triangle, ‘pente’ is 5 – pentagon! So easy to learn Greek!

Choices are countless – how to join the triangles to be hexagons. It’s also really beautiful if you make every triangle with stripes. To be honest, I sew this together just few minutes ago, to be able to show it to you. So I didn’t have time to try many possibilities …

… and still one white stripe is missing … but you know what? I think this could be IT! Do you guess what I’m thinking? I’ll give you a small tip: m…d…q…! Tell me if you guessed!

My sweet Nelli – she is sleeping at the end of my sewing table! I was thinking to make a sewing machine cover with these testing pieces of hexies. ‘Singer’ doesn’t has any cover  like ‘Husqvarna’ had a great hard ‘box’ without bottom, which was a cover and a travel-box, too. In summer time we have lots of dust because doors and windows are open all the day. And having Nelli on my sewing table means hairs and more dust. So it’s time to make a cover.

Today 11 o’clock on the beach of Tersanas. It was a perfect morning! Warm, sunny day, without wind … how about having your own corner under this tree …

I was standing in  same place when taking these photos. This tree is on the right, just few steps from the small road and a little bit more steps from our Holiday Homes ‘Maherida’.

On my way to work, there are so beautiful views but it’s not easy to stop anywhere to take photos. I’ll do my best to show you soon also the beach of Kalathas ‘in summer look’.

Now I remember something … I need to go out just for a second … I’m back …

…hhhmmmm… I didn’t post this here … where is the rest of my post … let’s try again …

The artichoke today!

… and now I should remember what else I wrote …

Hanna sends her love to all of you! She will be proud to be a mannekin again! Yesterday she had her beauty bath and she is ready for modelling!  Nero needs to go to the vet again – one ear has again ‘hematoma’. I’m so sad to trouble him all the time but what can we do.

Thank you so much for taking a moment to visit my blog and thank you for all your sweet comments! I hope you had a lovely time and if you love hexagons but didn’t know easy way to make them – now you know!

I wish you wonderful summer weather and lovely, relaxing Sunday!!!


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Hello all my dear friends! I have missed you – one week without writing to you!

Easter week was extra busy! We had a big dinner party – more than 50 people – friends and relatives. Now we are almost back to normal every day rutin.

When I came back home today, Hanna had missed me. She was more than happy to be a model when we took out some patchwork blocks. When I started to think a quilt, where even my dogs would be allowed to lie, I picked this old brown fabric and simple white to clear it.

I don’t like much that brown but it’s perfect for making different blocks and testing and learning new ones. And with white – I may even like it a little bit.

I haven’t made any patchwork or even one block for a while and I miss that. These I have made perhaps last month … it was nice just to see them and remember that ‘there they are’! I like the shape of triangle and square.

This beautiful purple-green bush is called here ‘Thrumbi’. It smells like oregano and grows wild. We have it in many places in the garden and this time it’s full of tiny flowers and it has wonderful smell. I wish again I could send you that smell! 

Would you like to go for a quick walk to the beach? Today at work we thought to have a walk to the nearest beach to take few photos.

Here we begin from the road front of ‘Maherida Holiday Homes’ …

This area is ‘Maherida’ and the name of this small beach is also Maherida. In 5 minutes we were on the beach - slowly walking, no running …

I just love the colours all around this time of the spring! Nature’s patchwork!

This beach is really small bay and if you continue walking other 5 minutes you reach the second bay of Maherida.

During the winter the sea is often rough and storms and big waves bring all kind of things to the beach … unfortunately mostly rubbish … but if you are lucky you may see something interesting …

I found this rope!  … then back to work … all the walk took only 15 minutes …

New nameplate and the gate are on their place … come to see how it looks in the garden of our ‘Holiday Homes’!

In the morning the sky was gray but finally we had the most beautiful, sunny day!

There is more than 100 olive trees around us! We have put some geraniums around. Two homes are now ready for holiday guests and when I finish the other two, I shall plant more flowers and some herbs.

Do you see the rope I found? It’s quite big! This became also a big post … but what can I do … I needed to have some patchwork  here and I wanted to show you around my work!

Thank you for visiting us! I ‘steel’ every free moment to visit you, but have not always time to write a message. I’m sorry for that. Still I like you to know that I have been there! You have wonderful Easter posts with beautiful photos! I have seen so many new adorable quilts, you have made – how can I ever choose how to make my ‘Dream Quilt’!?



 Ps. For some unknown reason the comments were off – I have ‘allowed’ them now twice – I hope it believes I do want all the lovely comments from my unique friends!!!

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