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Foxy and Nelli …

… I miss you, too …

sweet little dog

… and you …

sleeping cat

… see you soon …

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Vof – vof!!! Hi everyone! Great to see you on this beautiful, sunny Saturday! We have made new patchwork picture and we have been cleaning and laundrying because two days we have had surprisingly beautiful weather!

I love to be outside in the garden on days like this … there is always something exiting … something smelling good in the air … someone running behind the olive tree … hhmmmm we had a small quarrel yesterday, because I was chasing Nelli. I was sitting in my normal guarding place and suddenly I saw something moving behind the stone wall. Of course I hade to run quickly there to see if it is a mouse or what … it was Nelli and then she began to run and I was running after her but she was running more and I couldn’t catch her. Then she disappeared to the neighbour’s field. I was strongly told not to do that again if I like to be friend with Nelli! 

This is our latest sunshine. It’s on the self of our small etsy shop if you like to have a small summer view for your home! 

Behind it looks like this …

I guess it’s quite funny small fabric picture! Now I have also a little bit more lightful photo to show you the patchwork flower (also in our shop) …

If you like to see details for this, hop to this post.

So now what … maybe it’s time to continue the pink baby quilt …

This was started just after the blue baby quilt but now it has been waiting on the side. While geting new ideas and inspiration, it’s a good moment to finish this. Perhaps even quilt it outside if the weather continues like this!

Yesterday there was a wonderful surprise from the post office! A present from far away from Leona! Leona writes a lovely blog and she makes amazing quilts! Visit her to see her beautiful craft in “Leona’s Quilting Adventure”! Thank you Leona, I love these fabrics and the pouch that you have made so perfectly!

Look how beautiful colours in the morning sun! And the thread is woollen from Aurifil! I am exited to try that!

If you are new with blogging and don’t know how to add your link or flickr photo in a link party or some where else, you can find great advices from ‘Stormy Days’! I’m linking at ‘Love affair with my Brother’, ‘{Sew} Modern Monday’ and ‘Fabric Tuesday’.

Vof – you see what I meant … there is again something in the tree! … okey I know it’s Nelli and she knows that I can’t climb to the olive tree! 

I go to continue my jobs … hang the laundry out, finish the ‘black eye bean’ soup and who knows what I shall find from the bushes! Wish you a wonderful weekend and hope to see you soon!

Hugs and kisses!!! 


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Vof Vof! Welcome all my friends!

Hey – I am making a baby quilt! Any one out there who likes bubbles?!

There was some ready cut squares in the sewing room with these different blues and yesterday I sew them together and there it was, a top for a baby quilt!  But I love bubbles! When I was little boy, I had all my nose in my drinking water and then I blew! Wow that was fun! So I took my baby and made lots of bubbles …

Nelli was looking over and told to me where was still bubbles missing …

What you think Nelli? Is there enough bubbles? I sew all of them over the top with a simple straight stitch.

For the backing I shall use soft, sea blue solid …

I have finished the Beach mini quilt. Still I need to cut the wood stick and then I can show you how easy it is to hang. Till then just quickly one photo over the stone wall . I couldn’t miss this year’s first “{sew} Modern Monday” so meet you at ‘Canoe Ridge Creations’! And tuesday I’m linking with ‘Fabric Tuesday’ at Quilt Story!

And now some really exiting news! Few days ago I got great post from Thunder and Storm from “2 brown dawgs”! They gave to me ‘Collies Choice Award’!!! Wow – was I a little bit surprised! I am very honored and happy for that!

This award was started by ‘The Collies of The Meadow’! They have the most beautiful collies, you will love them! The rules are simple, we have no rules other than the blog we/you give this award to be to us/you personally amongst the best being written.

Thank you so much “2 brown dawgs”!!! I am so proud and happy for this special award! Please pay a visit to say hello to Linda and her beautiful dogs!

I would like to pass this award to my dear, sweet  friend Sage , who is really beautiful and clever girl! She writes about her doggie adventures in her own blog “The (mis)adventures of Sage”!  Sage is very special girl and she is also so kind! Last week she went to she her friend to the hospital and now she is thinking to visit there more often to give joy for the people!

Now I guess I need to send this perfore it disappears … the truth is that I want to go to continue that baby quilt … I hope you don’t mind! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments! I am so happy to have so many dear friends here and like to welcome all the new friends!  Lots of warm hugs and see you soon!

PS. Leona at ‘Leonas’ Quilting Adventures’ has  wonderful presents to us! She has a give away to celebrate her over 900 followers! I’m quite sure you wouldn’t like to miss that!


Ps. You see we are really good friends with Nelli!

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Dear Santa Claus, I hope you and Rudolf are fine there far away in North! I hope one day I could come to meet you in your Santa Claus village! www.santaclausvillage.info

I have put Christmas decorations around and wear my ‘tonttu myssy’  – so ready for Christmas celebration! I have been a good boy – at least I have done my best … playing with the girls …

… helping in the kitchen – here we make chicken soup!

