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Hello Dear Friends! This is a great Monday – lovely date 12.12. and also very exiting because there is lots of happenings in the blogland …

I made yesterday mini quilt for myself. While doing all those mini quilts, I made also this base with some special patches. Yesterday I thought to clean away Christmas sewings to continue my Dream Quilt and so it was time to finish this.

I didn’t want this one to be only for the Christmas so I made winter in the forest! Those small spots on the trees are cones! Sometimes the snow looks blue because of the winter light, so the snowflakes and the small hill are blue.

… one more thing to my Forest series! I still like very much this ‘Finnish Forest’ quilt and ‘Finn Forest’ pillow! This blanket was the first one I quilted by hand and I made those stitches too tight. But I love the trees, the colours and the log cabin is always so good block! 

I want to tell you that there are so many giveaways going on around the blogland this week! I have add two buttons up on my sidelist. Quilting Gallery celebrates their 4th Birthday with a whole week  blog-hop giveaways! Visit Quilting Gallery’s site to find the list of all the 241 bloggers who are participating!

There is Accuquilt Christmas Theme blog-hop and giveaways! SewCalGal is one of the participating blogs and visiting her blog you can enter to her giveaway for a GO!Baby! and see the list of the participating blogs!

And one more! SewMamaSew is having a traditional giveaway day 12.12! There are many, many blogs participating! I think from this afternoon bloggers can start to add their links to SewMamaSew’s giveaway site.

So this week there will be so many lucky crafters winning fabrics and other sewing supplies! I don’t deny that I do wish I’m one of them and win some fabrics!

Look how our lawn/grass is growing … climbing over the walls! When we made the lawn we added only very small amount these seeds. It is good variety because it’s very strong and covers the ground well and also it spreads too well. But now it starts to be too much!

There are some flowers in the garden –  these little, blue sweeties and rosies – but mostly the garden is now really green!

I think I have to go … I smell something reeeaaalllly gooood …

… applepie is ready! I wish I could send you some!!!

Thank you so much for spending a moment with me and thank you for all those amazing and sweet messages you have send to Nero! He was so so happy to hear how much you liked his photos with the Santa hat and his letter to Santa Claus! Nero is sending his warm hugs to you and I wish you a wonderful week and good luck with all the giveaways!!!


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Hello my Dear Friends! How nice to see you again! Coffee is ready – buns and buiscuits on a plate – enjoy!

Many days have passed since I told you that I shall tell you more about my Japanese inspiration. Now it’s time to continue this theme. I have finished two pillows with blue jean fabric. The beginning jeans & salmiakki pillows is HERE.

I have always loved the shape of square and I made the back for both of the pillows like this. The inspiration for the front side came with my new GO!Baby cutter and from this special book …

My dear sister brought this wonderful book for me from Japan! So often I have spent lovely moments with this book – every page has something beautiful and stylish to inspirate me!

When I had cut the diamonds for the first pillow there was lots of ‘almost triangle’ left over pieces. I started to put them together and finally it looked like a block for the second pillow. And it looked also a little bit like this … (small photo on the left corner)

The designer of this amazing kimono has named it ‘Cracked Ice’. My pillow is so far away from this Art Kimono but here it is …

… and the other pillow – ‘Salmiakki Diamonds’ (can you believe that I have still some salmiakki caramels on my sewing table?!) …

I would like to introduce you to Jude Hill! She is a fabric artist and I’m sure you will love her patchwork-quilt-stitching-sewing art! Visit her lovely blog ‘Spirith Cloth’! She uses a lot of blue and other natural colours.

I’m very happy to have some special treasures from Japan which my dear sister has brought to me! Thank you Tiia!!!

This white and blue kimono is handmade and new.

Some other time I shall show you more Japanese treasures. Also I would like to show you many other wonderul photos from that book.