I have tried to make my blog better and more enjoyable, showing our quilts …

… taking care or Foxy … keeping company to Nelli …

… guarding and watching around …

I would like to wish something for the Christmas. Could you please give some lovely presents to my friends and readers because they are all so special and wonderful! I wish you bring also presents to my sweet girls! I would like to have a new ball, blue if possible, some doggie bones and goodies!

We have a fire place – I have heard you come from there to leave presents! Hanna doesn’t like the hat, but she is doing her best to be a good girl!

I have been watching You and Rudolf in www.santatelevision.com ! I know you are very busy now making all the presents and then travelling around sharing them. Wearing my magical birch-shoes, I’m ready to help to help you!

I know that in winter you need felted boots with fur but I guess in summer time you wear these magic shoes…

I was again so happy modelling with my brownie cap that I just couldn’t help myself bursting into laughter …

Thank you Santa Claus! I wish you wonderful journey and Merry Christmas!


PS. My Small white Christmas tree was featured by Apartment Therapy!

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Hello and welcome to Nero’s Post! Today we have a guest star!  I shall give the word to …

… I’m coming! Miauuu – I’m ‘Stavros’ the Lucky Star!

I’m visiting Nero to tell you my story. Like you can see I’m very small. In these photos I’m only about half kilo – now I have been eating well and I have grown a little bit!

My life began with a hard way. Someone throw me and my sister away … I was too small to be without my mom … with my sister we were just crying and crying in the bushes …

I can’t remember well, but I think a cat attacked my sister and she was hurt. We heard the sound of some people but we were too scared to go to see them. After a while we were just too hungry and we went to see if those people would give us food.

We were lucky and those people took care of us. We had lots of good food, milk and a safe home with soft bed. Unfortunately my sister had hurt really badly and she didn’t survive. I lost my sister and I had to continue alone.

But I had a Lucky Star over me and these nice people had two dogs to keep me company – they were Hanna and Foxy. Here is Hanna who gave me two toys to play, cute mouse and little bird.

After I have eat my food, I am really busy playing with my toys!

Camera is not quick enough to catch me and my jumps when I’m hunting the bird!

But look what I found now – this is fun – a glass bowl with sand and stones!

Did you know that we small cats know to read … I prefer magazines with colourful photos …

I’m also fairly good with the grosswords …

… done … I have to go to my other hobbies …

I got my name because I was found near to the village ‘Stavros’ and also the good vet, who took care of me, is Ms. Stavros. I have got check up and I’m helthy little kitten. I got some drops to my eyes and clening for my ears and now I’m in brilliant shape! Ready to start my happy life!

I shall spend my summer enjoying my life here in Greece. After a few months I shall fly to Finland to my home sweet home – there are two dogs waiting me and of course their family!

Thank you for joining me today and reading my story! Perhaps I’ll be back with new stories before I leave!


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Hello – Hello – Hello !!!  Always when saying hello 3 times, I remember English lessons in TV.  When I was young, we had in TV in Finland English lessons and in the beginning there were a policeman saying Hello, hello, hello! So welcome everyone and thank you so so much for your loving comments on Nero’s quilt! It has been so exiting to see so much beautiful quilts in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!

Last days Finland has been in our minds! Even we are small country far away in North – we did it! Okey – they did it! Finland won World Champinships in Ice-hockey!!! 6-1 against Sweden!!! Congratulations Finland!!! Last time they won 1995 and again the last game was with Sweden. Then my dear friend brought to us t-shirts – hope to get new ones for our collection – my hb still wears the old one!

“Hey, Nero! What’s this now – we haven’t finished our room yet and here you are sleeping! Come to help me, I can’t do everything alone!”

I think spring-cleaning is boooooooring! Do we really need to do it this year? And may I ask: what cleaning – all the house is upsidedown – every room is a mess – is this a spring-cleaning? Anyway it’s summer. Or at least it should be, but today it is raining …

… at least I don’t need to water the flowers!

By the way, I went to see Mr. Stavors last week. Not that I wanted, but didn’t have any choise. My ear was bad and the vet needed to empty the blood which was under the skin – yagh. I’m glad I was sleeping … all the day … and even the next day I felt tired. Now I’m again ‘myself’ and happy and want to play – but with whom – everyone is running around and fixing things. I hope this is soon over and they calm down!

Hanna tries to help but she can’t, so I said to her, it’s better we go outside and not to disturb their cleaning. Hanna knows that Violetta is often hiding next to the wall – so here she is waiting her to show up!

Hanna is always searching something. I think she has a little bit hunting dog in her, because she loves to smell and find around. Perhaps I could go to collect my balls and toys … but first I’ll go to find Nelli, don’t you think she should help a little bit …

… haaa found you, I knew you try to avoid the spring cleaning!

Now I have to go. I send you lots of sunshine and big warm hugs! I give you a very good advice: don’t start spring cleaning! It’s much better and more fun to sew, knit or plant flowers or PLAY BALL!!!

Hope to see you soon after we have finished all this mess!


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Vof Vof Vof!!! Welcome to read Nero’s Post!