Thank you for your wonderful comments on my last post with the bag! In fact I guess that just now there is a birthday party and the lady is going to get that bag. I do hope she likes that style and the colours! I’m so happy that you liked it and were even interested to make one for yourself! I haven’t made any patterns so I don’t know exactly how it should be, but if you are interested I could make a tutorial with the measurements.

I’m linking at Lee’s W.i.P  at ‘Freshly Pieced’! One of my most favourite link parties every Wednesday! And remember I’m making the Kissy Fish quilt with Lee’s tutorial!

Thank you Mia for helpping me to find labels! If you don’t know yet Mia, it’s time to visit her lovely blog ‘Mia’s Handmade’! She makes so beautiful and cute things by felting and sewing!

I hope you have a wonderful, warm and sunny weather! Here it’s unusually cold, in the evening only + 10 degrees! Fortunately now sun is shining and warmimg because it is really not time to use the heating yet!


PS. Sometimes my post doesn’t appear all even it looks just normal before I send it. Today again half of the post in the middle was missing, so if you were here earlier, it might have looked strange. If the same happens to you or you know what is the problem, I would like to hear. If you don’t see my name at the end of the post it means that parts of the post are missing and I’m writing it again.

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Welcome to read my post today! You know what … I had my birthday! Iiik … can you believe we forgot it, that’s just  awfull! My birthday was 28.9.2011 and I am now 7 years! Today ‘someone’ was in the bakery shop and saw those funny candles with numbers you can put on the cake … and then she remembered me!

This day didn’t begin the best way because I needed ear-cleaning, but then we played with my favorite ball. Which is by the way now broken so perhaps I get a new one for my belated birthday present!

I don’t know what there is with the balls, but I just love them! Any kind … even some happy colour balls made with fabrics …

… and here I am jumping to catch all my … what … 7 flying balls – unbelievable coincidence – I’m having my 7th birthday and I have 7 balls – we didn’t plan this, really!

To celebrate my birthday, we went to our secret doggie box and found smoked pig’s ears!

This is so great – delicious and good for cleaning my teeth! I’m lying in my favourite place front of the house. From here I can see most of the garden and the street. I have to take care all the time if someone trys to pass my home!

And I have to take care of Hanna. First she runs with her pig’s ear to the grass and hides it there and then she comes back and waits to catch mine if I leave it for a second – oh my sweet girls – I’m always willing to share my goodies with you. Do you see behind me a huge piece of fabric – 10 metres! We just washed it to be ready when we need it for something.

Here it is the ‘Jumping Dog’ pillow. This is my favourite! But all the scrabby pillows we have made with dogs and cats are so funny!

If you thought the other day that we showed you big shrimps, I tell you they were not so big. Now I shall show you BIG shrimps …

Even the big pizza plate is not big enough for these fellows. Wow they smell fantastic – I was helpping to clean them …

Hey, where you go, should I do something with these?

Sorry, I had to run out to pick the fabric and the small rugs we washed in the morning, because it’s raining! Just a little bit and now I think it almost stopped. It was only ‘one minute’ rain and now the sun is shining!

In the evenings I sit often at the computer and read your blogs and e-mails! I enjoy that with a good ‘ham and cheese sandwich’ …

Now I go to continue my celebration and play a little bit more with my ball. I love also the ‘hiding’ game. We hide the ball or goodies and then I go to find them! I’ll ask to play that, too!

Thank you for joining my belated birthday celebration! I wish I could send you cake and goodies, but instead I send you my big big hugs and lots of kisses!!!


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Perhaps you remember that with Nero we had our first blog anniversary in 15 of August. Usually then we have a giveaway to our readers and we had.  I didn’t expect to get a present myself,  but – Yes – I got some presents and one of them came in a brown, heavy box last week …

Vof vof – this smells interesting! Can we open it now!

Jeans and salmiakki … and my new baby!

Yes!!! It’s my new magical GO!baby! In August my dear friend Rebecca from ‘Chasing Cottons’ had a giveaway for a GO!baby and I was the lucky one to win and get this amazing present! I just couldn’t believe that I won! I want to say huge THANK YOU to REBECCA and ACCUQUILT!!!

With my new GO!baby I got 3 dies, which were very difficult to choose. There are just too many lovely, sweet, cute, beautiful and practical dies to choose. Rebecca has made a wonderful wall art with birds and she inspired me to choose birds! Lately I like very much circles so that was the second die and the third one is diamond, which I thought takes too much time to cut with the rotary cutter. I haven’t made anything with diamonds before, but I have seen many beautiful pillows and quilts, so I’m exited to work with diamonds.

These thin fabrics like jean has been in my store for a long time. I love jeans and wear almost only jeans! I love blue colors in different tones and even more if they are a little bit faded! I had for a while some blue ideas in my mind and I will tell you more about that an other time but today it’s all about GO!baby and diamonds which are exactly the same shape with salmiakki!

Salmiakki caramels are my favourites! I think you can find them only in Finland. They have great strong taste – someone could say it’s at the same time sweet and salty – difficult to explain a taste – I hope you can taste sometime! Traditional shape is diamond but I have here now also pirate coins. These salmiakkis came with my friend from Finland and I was lucky not have eaten all of them to show to you!

This was left around the diamonds … hmmmm like triangles …

… for a second blue pillow. This picture gives me a sense of broken ice on the sea. I shall tell you an other time why.

We had a walk with Nero in the garden. Sky is cloudy and has the same colours like my patchwork. Now these two pieces are ready for quilting. I think I make some simple hand stitching with white cotton.

For the back I have planned to make check squares.

I am joining Lee and her Wednesday W.i.p. And because speaking about works in progress I just have to show you these …

Soon you will see what happened with them!

Thank you so much again for your special comments! I’m so happy that you have liked and enjoyed seeing my ‘Summer’ and ‘Autumn’ in Finland! Remember to visit ‘The Mugrug World Tour’ often because there are all the time new mugrugs from different countries!

With Nero we send you hugs and kisses and just wish we could send salmiakki, too!


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Good mornig!!!

Sky is so blue and sun is so bright – great day again! Today I show you sewing, knitting and at the end of the post I have an important info if you are still ‘no-reply’!

Online accredited colleges offer programs in design when you enjoy beautiful fabrics and want to learn more about them.

I had yesterday a fabric Tuesday – almost all day sewing – and I made two funny pillows!

This pillow is going to be a present to a baby girl with the baby quilt. That family has a dog so I made a pillow with a travelling dog. Earlier pillow with travelling cat is going to be a present to an other baby girl with a baby quilt, too.

I was so happy to get custom orders for these funny pillows and baby quilts! I had put already the ‘Traveller Cat’ to my shop but now when it’s already sold, I shall make few more other funny pillows.

Hanna likes to show you the back of this pillow (half of the back is with ‘pastel’ colour polka dots) …

The other pillow I made yesterday has also a dog with something. I would like Nero to show that to you … but he is having a nap now, so I’ll show you how my ‘Rainbow Jacket’ is proceeding …

I needed to start third time to find a way how I like it. The second start was quite good but it had some kind of heavy look, which I didn’t like. Now I have made only few rows with ‘1 knit, 1 purl’ and a change in every row. After that I continue with ‘4 knit, 4 purl’ 4 rows and then change. I have always liked this basketweave!

Also I changed my idea and I shall make these front pieces from one yarn ball and only the back piece from two. I think it’s enough confused like this. The funny thing is that the lenght of one colour fits very nicely with the basketweave – not exactly but it emphasizes the squares!

This is going to be VERY COLOURFUL jacket and I love it alredy! I have in my mind to make an other similar with some natural colour for the days when this feels just too powerful!

And now … NO MORE “NO-REPLY”!!!