I have been happy and playing with my ball. But…I’m affraid that I shall meet soon Mr. Stavros – my vet. My ear has again problem. That’s not going to be fun.

I think you have been missing Nelli – so today I show you her. She has so qute tiny tiny ears – and they don’t need cleaning!


‘Catjoy’ or what … cats really know to enjoy their life and sunshine!

‘What’s up Nero, would you like to have one close photo of me?’

Few days ago we showed you my pouch with letters, but we didn’t have a photo of the blouse. Here it is … with Hanna …

If you like or need to make something very quickly or you are lazy to find a pattern, you can make something so simple like this blouse. Just put over the fabric your old blouse. I didn’t put even any zipper or buttons behind. In that case you need to check that it’s wide enough to pass it over your head. To have a little bit shape, I add the satin ribbon which is only on the front piece.

Letters are golden brown and the dark colour is very dark coal grey.

When speaking about letters – which we like very much here in ‘Nero’s Post and Patch’ – I like to show you the letter blanket we have made. Perhaps you have seen it already … or not …

This was our first patchwork with letters. This year we had very good idea to make a block with a letter every month … but what happened … the March is still undone. I think it wasn’t exiting enough or we have been too busy. One day we shall continue that and perhaps even finish it till the end of the year.

Oh, I have to go now … I could have told you so many other stories … but someone is waiting her evening bath …

Enjoy your wonderful bubble bath like we do with Nelli!

Enormous – Huge – Big – Great THANK YOU for reading our stories and writing so lovely, sweet messages to us!!! We read and enjoy all your wonderful and interesting stories and posts, but sometimes we just have to run to work without having a moment to write a message to you.

We wish you great week and hope to see you soon again!


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Hello My Dear Friends!!!  This has been like a second birthday week – we have received with Nero so many marvellous and sweet comments from you! Thank you so so so much!!!

You know what … we got even a present … Tuesday I went to join  The Quilt Story’s party, like every week, and I was so suprised that first I wasn’t sure where I am … if I’m still in my own blog … there was a big photo of my ‘Fire Tail’ pillow! Visit Quilt Story because today there is a fabric giveaway! You find the button on my sidelist!

Today when I was on my way back home, I realised that now there is flowers every where! These are from my garden.

Last weekend I missed fabrics with flowers – I have seen in many blogs so beautiful spring and summer fabrics – roses, birds – bright colours… I thought it’s time to make my first scrap flower.

… do you see anywhere here something like a flower … look again …

I was supposed to make a flower but before I realized, I had ended up with this …

Sorry, no other photos during the work – I didn’t remember even coffee brake – just wanted to finish my notebook. I think it’s perfect for my other blog! I have made an other blog for the ‘Maherida’ apartments. Except the information for the holiday apartments, I shall put there wonderful photos and who knows what other ideas I’ll get.

These photos I took today with sunshine … but today we had also rain – about every hour the weather changes and it’s quite cold. Difficult to believe that last week I was in the garden with t-shirt!

I think this was so much fun and a great way to make flowers that I could make more of them! Pink would be nice … or yellow …

Like I said it’s still a little bit cold, but quite normal for this time. Today’s strong wind opened my notebook and small notes were flying around. In the evening Nelli likes to curl up in my knitting chair.

That small fleece blanket is Foxy’s … no sorry it’s mine (normally Foxy sleeps on it) – we bought the same blanket with my sister when she was here. I was thinking to sew something  with that … but that idea came and went … now I see that I could use that cat figure somewhere! Hhhmmmm …


We wish you warm and sunny weather  for the weekend so that you could enjoy your spring outside! Have a lovely time!!!


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“It was a gloomy and stormy night…”

Hello! I hope you have lovely Saturday – what ever weather it is! Finally we have winter and I understad better what you have been through these last days. When it’s months and months summer, you just forget how the cold weather feels – and you miss cool and cold winter with rain…

Yesterday we really had rain…it was raining ice cubes!!! It was so loud that we couldn’t hear other’s voice! The wind has been very strong and the ships stay in the ports. In Athens it  is snowing. In Chania we have + 6 degrees.

Don’t worry, I know you have often enough rain…no need for me to show it…so here is the sun coming out from the clouds…

I can’t send you sun today…but I made one especially for you!

When I made this felting some days ago, I wasn’t sure how I like to continue it…in the sun the colours look so beautiful!

I wanted to do something over it, but also I liked it very much just like that! …I decided to make this an experiment and make another one if needed…

So…now there is some shine in the sun…

…waves on the sea…

…birds on the sky…

…SUNSET… one day I shall give you better photo with the real SUN!

When it’s rainy and cold, it’s better spend your time at home with your friends…

…with your Christmas things…

…to make some more Christmas decorations… Helen has made beautiful things for her tree!

Do you remember the small trees I had made from old books? I happend to see them also here with photos  how to make them!

Thank you all so so so much for visiting and leaving wonderful comments!!! I enjoy reading them and hearing your news!!! I wish you lovely time and I hope this SUN gives you happy light for your winter days!!! 


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