Yes that’s true! After blogging one year, I have finally found The Info how to fix this! First half an year writing my blog I didn’t even know what this means, even I was sending replies to the others. Then I found out what it means but couldn’t make myseld “reply”. After a while I accepted that because I have a wordpress blog I will be always ‘no-reply’ to blogspot blogs and reply works only between other wordpress blogs.

I have opened a blogger account and even an other blog to lead people from there to my main blog. I have gmail address. I use blogger reader wich I like very much – so many months I didn’t know what that means or how it works and I was just wiriting up my favourite blogs and visited them as often as possible. So now travelling in the Blogworld is much easier! Still there are difficulties – sending a comment with some blogs I need to click so many times before it sends my comment – in other blogs there is already my details and the comment leaves with the first click. Somewhere it shows my “Nero” icon and somewhere doesn’t.

If you are struggling with this same problem you find can find this very helpful info HERE! This is a beautiful blog  “PLEASANT HOME”  and I’m a new follower because there is so many wonderful things and crafts to enjoy!

This very colourful shop is in the old town in Chania. When having a walk there last week, I thought I would like to share this with you! … hmmm it’s really too colourful …

Thank you for joining me and my crafty corner! You are so dear and sweet with your lovely messages! See you soon and have a wonderful time!!!


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Monday and a new week is beginning! Wonderful week to all of you!

What’s going on at “Nero’s” …

‘Sock comission’ under work. I hope to have some pairs finished at the end of the week.

I’m happy to tell you that I have an other custom order for a baby quilt! Also this one is going for a baby girl, so it’s almost the same like the earlier. Just the triangles on the border found an other order.

Have you visited ‘Victoria and Albert Museum’? You can make there patchwork pattern from your own photo! Pay a visit and have fun! www.vam.ac.uk/microsites/quilts/patchwork

Latest finished works are two ‘Traveller Cat’ pillows! I made these funny pillows inspired by a small rescued kitten named ‘Stavros’!

I’m linking with Megan at {Sew} Modern Monday!

Grab a button

and with Heather & Megan at “Quilt Story”!

Fresh Poppy Design

and with Lee at “Freshly Pieced”!

and with Kelly at “Blue Bird Sews” - Eat, Grow, Sew!

Eat, Grow, Sew at Blue Bird Sews

Have a great week!


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BEING CREATIVE with Julia Crossland!

August – “Travel”

Hello! I wish you a good month – how it can be already September and autumn is soon here! Autumn is my favourite month! I’m very happy to be able to join Julia and her wonderful ‘Being Creative’ project! The theme for August was ‘Travel’.

I guess you remember ‘Stavros’, special, cute kitten we rescued with my friend.  First ‘travel’ that came to my mind, was Stavros travelling to his new home in Finland!

I had ‘a picture’ in my mind: Stavros with his suitcase. One day I took scraps and patches to my sewing table and began to look what I could make with them … the rest of the picture became during the progress …

I made first patchwork block for the center and over it I add the cat, suitcase, sun and the bush where Stavros is sitting. To get even more happy feeling I cut small colourful triangles and sew them with sik sak around the border.

How much fun one can have with a basket full of fabric pieces!

I was so happy with this pillow that I wanted to make at once an other one with more red colours!

… and a close look for the details …

I enjoy watching these funny pillows!

In the morning when I took photos, Nero enjoyed watching his dreams …

Visit Julia’s ‘Being Creative’ and see what amazing things other creative people have done! I have seen there so beautiful and unique creations!

Thank you for your visit and your sweet comments! See you soon again!

Hugs from


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HELLO MY DEAR FRIENDS! I hope you are having a wonderful time and enjoying your summer! We have hot weather but lovely wind! Perfect Sunday to relax a little bit and spend some time with sewing!

I have been following with a great interest Rebecca’s Quilting Class! Rebecca is writing a beautiful blog ‘Chasing Cottons’! It’s worth of visit because she makes really beautiful quilts! Rebecca has made every quilt lesson really carefully and well and I have learnt a lot from her and the other bloggers who have visited the class. Last Wednesday the lesson was about labelling our quilts. It made me think about my labels …

This is the back of my latest quilt. It’s a small wall hanging quilt and I haven’t even showed this to you yet … and still you need to wait an other post …

In this quilt I remembered to make the label before quilting the front and back together, so it was much easier to do it.

Thinking of the labels and my quilts I realized that some of them doesn’t have any label – like ‘Finnish Forest’. I am thinking to make a tree, write on it and sew it on the back side of this quilt.

Often some things are just waiting and waiting to be done. The label for ‘Nero’s Garden’ was one of these.  I had even cut the piece of fabric for that label and still it was missing. But now finally it’s done …

First quilts I have made are summer quilts. Because we have so hot summer, I made two quilts without wadding. All the solid colour fabrics are from shirts (mine, my hb’s and my father’s) and the ‘painted’ fabric has been my mother’s table cloth.

These quilts don’t have any label – I have just stitched a signature. I think I should make a label for these, too.

That dark colour is blue (not black) and the binding is blue-white checked. These quilts have very simple pattern but I like them. The pink one is mine and this orange is my hb’s. When I started to make these I was cutting lots of scuares and finally there were many of them left – just what I needed to make matching pillow cases!

The front of the pillow has four house blocks. I think these were my first houses and now they look very simple but it was fun to make them! And the back of the pillow has squares. I named these pillows ‘Houses in the Rose garden’.

So this was my ‘quilt with label story’ for the moment. I go to add my link in Rebecca’s post – you can visit there and find out other great ways to label your quilts!

Today I have fishes on my sewing table … birds are finnished for the moment but I think there are more birds coming …

Thank you for all your sweet comments and I’m happy that you told me your experiences with Cicadas = Nero’s small monsters = τζιτζικας! Even I speak Greek, I had wrote ‘tzitzikas’ wrongly and that’s why I couldn’t find information in English.

I wish you the best summer weather and have a wonderful time!!!


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Welcome to my Sunny Sunday home!!! I hope you are fine and spending great time! I have today so much RED in my post so it’s better I write with grey!

Last week I found this beatiful scene on my way to Maherida – Poppies – lots of Poppies!!! Every where is so much flowers and colours this time of the year! It’s spring and new summer season has begun. Seven fligths with tourists has came to Chania this weekend and today first Finnish tourists!!! Welcome!!! At the airport there were Greek dancers and Greek food to welcome them! Seven fligths … could you believe that in the busiest time of the summer there may be 70 fligths in one Saturday which is normally the most busy day!

I don’t get tired to see these flowers front of my house … every day there is more and more! We don’t have really so much flowers in the garden, which is quite big – there is mostly plants that are more easy to take care of during the long, hot and dry summer.

The bees are so hard-working! Crete and Greece are famous of the honey – it’s so tasty and unique because there are so many different herbs for bees!

But except the flowers there is an other lovely thing … we have won in a giveaway! I was so supprised and really happy for the present we got from Jacquie ‘The bunny mummy’! Thank you Jacquie!!!

Beautiful needle book and wonderful card! This is so perfect present because I don’t have any needle book, so now it’ll be so nice to sit outside stitching and quilting when I can have my needles in this book with me! Look how sweet it is!

And the card, it’s not just any card … Jacquie has a wonderful diary and every month she shows to us what there is for this month! It’s the ‘The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady’ with beautiful illustrations. Have a look and enjoy!

Jacquie writes about crocheting, sewing and more with her qute bunnies. Also she shares with us the wonderful countryside around her! I want to show you one of her great ideas which I want to use in my jumper and jacket … klik here! Don’t you think it’s just a perfect way to make your dress or pullover unique! Jacquie, I hope you don’t mind … but I want to show this …

Nero wanted to smell the needle book when we took photos outside … now I saw how interested   he was … perhaps he was smelling your sweet bunnies!

Nero was hoping to get company to play with his ball … but I had something else to do …

I wanted to take photos to show you the pillows I have made for the apartments. Nero brought to me his ball and said : this is red, too!

How nice it would be to have something like “Fire Tail” pillow for every house, but because I can’t do that , I’ll  make  pillows like these.

Today everything is red … and my car is supposed to be red … still few days ago it was something else!

You know we have been painting white walls …

Every spring we have special rain with dust from Africa and it means ‘muddy rain’! Everything gets dirty! Usually it comes just when you have made the spring cleaning for the  balconies, washed your windows, cars etc.

Now it has passed and it’s beautiful and sunny day – quiet and pieceful day at home!

I just visited Penny from Planet Penny and she has a wonderful Eastern giveaway! I don’t think you want to miss that! And if you don’t know Penny yet, it’s time to meet her and the adorable beings, she creates with wool!!!

I’m so happy that you had fun like we did when finding out where  ‘Violetta’ was hiding! Thank you so much for visiting our small sewing and playing corner! We enjoy so much reading every unique and lovely message you’re writing to us!

Have a great, sunny week with your April creations! You know that this month ‘Being Creative’ has theme: Dessert – how delicious that is!!!


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Hello my Dear Friends!!! Welcome to share my sunny Sunday!!!

I have been waiting to show you this! New cushion that I named ‘Fire Tail’!

Yesterday and today it is here – the spring!!! We have been cutting the grass in the garden. After the winter there is so much green to cut and collect.

I wish I could send you that stunning smell of fresh cutted crash we have now all around the house! From my sewing room I see this …

… Foxy is going some where … perhaps to the vegetable garden … it’s so lovely and pieceful view … so difficult to understand that some other parts of the world are suffering after that terrible earthquake in Japan! My thoughts are with the people in Japan and other places where this eartquake made damages and lives were lost! It’s difficult to find words …

Idea for this pillow came quite spontaneously. I wanted to make something creative …

I begun to make the center for a pillow and thought why not to use that shape of the dog I like …

For the ear and tail, I needed to use other method than in ‘Nero’s Garden’ quilt because this needs to be more strong. I haven’t made much applique so this was really ‘my own’ try and I don’t know if there is easier way – I hope so!

I made the stitching around the dog before sewing the ear and the tail.

I made mistake … stupid mistake and needed time to frog and re-sew …

I’m lucky to have a lots of pation … but when I learn to concentrate ? never, I guess … I’m thinking too many things at the same time and the result is here. I show this because often we feel that every one else is doing perfect work and no mistakes and only we have difficulties. The truth is – I think – that every one makes mistakes and often needs to do and try again to get the wanted  result.

I’m really happy how this ‘Fire Tail’ pillow came up. We should remember and  learn to be proud of our works and not feeling too modest about the crafts we make with love and lots of effort! Julia made me think and remember some important matters … I shall be creative with her! On my sidelist you find the bright blue button: “Being Creative” with Julia Crossland! Go to see and I’ll tell you also more about that in my next posts.

With this pillow I shall join again the Blogger’s Pillow Party! It’s so much fun to see wonderful pillows and new creations! The button is always on my sidelist.


Hmmmm … Flickr … again new challenge … I have put some photos now there in Flickr … but I’m wondering … do you add your photos first to Flickr and from there to your blog? Or how you make that when someone clicks a photo in your block, it opens the Flickr?!

Few days ago I went for shopping … threads, zippers, needles … and with lots of chearching I found few pieces of fabric … I need something for ‘Nero’s Garden’ quilt … that was difficult … but I shall be creative!

I have now baking going on in the kitchen so I have to go … perhaps I have next time something sweet!

Thank you so much for all those lovely messages you wrote to me about my jacket!!! I’m really touched because you liked it so much!!! Nero sends you hugs and thanks for all your wishes to him!!! I hope you have a wonderful week with lots of warm sunshine!!!


Ps. This is my 97 th post …

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